Top 10 Popular English Magazines in India

Checkout Below Listed Top 10 best seller most popular and best English Magazines in India by 2017, India is a vast country with over 125 Crore of population and with a wide spectrum of diversity. Media plays an important role in a country like India because knowing length and width of the country would be impossible without the help of NEWS media. The media provides reader an input in various form, one among them is magazine. They are periodically available and they play a major role in knowledge distribution in the country. Thus these are the top ten English magazines in the country.

Here we are listing top 10 best selling and most popular English Magazines in India



The readership of this magazine is being 3.09 lakh this best seller magazine serves as a fortnightly periodical. It was launched in India in the year 1959 which is owned by worldwide media, this is one of the most popular magazine especially for the group of women in the country. This includes genres like fashion, lifestyle, home science, beauty, fitness etc. It also arranges beauty contests every year and nominates one of the participants from the country.



This magazine is a monthly magazine but it has gained a readership of about 3.21 lakh from all over the country. This occupies 9 th position in the top list which is mainly based of the cricket game. A country like India where almost all are fans of cricket surely reads a magazine like this. The magazine is owned by the Diamond groups.



Being an English magazine, FILMFARE has gained an readership of around 3.42 lakhs. This serves the readers as a fortnightly periodical. This brings out the entertainment industry in the the picture showing the reports do Bollywood news updates and latest gossips. This update the latest news from the industry. This this stands in 8th position.



This monthly periodical has gained a readership of around 3.48 lakhs. This is basically a health magazine which provides information about a lot of issues related to the health of every individual. Thus for a country like India, this magazine is of great use. The other part of the magazine contains health, finance, advice, humor and facts etc. Thus this stands at 7th position.



The weekly periodical which owns a readership of around 4.25 lakh this OUTLOOK magazine secures 6th position in the top ten list. It was started in the year of 1995 now it turned onto be one of the bestselling magazines of the country. This provides information about everything from all the corners of the country. This contains sections such as politics, economics, national issues, humour etc.



This monthly magazine is one among the top selling magazines of the country of its kind. This owns a readership of around 4.66 lakh and now in the 5th position of top list. This basically points out the current affairs and also brings out the concept of general know and discussion. This is a competitive magazine and is very much helpful especially for those who are writing exams.



This magazine owning a readership of around 5.28 lakh is one of the best weekly periodical. This is owned by the Hindu group and the magazine mainly speaks about the sport issues in the country. All sports news are covered by the Hindu group and the magazine itself has a very impressive and attractive look. The contents are very well written ad presented and no doubt it is one of the bestselling sports magazines in the country.



As the name says the magazine generally aims at the general knowledge and also about the current affairs in the country. This is considered to be one of the best magazine to cover everything that happens in the country. This is very useful for those people who are preparing for their exams.



This is one of the monthly periodical which owns a readership of around 6.89 lakh and this is one of the best competitive magazines of all the time. This magazine is a bi-lingual monthly English competitive magazine helpful to provide you with knowledge of general affairs and other things going on here and there.



This Most selling magazine of India which was launched in the year 1975 and now in the top of the list. It has a readership of 16.34 lakhs and its periodicity is weekly. This covers each and every news including news like sports, economy, business and national issues. This magazine is known to serve the best of the news and content from around the world.

This was the list of the Top 10 Best-selling, most read and popular English Magazine in India by 2017. As we know that, in the present generation, magazines and newspapers have quite lost their popularity and impact with the advent of social media. It is always recommended to inculcate the habit of reading such magazines as a source of knowledge.

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