Top 10 Best Canadian Companies

Many people around the globe think of Canada and the first thing that comes to mind is maple syrup but they have accomplished far more than that and have some of the worlds’ leading businesses. They’ve changed the way we watch movies and experience them, changed the beer industry since the early 1700’s and has one of the most popular french fries companies in the world.

Following are the Top 10 Best Canadian Companies

10. IMAX

IMAX Top 10 Best Canadian Companies 2017

IMAX was founded in the 1970’s changing the way movies and videos were to be projected from then on. They were based in Canada but presented their first Imax movie in Osaka Japan. They debuted in Toronto in 1971 with the movie North of Superior. The film presentation was like no other, it took up the viewers full visual field and inspired motion sickness in some people. The first IMAX permanent location was set up in Balboa Park in San Diego, Ca. In 2011 they presented their first 3D video ability. Their ability to change the way videos and movies were viewed changed the entertainment industry forever.

09. Jean Coutu


This is Canada’s largest drugstore chain with its headquarters in Quebec. They currently have over 400 locations all over Canada. All of its American stores have been sold to RiteAid but that hasn’t stopped them from being extremely successful in Canada. They also have their own personal line of items called Personelle, where they make paper products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Jean Coutu was founded in 1973 as Services Farmico but changed their name to Jean Coutu 13 years later and joined the Stock Exchange. Since the 1980’s it has either acquired or merged with the majority of their competitors which increased their profits at the same time.

08. Molson Coors


Molson Coors dates all the way back to 1774. This is to date one of Canada’s most iconic and best-selling beer brands. The beers founder found the perfect water for beer, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. He was penniless but insisted on chasing his endeavors anyways. The beverage is currently enjoyed in over 25 different countries. Molson and Coors merged in 2005 to create their most current name. Their most recent accomplishment is acquiring St Archer Brewery in San Diego, Ca.

07. McCain Foods

McCain Foods Top Popular Canadian Companies 2018

McCain Foods started in 1957 in New Brunswick, Canada. They are one of the largest contributors to frozen french fries and other potato food products. The company is still privately held by the descendants of its founders Harrison, Wallace, Andrew and Robert McCain. They are so large they currently have 20,000 employees globally on six continents. It sells one-third of the world’s frozen french fries. They are currently Canada’s ninth largest company.

06. Rona


Rona is a Canadian home improvement store that is showing great growth. They currently offer appliances, bathroom, building supplies, decor, doors, windows everything you could possibly need to renovate or build a building. They were founded in 1939 and has a big box format similar to that of Home Depot and Lowes. The stores are a combination of franchise owned and company ownership.

05. TD Bank, Canadian Trust


TD Bank has locations all over the world and are one of the most successful companies from Canada. They offer personal, commercial and business banking options. Since 2012 they have been phasing out the “Canadian Trust” since they are now internationally available. They’ve been around since 1864. They market themselves as having the longest open hours than any other bank available, making themselves more available to their customers and their needs. They are dedicated to the original people of Canada by offering special aboriginal banking options.

04. Saputo Dairy


This Montreal dairy company was founded as a cheese-making company in 1954 by an Italian Immigrant. They are currently the tenth largest dairy producer in the world. They’ve been expanding since their creation through acquiring other companies or merging with them. They currently have their products in Canada, United States, Australia, and Argentina. Saputo also owns the rights to many Hostess-branded products including the Twinkie. They currently have 12,500 employees and 53 separate dairy plants around the globe.

03. Lululemon Athletica


Lululemon Athletica is a yoga-inspired athletic clothing brand created and owned in Canada. Its headquarters are located in Vancouver, Canada. This successful store was founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson. This company received a significant amount of attention after one of its employees murdered their co-worker at a Lululemon retail store location. It grew to be known as the Lululemon Murder. Despite being a very successful company they have been under scrutiny after it’s owner made comments about not making clothing for larger women because it costs too much even though they had to recall many of their products for being defective and poorly made.

02. Tim Hortons


Tim Hortons is an international bakery based out of Ontario Canada. In 2014 the large restaurant chain Burger King bought out Tim Hortons but allowed them to keep their company name. It is now a multi-million dollar franchise. Tim Hortons started as a donut shop in 1964. Tim Horton was a famous hockey player who retired owning the Tim Hortons franchise. From 1992 to 1995 the company merged with Wendys. They were able to outsell Mc Donalds and open more franchises by 2005. In the 70s this Canadian owned company was able to expand their stores from outside of Canada into the United States, mostly on military bases.

01. MEC


MEC is a Candian leading retailer for outdooring equipment owned by its shoppers, very similar to United States’ REI. They were founded in 1971 and have always been a leading outdoor retailer in Canada. They’ve always functioned as a customer owned co-op. Their goal is to help Canadians live and be successful in the outdoors. Their membership is only $5. They used to cater to mountaineers and climbers but now have products for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Canada has had some huge contributions to the world from amazing donuts created by a hockey legend to changing the way we experience the Canadian outdoors with their perfect co-op MEC. Due to being bordered with the United States their biggest effect on the world economy can be seen by Americans.

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