Top 10 Most Popular Best Free Wallpapers Websites 2017

Individuals search for various wallpapers from different sites available in the market. These wallpapers range from the simple wallpapers to the sophisticated ones. There are anime wallpapers also available on these popular sites .Depending on the type of the wallpaper desired by the user that is ranging from something minimal to the beautiful wallpaper there is no shortage of sites to obtain these wallpapers from.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Wallpapers websites

10. Jootix Wallpapers ( )


This is a website that offers free services in terms of wallpapers. This website has plenty of beautiful wallpapers to choose from. The various wallpapers offered on this website are of high quality and it is also extremely easy to find these unique wallpapers. Jootix wallpapers displays on the user`s screen and can thereafter be downloaded and saved on the laptop or the computer.

9. Social Wallpapering ( )


This is an ancient site as it started a long time ago. On this website there is a huge number of wallpapers available. These wallpapers are easy to access. The wallpapers are regularly updated and hence can be saved by the user.

8. ( )

hdwallpapers-net-top-famous-best-wallpapers-websites-2018 has amazing wallpapers .There are various kinds of wallpapers on this site such as celebrities i.e. actors, actresses and musicians, cars and nature. Due to the high number of ads and pop-ups present on the website, it may prove a little bit bumpy as opposed to other sites. The only way to navigate through this site is through search using categories. However on this site the wallpapers can only be downloaded in one way and viewed through the photo editor and saved on the computer.

7. eWallpapers ( )


Though it contains average looking wallpapers, this site offers an opportunity for the user to search for various sizes of the wallpapers. There are several wallpapers available in the website.

6. Interfacelift ( )


This website not only offers filter options for its users but also the best and recommended website for highly photographed wallpapers. It is not easy to cruise this website and find good pictures, it take time. The resolution the wallpapers are in is of high quality.

5. DeviantArt ( )


This is website is considered one of the biggest for the Mac users. It offers tons of several genre of wallpapers. The user is able to obtain whatever wallpaper that they desired due to the presence of the different kinds of wallpapers on the site. It takes time to find the best wallpaper though the end results would be worth it.

4. DeskopNexus ( )


This is a well organized website that offers its services free of charge. The highly organized content on the website makes it easier for the user to simply obtain the desired wallpaper from the website. During the process of adding one of the wallpapers to one`s computer or laptop, the wallpaper automatically resizes itself to fit onto the computer.

3. Simpe desktops (


On this websites, there are no fancy art pieces or photographs , as the name implies simple desktops contains fairly simple patterns ,images and texts .However , these images are not only simple but also good looking. Moreover, a simple desktop also has the option for the mobile devices which makes it unique as compared to other websites.

2. VladStudio ( )


VladStudio has a variety of amazing pictures and is one of the favourite sites. This site contains hand drawn illustrations can suit various desktops as wallpapers. It also offers various resolutions to a maximum of 2 k which makes it convenient for its users to be able to incorporate into their devices.

1. Automatic Wallpaper changers ( )


It is with no doubt that all the above mentioned websites are great .However, one of the convenient and reliable website is that which one can download and install onto the computer. This saves the and becomes easier for the user as it is readily available on the computer`s desktop whenever one needs to change the computer`s wallpaper.


There are several websites that offer good services and the list can change from time to time , as it depends on the preference of the user.Aditionally, customer satisfaction is vital for these sites . Other individuals prefer the websites that offer free services while others prefer to pay for the services being. Depending on the number of times the user desires to change the wallpaper one can visit these sites as often as possible.

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