Top 10 Most Popular Best Websites For Watching Movies Online 2017

There are several online movie streaming sites. Such sites are structured differently to meet certain expectations. Due to the different designs of such sites, they receive varied kind of feedback from their consumers/viewers. This has made some sites more popular and more liked compared to others. In most of this websites you can be able to view the movies online without having to download them.

Watching movies is one of the activities that people take to unwind from the day to day hustles of life. The free sites tend to receive more visitor because of the lesser challenge they present in terms of subscriptions and registration processes. However, not all visitors go to the free sites. Some prefer sites they can pay for in exchange for certain privileges that come with such packages. Below is a list of the most popular best websites for watching movies.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Watching Movies Online websites

10. Fandor


This site offers free trial for you to watch their content. Should you like what you see, you will be required to subscribe with a fee of about $ 7.50 per month. It will therefore suffice to say that it is an affordable site that offers the latest and most exciting movies available in the market. With Fandor you can enjoy classics from way back in 1930s to the latest movies released in 2016. It also has a variety of entertainment packages ranging from, animations, comedies, horror, documentaries and much more!

9. Shout! Factory TV


One of the biggest con of this site is the number of pop-up adverts. However, there is nothing annoying. The site has concentrated more on Sci-Fi and horror movies. If you are a fan of these two then Shout! Factory TV is the site to visit and you will never be disappointed. The site can be accessed by basically any gadget that can access the internet. Under the film menu you can find a variety of other types of movies that you may be interested in.

8. MoviesFoundOnline


MoviesFoundOnline is a site famous for free streaming services either from YouTube or Vimeo. Whether you are interested in old classics or recent independent movies, you will not be bored. The site is designed to quench your thirst for movies. There are all sorts of contents such as; series and shows, animations, documentaries, viral videos, short films and comedies available upon a single click of the mouse.

7. Viewster


The organization of content in this site is outstanding. There are categories of movies based on the most watched, staff picks, latest additions, feeling lucky, and mixed just to name a few. Their website is user friendly and efficient. The language choices available make the site even more amazing. They include; English, French, German and Spanish. Some are even offered in Chinese and Russia. This aspect could be very instrumental to anyone learning to speak a foreign language.

6. Movie Zoot


The movie Zoot website is absolutely easy to maneuver and has all the exciting movie packages one can think of; musicals, thrillers, action, horror, comedy, documentaries, animations and so much more. Categories of movies here include the names of movies stars whose movies you may be interested in. that way, you can keep track of the latest action from your favorite star.



Old is gold. Talk of; Titanic, Sarafina, Mr.Bones, Rambo, Sisters Act, The gods must be crazy, among many other and you will realize that some classics still rock to date. Just like its name suggests, presents a unique opportunity of enjoying such classics without breaking a sweat. When was the last time you watched a black and white movies? The number of visits to this site is proof enough that, just because it is old, it does not mean it is bad.

4. PopcornFlix


If you desire to watch TV shows and movies online then this is the site for you. It is one of those cool site that keeps updating their homepage with the latest content. The site enables you to watch the newest releases online without having to download a thing. It is an adorable site which is always updated with the most thrilling new arrivals. This basically a masterpiece of a modern movie webpage with little or close to know room for errors. If you are a movie-maniac you can be sure that this site won’t disappoint you.

3. Retrovision Classical Movies


Having literally every content you can think of all the way from, comedy, adventure, classic TV, Crime, cartoons, drama, war, Sci-Fi Westerns, and horror the site can be overwhelming. It is a library of sorts. It is a free site and even has a tab for all movies in case you want to be spontaneous. It is hard to miss a movie in this site, all you need to do is the key in the name of the movie or the names of the actors in the movie and the search engine will do the rest. It is a very popular site.

2. Open Culture


This site offers intriguing options such as signing up for movies or e-books and even lectures! It has a unique set of movies most of which are based on books. The huge amounts of visitors swarming to the sites shows that the site has much to offer. If you are looking into the works of people such as Charles Darwin, Glen Close and Mel Gibson, then you most definitely need to visit this site.

1. YouTube Movies


It is not only the most frequented movie site but it is also the most popular and the best that there is. In YouTube one can not only download movies and videos but you can also upload. The site needs no introduction. If you have heard about it, then the first place you should look for it is YouTube. If it is not in YouTube then it probably does not exist.

Music and videos are spoils that provide comfort, relaxation and entertainment to the human race. Their importance cannot be overlooked as they can be employed as a tool for relieving stress from humans to make them more efficient. The sites above offer some of the best of movie services and quality globally. Enjoy!

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