Top 10 Most Popular Best Viral & Social News Websites 2017

In life there are several things that are very important. One of the many is the need to remain informed and up to data with the goings-on of life. There is a primal need in every human being to know what is going on around them. This is why there are many avenues where one can get news. This is up and including social websites. These give news on various social events. These news does not necessarily have to be important. It just has to touch on the life of a celerity and then it will be important to different people.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Viral & Social News websites

10. Uproxx

Uproxx Top 10 Most Popular Best Viral & Social News websites

This is s platform that brings both news and culture together. It is site that aims to attract the youth and the younger generation. With stuff like games, music and videos, this site has everything the younger people will need. Here you are entertained at the same time educated.


Playbuzz Top Popular Best Viral & Social News websites 2018

This is a platform that gives the power to brand owners, publishers and even content creators to create various content in interactive ways such as pols and quizzes. This is a good way for these people to interact and exchange ideas. The content here is shared worldwide through various social media platforms hence the fact that content here goes viral. This is one of the most used and popular sites there is out there.

8. Rankers


This is site that takes it to find the true ranking of just about anything that can be voted by anyone. It is a list that goes beyond the top 10 list of these things and issues. It is a site that makes a list and dives into these issues. These things can be from videos to movies to music to sports and on and on. This is a site that engages the normal individual in a game of ideas a voting. The voting side is what makes this site go viral.

7. Little things


This is a website for all things inspiring and innovative. It is a site that is very interactive with the main point being having fun while watching the animal. This site has grown very fast since its inception in January 2014. This site has seen over 1000 visitors on a daily basis. This site may have stared with a very low traffic that was lower than most of the others. It has however definitely made up for that is doing very well as of now. This has become one of the most viral sites there is.

6. Distractify


This is a site by the youth for the youth. This site has its content divided into different categories which include fun, people, geek, news and culture. It is s site that has been created for the interaction and understanding of the young people on the different levels and ways. The good thing about this site is the fact that its content may be viral oriented but it is still actual news. There is no room for guess work here hence you can rely on the news you get from here. This is therefore a great social news website.

5. Thought catalog



A website that was founded in 2010 by Chris Lavergne has now a big traffic on the internet. This site has over 25 million unique monthly visitors making it one of the most viral sites there is out there. It is headed in the USA and is one of the top sites there is in the USA. This site includes content such as essays, listicles and think pieces among others. It is a site with a millennial voice to it.

4. Zergnet


With more that 26 million unique visitors on a monthly basis, this has been found to be one of the most viral and successful sites there is out there. This is s computer start up in the US. This is company whose website seeks to inform on various issues and has seen its news feed grow over the years. This company has various investors including Mark Cuban and others. It is a great site that has grown immensely.

3. Viralnova


Are you looking for some humor and hilarious stories from the internet, then this is the site you should visit. It is a site that has a very large number of visitors and traffic. This features videos, stories, ads and other content too. This has proved to be one of the most popular and viral sites there is out there. The content attracts just about anybody who wants some laughing in their life.

2. Upworthy


A platform that tells stories and bring different people from different places and backgrounds together. This site has the saying because we are all part of the same story. It is one of the best sites that is very popular as of now. It has over 45 million unique monthly visitors.

1. Buzzfeed


This site has grown the number of people who view it immensely. It is the most popular and viral site there is. With more than 150 million new monthly visitors, this is site that has proved to be one of the best. It is a site that has videos, news and even quizzes on it that attracts the large traffics.

There are many sites that aim to give the crowds the best news. These here are the best and the most popular there is

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