Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books in The World

Kids are very fond of comic books and they are the all-time favorites as they dominate children with their spell. Even adults don’t fall far behind as they recall their superb childhood days with these books. Though we are in the modern technological era, comic books still finds its place in the hearts and souls of many kids and adults. With the technological advancement, people can also read comic books online and have a better carriage package than having the material books. With the upcoming comic books Suicide squad and Super girl, the frenzy for comic books has hit the roof. Take a look at the top 10 costliest comic books of 2017.

List of top 10 most expensive comic books in the world

10. Incredible Hulk

incredible hulk, Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books in The World 2017

The Incredible Hulk series was issued by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the year 1962. This is the first time Hulk is featured in Marvel comic books. A scientist when exposed to gamma radiation gets mutated to a Green powerful beast called Hulk. He is considered to be the strongest beast in the world of comics. None can rival his humungous strength. On multiple occasions, it has been sold over 3 million dollars. Hulk was also depicted as a part of a team in other series. The Hulk movie was also first screen played in 2008 which became quite a success.

9. Detective comics 27


Published by DC comics, Detective comic 27 portrays Batman as its vigilante. Lawbreakers and villains are thrashed by Batman in a magnificent way. The issue also introduces Batman’s chum Robin. Early series were published on a monthly schedule, but due its popularity it became a bi-monthly book. The female character Batgirl was also featured in issue 395. The lead story of this book is the death of Batwomen in issue 485. The original price of this book was 10 cents but now it is sold at a whopping 2.35 million dollars.

8. Super man


There is not a single person who doesn’t know Superman. He is the greatest hero of all time. People will never forget him in their lifetime. Superman needs no introduction as he is the most popular hero of all times. Superman is characterized with super strength, super speed and his laser eyes. This comic book was first released in June 1939. Superman plays a key role in this comic book and there is no other hero beside him. The present price of this book is 748,000$.

7. Marvel comics


The very first comic book published by a comic company is Marvel comics. The DC universe has no spark without this comic series. Though it doesn’t feature any blockbuster heroes, it is still the most popular comic book. The 800,000 copies of it got sold out in an alarming duration of a month. The primary appearance of the Human torch added much juice to the comic. The comic book’s present cost is 616$. The price is high because of its spectacular story line and collection of heroes.

6. Batman


Batman is the dark knight who with his advanced tech goes after lawbreakers and wicked people. Its first edition was released in 1940.Bruce Wayne featured as Batman still reigns in the hearts of many million people through his movies. Batman was primarily presented by the DC Universe. This comic book also became popular by the arch-rival of Batman, the Joker. Though he is the villain, many people have become fans of Joker. This is all because of the amazing character which draws people towards him. The comic was initially released quarter times a year but due its growing admiration even monthly comics were released. The present cost of batman comic is 573,000$. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books in The World 2017.

5. Tales of Suspense


This comic book is action packed with one of the most brilliant and technical super heroes of all time, the Iron Man. It made its appearance as a solo series. Earlier, Iron Man was not as popular as Batman or Superman. But now Iron Man is a well-admired character in the Marvel Series. He was portrayed as a capitalist in the midst of a cold war. This book was also published by Stan Lee. The present price of this comic book is 3.75 million dollars.

4. All American comics 16


This comic book features Green Lantern as its lead superhero. He possesses a ring given by the guardians of the world. He is a superhero who can fly and can create anything from his imagination. The ring is the source of his power and he was given the job of guarding his solar system. The original price was 10 cents but now its cost is a massive 4048 million dollar.

3. Amazing fantasy 15


Amazing fantasy 15 features one of the cool superheroes of all time, Spiderman. Peter Parker when bit by a radioactive spider gains spider like instincts, grip and power. It’s amazing to know that it initially was priced at 12 cents, but now you won’t get a sheet from the comic as it is priced at whopping 4.48 million dollars.

2. Action Comics 7


The first release of this thrilling comic book was in 1938. It contains the iconic Superman as its superhero. Superman’s everlasting love Lois Lane is also featured in this book. On multiple occasions, this comic book was sold over 1 million dollars. This edition also experimented Superman with yellow shoes but eventually them turned back to red.

1. Captain America 1


Captain America is one of the rare comic books which was released during the World War. It depicts the story of a fragile person turning out to be the protector of America after being treated with a serum which boosted his strength and agility. His rivals were Skull and the Hydra. Due to its historical significance and relevance it is priced at 3.43 million dollars.

This was the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books in The World 2017. Today, the scope of reading comics is has decreased amongst children as a result of enslavement by mobile phones and televisions. Today, many animated serials, movies are being released. DC and Marvel, definitely revolutionized the comic industry and thus dominate the chart of the Best-selling comics of all time.

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