Top 10 Most Popular Best Websites for Air Ticket Booking in India

When you plan to travel it can be for adventure, relaxation, or often times for business. Most travellers need to find the most economic and best deal plan they can when they go to book their air travel. There are a large number of travel sites on the internet and it takes time to go through them all to find the best offers. Some of them are able to quickly organize every step of your travel from the flight to the car rental and hotel lodging. The best of them will even allow you to package different aspects of your trip to save you money. These are the top 10 most popular best websites for air ticket booking so you can plan your next trip without having to scour the web.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Air Ticket Booking India websites

10. Skiplagged

Skiplagged Top 10 Most Popular Best Websites for Air Ticket Booking India

Skiplagged can find you the cheapest flights to most any city. They can also find ‘throwaway’ tickets that may work for your travel plans. ‘Throwaway’ tickets are tickets you buy to unpopular locations so the overall trip costs you less. An example of a ‘throwaway’ trip would be buying a ticket from New York to Sioux City with a layover or change in planes at Chicago. Chicago is actually where you want to go but it costs more to fly from New York to Chicago then it does to go to Sioux City. So you purchase the ticket to go to Sioux City, but get off the plane in Chicago (where you wanted to go anyway) and ‘throwaway’ the rest of your ticket.

You would never purchase a round-trip ticket going through this process or check your luggage. Checked luggage would end up in Sioux City. Skiplagged can help you find tickets using this procedure especially if you are going to major cities like London, Chicago, or New York.

9. The Flight

the-flight-deal posts what are called ‘fat-finger’ discounts. These are mistake fares that are posted for only a short time until someone realizes the error and removes them. When the fares appear, however; you have to be ready to jump on them as they will only stay out there a short time. With this site, you need to have flexible travel dates to get the best deals. Some of the offers are incredibly fantastic and if you can accept the tickets and figure out the travel plans later, you’ll get some great deals.

Using the search engine to plan your vacation works best if you find a great price on travel and then work around going there. This doesn’t work for everyone as most people decide where they want to go first and then find the best travel deal.

8. ITA Matrix

ITA Matrix Top Popular Best Websites for Air Ticket Booking India 2018

ITA Matrix offers you a no-frills way to find cheap flights. They do this by using an itinerary of flights and posted prices for you to choose from. You begin by searching where you want to go and decide how long you want to be gone. You then ‘click’ on ‘See calendar of lowest fares’.

This will show you the options available for you as far as what dates are available and the price it will cost for you to travel on those days. An example would be if you want to travel for a long weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, but are flexible and can go Wednesday to Saturday instead, you may find big savings.

If you can tweak your travel dates, even slightly, this site will allow you to find huge savings. Kayak will also allow you to search an entire months’ worth of dates and fare amounts, but ITA Matrix beats their deals. Some of the deals offered on this site can actually cut your airfare cost in half.

7. Kayak


Kayak helps you find cheaper airfare by scouring hundreds of online sources. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you will find great deals. Searching dates up to three days before and three days after your planned travel and by looking at weekends in the next year, their Explore tool can find you great fares. It accomplishes this by allowing you to scan a map of the world to see where you can reach within your price range. It will also allow you to specify preferred flights, vacation activities, and what type of weather you want to enjoy.

Kayak can also ‘predict’ for you if your chosen fare will go up or down, or you can take what is offered and book a flight with the first check. When you enter your desired itinerary, Kayak will provide you with a list of flight options and recommend you either wait for a better fare or buy now.


whichbudget helps you to build an overseas flight plan that is inexpensive using local, budget airlines. This will save you a lot of money on traveling internationally. You begin by choosing an overseas destination and starting out point, and the site will find airlines you have most likely never heard of that fly these routes.

WhichBudget is a flight search engine much like Google, but only searches for flights. Finding out which airlines fly from and to any local airport can be discovered through a search on their site. This free service lets you know which airlines go and come from any airport and you can then go directly to this airline or a travel agent to check prices and deals. The site was originally designed to be small and somewhere a select group of friends could go to find the most comprehensive list of budget airlines. Word spread on how effective this worked to find cheap travel and the search engine began to expand its index. It is now used by more than 200,000 visitors a month from the USA, England, and other global destinations.



There are many major airlines such as, AirTran, JetBlue, and American Airlines that offer a refund to you for the difference you’ve paid for airfare and what other airlines come up in lower fares. These are normally through the form of travel credits or vouchers, when fares fall below what you have paid for a ticket. When you enter your flight information at, they will track your flight and the fares for you so you know if anyone else offers the trip for less. If someone else offers the trip for less, Yapta will send you an email and then help you to collect your refund.

The sole focus at Yapta is to save their customers money. They understand what is like to budget for travel and with technology experts and veterans of the travel industry; they make sure you don’t pay too much for your trip. Since they began operations, they have conducted over a billion price checks and found more than $500 million in savings for their customers.

4. Priceline


Priceline stands out as one of the top sites to find great airfare. A lot of their success is when they allow you to bid or choose what amount you are willing to pay for a flight. Their “Name Your Own Price” tool does not let you choose your flight times or airlines, but it will keep your costs at their lowest which is your top priority. This method of searching can save you up to 40% in air travel and usually lands you a flight that is either a one-stop or non-stop trip. This also guarantees you a flight on one of their partner airlines and the ability to fly between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

You can also use Priceline to choose a specific airline and choose an alternate departure and return to lower the cost of your fare. They will also show you alternate airlines to choose from that can lower costs. When you find the trip with the times and fares that work, you can then book the trip and choose your seats.

3. CheapAir


CheapAir is also a great site to find fantastic airfare. They will keep track of your previous searches so you can easily return to the site to check new fares and discounts. They have very useful filtering tools that allow you find the flights that fit into your schedule and time frames. You enter a search and they will bring forward a list for you to narrow down until you’ve found the specific airline, with the right flight times, and at the best cost.

CheapAir gives you a list with departing and return flights each listed with a number of stops, departure and arrival times, a list of any amenities included, and the price for each. You can modify your search to fit any needs you have and once you’ve found the right trip, you can then book and complete your purchase right on the site. This site also offers a CheapAir’s Price Drop Payback to refund you any difference on a trip you’ve booked that later goes for a lower fare.

2. Cheap Tickets


Cheap Tickets is a lot like Priceline and will let you mix and match airlines to get the best travel deals. You fill in your basic information and what you are looking for in travel destinations. They will perform a search and provide you with a list to start narrowing your search from. You can use their filters to narrow down the results they send you such as times you want to travel and a number of stops you’re willing to accept.

Cheap Tickets will save all your searches so you can go back to your search at any time. They also make it convenient for you to search for the best by listing lowest fares first. The prices are broken down by airline and their flight information is all listed right with the price. This site can seriously decrease the amount of time you will have to spend looking for a great deal on travel.

1. CheapOAir


CheapOAir also makes it on the list of one of the best sites out there to find affordable travel rates. They do not have the same mix and match choice some of the others offer, but they have a lot of ways to find the right flights for you. When you search flexible dates, you will find a lot more savings or search through some of their featured deals on the site.

CheapOAir offers special flights under $199, first-class flights, red-eye flights, and a lot more. There are other search tools to use to find lower airfare through this site. They will also send you travel alerts when fares drop to areas you’ve shown an interest in and others. Sign-up on their site and they will send these alerts to your email.

Traveling is fun, exciting, relaxing, and sometimes just plain necessary. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Use one of these top 10 most popular best websites for air ticket booking and make your travel plans affordable.

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