Top 10 Most Popular Best Video Game Websites 2017

Everyone loves a good gaming site. They offer hours of unlimited fun, engaging subject matter to look at and can even sharpen cognitive and memory skills that can be beneficial later on in life. But in truth, they’re just good fun and an interesting way to kill some time now and again. Games have become a very pleasing way to break up the day whether they’re played on a mobile device or a home computer, and are constantly evolving to keep up with the increased demands of the next generation. Where games used to be simple and rather ho-hum, the dynamic and sometimes very complex nature of the games that exist now are more than enough to please most people that sign up to play. With the in-app purchases that many people will often go for they have even become a rather profitable means for the creators to draw from, prompting even more complex levels of play and graphics that keep the user entertained. While some are in a continual state of development, others are always on the cutting edge and able to give their users the constant entertainment they desire, making them the most desirable sites amidst the bunch. So with that in mind, here are the top ten most popular and best video game websites of 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Video Game websites

10. Popcap


Known for such engaging games as Bejeweled, Plants Vs. Zombies, and even Solitaire Blitz, Popcap has been a favorite for some time. Its cartoon graphics are just silly enough to be enjoyable and its games are challenging enough to draw in a wide variety of users. You don’t have to be a genius to play the games and even better, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them. Popcap has become one of the better known game sites around simply for its cheerful, colorful graphics and its use of a cartoon motif as its basic platform. Childish yet engaging, it stands as one of the more well-used sites around.

9. FOG


A little more simplistic in its approach, FOG gives a more old-school feel to its games that some people tend to like. Its animation is just as good as any site and the games are just as engaging, but the stronger use of darker colors and even themes lends a more adult feel to some of the games and would seem to attract a slightly older crowd, perhaps adolescents and older. It is still completely child-friendly, but the darker hues definitely give the games a much different look. Overall FOG is a much simpler and in some cases easier to use site than many others. It also has a much wider variety of games than many sites.



This site doesn’t offer as many games as some but is just as capable as addicting the user to their games as any. Specializing primarily in older games that require some skill and even a bit of experience to master, Games.come is a site that would likely appeal to more sophisticated users from adolescents on up. Adults would no doubt find the games to be quite entertaining as well as challenging at times, but kids would most likely find it to be less interesting simply because it is not as cartoonish and doesn’t offer as many updated and interesting challenges that many of today’s games are designed to deliver.

7. Addicting Games


Despite the reaction that some might experience upon first seeing what type of games this site offers there’s no denying that it is 1) more geared for adolescents and adults, and 2) a bit out there when it comes to the content of its games. It is a site that offers a great deal of stress relief through games that are uniquely designed to mutilate or tear apart characters within the game that are designed with the specific purpose of being targeted for such behavior. Games like Mutilate-a-doll 2, Don’t Whack Your Teacher, and Clicker Heroes are without a doubt geared towards relieving stress within a person’s life that could otherwise be directed elsewhere with disastrous results.

6. Zynga


Zynga is a very well-known name much like Popcap in that it offers a wide variety of games that are cartoonish in nature and can be easy or hard depending on the level of skill that that user possesses. It is also the creator of one of the most nationally and perhaps worldwide acclaimed games, Farmville, which to date has spawned many different versions and renditions that have attempted to create a different type of addictive, farm-loving experience that creators can cash in on. While Popcap creates much of its own buzz through its own designs however, Zynga borrows from classic movies to create fun and enticing games that keep users busy and entertained.

5. Big Fish


This site is actually very diverse in its gaming experience, employing graphics that are cartoonish and those that are far better rendered to offer a variety of gaming experiences for the user. Its game types are also varied in order to provide a better and more enticing menu for users to select from. While it is a little simpler than other sites in terms of the types of games it offers, its wide selection makes it a much more entertaining and even engaging site for users. Overall it would likely be much more popular with adolescents who enjoy a good puzzle or quiz game.

4. MiniClip


The games offered on this site are a far more simplistic bunch and take less skill to master, which might be why they are located on one of the more popular sites. The user doesn’t have to think as much about what they need to do, which means they are able to just play and not worry too much about gaining levels, picking up certain items to complete a quest, or even do everything right in order to have fun. This site is easy to access and the games are plentiful enough that a user of virtually any age could have a good time without feeling like they need to succeed or quit.



This site is primarily all about puzzle games, making it a site that is dedicated mostly to those who enjoy a good challenge. The puzzles obviously get harder the further a user goes, and as a result the games can be a greater challenge as each level is completed. While this site could easily be a favorite of many, it is primarily for those who like to think outside and around the box in order to discover a new way to solve an old problem. This might be good for adolescents and adults, but it would be the rare child that would find this entertaining, no matter that it is a site geared towards all ages.

2. Y8


Action, action, and more action. This site is dedicated to action games that will keep anyone playing for hours just sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next turn, the next jump, and the next incredible thing to happen. While it does feature other games that are not so intense, it is seemingly ready to deliver up front with games that are nerve-rending and capable of keeping one’s heart rate through the roof as you attempt to navigate puzzles, mazes, and scenarios that are designed to keep you continually on edge. Needless to say it is a child’s and adolescent’s dream site when it comes to edgy and entertaining games.

1. Yahoo!


Yahoo! does it best when it comes to a lot of things, and this would include gaming sites that offer a plentitude of entertainment, challenge, and edge of your seat action. Known widely as one of the better email services around, few seemingly know about how Yahoo! has been one of the best gaming sites for several years. While their content and graphics are on par with the other sites mentioned above, they excel in the sheer delivery of their games and their quality. The addictive nature of gaming is such that it takes a real pioneer to launch a site that caters to all gamers, and Yahoo! has certainly done that since its inception.


It doesn’t matter if a gaming site is popular or not with a large fan base. What matters is the content it provides and whether or not it can keep its users entertained and engaged long enough to be worth its programming. The sites listed above have created such a buzz among the general public that it’s no wonder they’ve lasted so long, and will likely last even longer.

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