Top 10 Best Bpo Companies in India

BPO is the full form of Business Process Outsourcing. This is a process where a base manufacturing company contracts certain processes and operations to third-party service provider. It is a type of back office outsourcing which includes human resources, finance and accounting. The BPO can be off-shore or within the country depending on the availability of resources. The advantages of BPO are that it helps increase business ties and also provides a flexibility in work. It mainly reduces the amount of money being spent by distributing work among different companies. The BPO’s increases the speed of work and thereby increases the rate of manufacturing, thus increases the economy of the country.

Listed below is the top 10 largest BPO companies of India.

10. Hinduja Global

Hinduja Global Top Most Bpo Companies in India 2019

This is a service provider company headquartered in Bengaluru. It has established several offices outside India in around 12 countries providing service to top manufacturers of different field. It has acquired several minor BPO companies and has expanded the BPO network. The company employs about 40,000 people and is one of the top BPO companies 2017.

9. EXL Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

EXL Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Top Most Popular Bpo Companies in India 2018

It is a leading analytic and operations management company in India. It has its headquarters in New York. But the founders of the company are Indian-based. In late 2002, the company was bought by a group which converted the company entirely into a BPO. The clients of the company are mostly insurance firms. The BPO employs about 25000 people.

8. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide

Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Top 10 Bpo Companies in India 2017

Minacs was a Canadian firm which was bought by the Aditya Birla group, and converted the firm into a leading BPO in India. The BPO provides services to government, banking, finance, high end tech firms etc. It was named as one of the breakthrough BPO’s by an American newspaper. The company has about 21,000 employees’ worldwide providing valuable service.

7. Infosys BPO

Infosys BPO Top 10 Bpo Companies in India

Infosys BPO was founded as a part of Infosys in 2002. It focuses its operation on end to end outsourcing. Its headquarters is situated in Bengaluru. The company offers service in several foreign countries. NASSCOM has rated the company as one of the best in the world making it a leading company in India. The company has about 35,000 employees and is placed in 7th in the list.

6. Firstsource solutions


The company has its headquarters in Mumbai and is a leading provider of BPO in India. The company offers services in the field of banking and financial firms, telecom and media, and customer services. The clients of the company are listed on Fortune 500 companies, which indicates the value of this BPO. The company employs about 25,000 workers.

5. Wipro BPO


Wipro BPO has been a leader in the BPO field since it was found. The company aims at providing standard service to top companies in the world. It provides 24*7 services in 11 countries of the world and aims in combining modern tech with business process solutions. The company provides service in the field of finance, accounting, educational institutions and many other firms. Thus the company is one amongst the top BPO companies of India 2017.

4. Aegis Ltd.


This is an international business outsourcing company which was bought by Essar. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai. The company offers services for firms of healthcare, accounting, transport, finance, Retail industries etc. It has extended its network in 5 countries and is one of the leading BPO’s of the nation. It has about 40,000 employees offering their valuable services.

3. WNS global solutions Pvt. Ltd.


This is a business outsourcing company with headquarters located in Mumbai. The company is listed in the NYSE and is one of the top BPO’s of the nation. The company mainly provides service in the field of transport. Apart from transport, it also provides assistance in healthcare, finance, accounting, management etc. The company provides jobs for about 42,000 people and is in 3rd position in the list of top BPO’s.



TCS is basically a multi-national software firm. But recently it has started BPO services and has had great success in the field. It is the 3rd largest BPO service of India and has over 45,000 employees in the field. The company provides services in the field of data management, finance, clinical programming, healthcare and many others. It is the largest employer in the private sector and occupies 2nd spot in our list.

1. Genpact India Pvt. Ltd.


It is basically a BPO from the beginning and has been a leader in the field since its inception in 1997. It has a very few clients, but all are in the fortune 500 list, making the company, the best in business. It is one of the best IT consulting firms and has been one of the happiest companies to work according to a survey. The company provides employment for above 70,000 people, who provide invaluable service to the field.

So, these above are the Top 10 Bpo Companies in India as of 2017.

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