Top 10 Most Read Best Bangladeshi Newspapers & Websites

currently in the world, there are very many sources that share what is happening in the different environments and all have different audiences that they attract. Different countries all have different situations that are always happening and they all have to be aired to the public. As a result of this most countries have local Medias that share the information. This can be done through visual Medias or even print and also in soft copy. The newspapers can be either in two forms either in print media or even sites where one can be able to read and get the information. Putting this in mind, there are those that are trust worthy to the public and as a result of this they attract a large crowd. Here is a list of the top 10 most read newspapers in Bangladesh.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Bangladeshi Newspapers & websites

10. The Daily Bir Chattagram Mancha


During the founding of this particular newspaper, the original idea was that it would be printed on a weekly basis. But this was short lived as it was quite popular to the public. As a result of this, the newspaper was transformed to become a daily paper. The headquarters to this particular media is in a city that is known as Chittagong. The particular media is best known for its versatile news that is mainly from the national and regional arenas. The language that is particularly used in the newspapers is quite easy to understand to any man from the most learned to even those that have a little knowledge.

9. The New Age


News can be given to very many people through different ways. Since the young readers also have to get them, the news has focused on this and has been successful as it is best associated to this particular people. When it began, the news in this media was in English and it was published in a city that is known as Dhaka. The material that is shared here has some sources that are very deep and as a result is common to many. The media has led to very many changes that are said to be positive by the locals.

8. The Daily Sun


Like all newspapers that are printed and published all over the world, this particular paper offers all the news from the local and international general news to the sports section that many love. As a result it is dubbed as the full packaged newspaper. On top of this, the paper also gives magazines on a weekly basis to its readers and this has given them a chance to corner the market. This has ensured that the readers are always informed of everything that is happening around them as often as possible.

7. The Financial Express


The financial express on the global level has its own paper that it produces. The paper has a local media where they are able to talk about the financial situations in the country of Bangladesh. Here the major topic is about the local businesses as well as the local entrepreneurship programmes that are happening. The paper also gives a limelight to those people that are looking for investing programmes. It acts as an eye opener to them to see the best investing options. On top of this they also have articles that make them stand out from the rest.

6. The daily Star

The daily Star Top 10 Most Read Best Bangladeshi Newspapers

Throughout the whole of Bangladesh, there are very many papers that give their news in English but this particular paper stands out since it is the bestselling in this specific field. The paper was founded in the year 1991 and has the main agendas as the political aspect of the country as well as the democracy of the country. The paper does not have any discrimination to any age bracket and is open to all people. The news is passed on to the public in a well organised system and also peculiar to its own style.

5. The Daily Jugantor

The Daily Jugantor Top Most Popular Read Best Bangladeshi Newspapers 2018

Newspapers have a way of travelling and in this particular situation, this paper is more read in the rural areas compared to the urban regions. The paper has its headquarters of production in the city of Dhaka. The paper has some articles that are known as Tara Jhil Mil, Protimoncho as well as Ghore Baire which make it well liked by the people that read it. The paper is found in print media as well as soft copy in the internet making it well read to different people.

4. The Daily Janakantha


The headquarters to this particular media is in the city of Dhaka. The paper has had a long lasing experience in the market of about 20 years since it was first started. The paper does not have a particular specialisation and gives news of all types to the public. The paper has two ways in which they supply their news either in print media or even in an online platform where the readers can access the news. The news shared here is not to please one party and as a result it is liked by many.

3. The Daily Ittefaq


This particular paper prides itself as one of the oldest in the market as it was established in the year 1953. During the founding, the paper was released on a weekly basis but as it continued, this was changed and it was later released on a daily basis. The particular paper gives different news that are trustworthy to all the age brackets that are known to man. The news here is quite detailed and as a result of this, there is a liking by many people.

2. The Daily Bhorer Kagoj


The public normally loves a paper that gives them accurate news and on top of this they give detailed information of this. This is what this particular paper took advantage of. The paper is not only limited to a particular people it is quite versatile and liked by many. The capital of its production is in the city called Dhaka. It is generally released on a daily basis to the public.

1. The Daily Prothom Alo


This particular paper stands out in the market of the country Bangladesh. It was established in the year 1998 and it has its capital situated in the city of Dhaka. The paper is done in the local language that is known as Bengali. The paper has taken to the local culture and adopted it from the way the news is presented here to the way they arrange the news. As a result of the same, it is liked by many of the locals.

Most of the well-known papers have their capitals in the city of Dhaka since it is the capital of the country. This acts as the distribution zone for the papers to all other regions.

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