Top 10 Best Web Research Companies

There are many web research companies in the world although very few have quality and reliable information.We have searched for the best sites that have quality works that can help you in your research projects and assignments.The following are the best web research companies:

Here are the Top 10 Best Web Research Companies


Answers Top 10 Best Web Research Companies 2017

It’s an online site that contains quality information because it extracts it’s information from books,dictionaries,encyclopedias and other sources.It is a research service centre for people who need more knowledge has extensive knowledge that is in form of video answers,wiki answers,reference answers and international language question and answers supports six languages Italian,French,Tagalog,English,Spanish and Germany.The domain name for was purchased by Bill Gross and Henrik Jones in 1996 at idealab.

9. Educator’s Reference Desk

Educator’s Reference Desk Top Most Famous Web Research Companies 2018

It is used by most teachers and students to get more knowledge.It gives access to resource collection,lesson plans and question archive.In resource collection it has links connected to over 3000 sources that have information on educational issues.this sources can be online discussion groups,internet sites and also educationl organizations.Lesson plans consist of around 2000 lesson plans that were written by teachers all over the United States.Question archives consist of a collection of over 200 answers to major questions on education,the responses can be from online discussion groups or internet sites.



An online reference source that has it’s information obtained from published materials such as Columbia encyclopedia People can access 200000 reference sources and also more than 50000 topic summaries that are In form of pictures,videos,newspapers topic summaries and magazines from all over the world. contains reliable information when doing a research paper or other researches.It is considered to be the best site for general research because it frequently updates its articles and also gives the best service delivery to the people.

7. Educational Resources Information Centre


It is the leading site for education research and an online library.It is a general research site be it scholarly articles and academic articles they are all found here and are very quality.The ERIC collection consists of different publications such as policy papers,conference papers, books,journal articles and technical reports.There are new records that are added to the site every week.It has a website where by the public is able to search for the ERIC collection and submitting material that can be added to the collection.The ERIC collection is the best in that it tends to make it easy for the users to access information in the website.

6. The Virtual Learning Resource Centre


It’s one of the best academic websites that is used by teachers,students and library professionals to provide quality information for academic projects.It gives all the information required for academic work such as articles and academic writing.It contains educational resources such as books,audio/visual materials and also journals for reference for the users.Information in this website is updated regularly in order to provide the users current and quality information.Most of the researchers rate it to be the best site for academic information hence rated the best.

5. Google scholar


It is a web research company that deals with scholarly literature information that is being published in books,conference papers,theses,academic journals,technical reports and scholarly literature.It contains more than 160 million documents that are used for reference by the users.It also has links that are used to access articles or information in the website.The google scholar account contains information where by extensive research has been done.The users can find information such as cases in the supreme courts in the United Nations since 1950 and other scholarly information.It is considered to be the best because of the extensive information it contains and hence easy to use it while conducting a research.

4. Google Books


I’ts an online research site that is used to search for books.It is known to be the largest body of knowledge online hence most people prefer using it for knowledge gain.Authors and publishers provide books through the Google Books Partner Program.The Google Books site allows to view full pages while searching for information.It also contains magazines that that have been stored in their database.Most researchers are advised to use Google Books in order to find more information on their research topics due to the availability of different books that are easily found in the site.

3. The New York Times


A daily newspaper in the USA used by students,teachers and other researchers for reference.It is considered to be one of the best research sources available for reference for all kinds of research.News especially business,arts sciences and sports are always updated each time.Information provided is extensive and also easy for users to access in their websites.Most people tend to use it for research especially current information that has been updated.The newspaper has a lot of influence to the people of USA hence created a lot of interest to the people for research.

2. The Library of Congress


It is a library that serves the United States of America and is mainly used for research.It is also known to be the national library of the United States.Its known to be the largest library worldwide. General research is done and not limited to different subjects and also all information needed is available from all over the world in more than 450 languages.Due to availability of information in different languages people tend to prefer it for research.Researchers tend to use it for research because it consists a lot of information that they need and it’s also readily available.

1. The Internet Public Library


It is one of the best virtual library and also organizes it’s information well.It contains links to many reference works,newspapers,journals and magazines.Contains quality works for the users.It contains information on politics anthropology,history and music hence considered the best website for research because it covers all subjects.Researchers tend to use it because it covers unique topics such as music.It is a website run by students and also was not for profit making purposes rather to help people with conducting researches for different topics.It also contains enough information for users hence makes it easy to find information needed.

The sources above will help you to find the best and reliable information.They will also help you to submit quality projects and assignments.The sites will be of use while conducting your research and also when you need more knowledge.

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