Top 10 Best Websites for Anime 2017

Anime is a wonderful form of animation that began in Japan, many years ago. In Japan, anime is honored and respected as a unique and smart art form, and comes in a vast variety of genres including: Horror, sci fi, romance, comedy, action, and adventure. Below are ten of the most awesome and comprehensive anime sites on the great wide web today. Through these sites you can sit back, relax and stream some of the finest pieces of anime around, have a chat or perhaps order some merchandise.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Anime websites



Kissanime is a site well favored by anime lovers everywhere. Not only do you have access to some of the hottest anime ever produced, but Kissanime also provides hardcore fans with tons of resources, including mangas, chat rooms, and dramas. The Kissanime website has a logical design and is easy to read as well as navigate, plus it’s well-ordered, and updated daily. Fans of the medium also have access to an active chat room where they can interact with one another and talk about their favorite shows, episodes and characters.



Animeshow is the perfect place for anyone who is just getting into the fantastical world that is anime. Animeshow is designed with a simple and direct format, and easy to navigate, having only three basic menus: Anime list, random anime, and genres. Animeshow tops their site with their tally of the most popular animes on the scene, then continue with latest and ongoing. However, don’t let the simplicity of the web site fool you. Animeshow is well stocked with a comprehensive collection of all time favorite anime movies and series.



Anilinkz has an exciting and informative layout for fans of this colorful and entertaining Japanese medium. A favorite part of this website is their ‘recommendation’ section. Hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails and you are given a concise synopsis of that particular anime, an absolute asset for those new to the medium. As for the general appearance, instead of long lists with tiny fonts, anilinkz uses image thumbnails and labels each one either ‘sub’ ‘dub’, or ‘raw’ (which means original, without subbing). They have the usual site basics: Series, list, newly added, movies, and cartoons, along with an active chat room where fanatics of the medium can enter to discuss their favorite animes and characters.



Animenova is a very direct site for anime. Animenova is loaded with not only the top anime’s of the day, but also has a sizeable video library stocked with old favorites such as, Vandread and G Gundam. Animenova contains the standard fare, which includes anime series and movies, links to manga sites and dubbed animi and cartoons. They also have a section for fans of Naruto mangas. The site is subdivided into the major anime genres including: Action, Horror, Science Fiction and more. The latest manga, anime, and drama releases are updated on a regular basis.



Animeultima is a website where fans can watch English subbed or dubbed streaming anime online. The design is a little tight, as Animeultima seems to want to stack loads of links and videos on their home page. Still, animeultima has it all for fans of anime series and films: Films and series, games and an active message forum for the fans. The forum seems to be the most popular part of this website. A major draw for fans, this forum is packed with conversations on every aspect of the anime culture.



GoGoanime boasts that is is the biggest anime site on the web. True or not, GoGoanime is a massive site for those who are looking to catch up on the latest film, series, or news. The site has the usual anime goodies: anime series, mangas, anime movies, as well as dubbed anime and cartoons, with a mobile app for for fans who love to watch on the run. GoGoanime is available for viewers across the globe, so whether you are in Australia or the U.K., if you are ready to catch up on the latest for ’91 Days’, or ‘Dragonball’, GoGoanime has got the goods.



What makes animefreak a huge favorite is their large selection of English dubbed and subbed anime. For anyone who is a fan of anime, and begins a search on youtube, it’s hard to find a good English sub or dub versions, and even then you often watch only 10 minutes at a time. However, Animefrek is laden with English vids. Admittedly, Animefreak looks a bit jumbled at first, but if you take a closer look, it’s quite simple to navigate. You can search by list, genre, or alphabetically. Animefreak updates information religiously every day, so fans are never left in the dark.



Last year, in January 2016 Funimation joined in a partnership with Crunchyroll, where each will stream select content from the other, with Funimation acting as distributors for Crunchyrolls video catalog. Funimation is also revitalizing their website for 2017 including mobile apps and enhanced video quality. Funimation has an extensive product catalog that includes videos of popular anime series and movies as well as merchandise, and is a crowd favorite with the anime crowd.



Crunchyroll is an anime streaming website that is extremely popular with the anime subculture. The interface is easy to navigate and the sheer volume of anime and anime resources is massive, they even have their own anime awards where fans can vote for their favorites. Crunchyroll also has an anime newsfeed on their page for all the latest news in the anime business as well as culture. In January of 2016 Crunchyroll partnered with Funimation and as a result, both Crunchyroll and Funimation exchange streaming shows, which means more variety in store for the fans at Crunchyroll.

1. HULU – (


Feel like catching up on the latest episode of ‘Attack on Titan’? Well, look no further than Hulu. Hulu has long been known for providing viewers with top-notch viewing material, from movies to television shows. Hulu is also an excellent source for anime lovers. Hulu does have one drawback, in that it may not be available in all areas of the world. Hulu offers fans of anime current, and ongoing series as well as full seasons and offers fans the ability to view shows on many platforms, such as television, game console, and mobile devices.

Whether you are into the classics, such as “Astro Boy”, and Akira, or waiting for the new season of “Attack on Titan”, you’ll find that the websites on this list can offer you just what you need to find exactly what you want. No more fumbling around on Youtube, Vimeo or scouting for resources. These ten websites will be all you need to satiate your hunger for anime films and series.

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