Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Websites 2017

The birth of the internet has given us all endless opportunities to plan our next travel adventure. The effect of technology in the travel industry is widespread and there are new travel products and services out there to make travel easier, quicker, and cheaper. We can check the internet for the best rates, the quickest connections and join reward programs to make travel cheaper. Not only has the traveler found the internet convenient, it has helped the industry itself as well. Travel sites abound on the internet to help travelers find these benefits and these are the top 10 most popular best travel websites 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Travel websites

10. HomeAway


HomeAways growth began in the mid-2000s as it began incorporating vacation rental websites by obtaining some of the most popular ones on the market, including and VRBO. Now, HomeAway owns 40 websites which operate in more than 20 languages with over 1 million listings. HomeAway doesn’t control the rentals, but it does offer the option of processing payments and works more like rentals classified system than an overseer of the rental vacation experience.

HomeAway can offer you the most comprehensive selection of rentals. They target families and groups with accommodations ranging from cabins to castles and condos to barns. They also offer barns and farm houses as part of their travel getaways. Their headquarters are in Austin and they are a publicly traded company as of 2011. In 2015, Expedia announced their intention to buy HomeAway.

9. Momondo


Momondo is known for the best sourcing website to find you great travel deals. It uses one of the most intuitive search engines to find the best hotels, best-priced flights, and rental cars. It is very similar to the website, Kayak and can also put you on a list to send you travel alerts notifying you of price changes in travel. Flights cannot be booked directly through Momondo, but you will find their resources invaluable. When you find what you are looking for, you can use this site in conjunction with Kayak or other sites to make sure you have the best deal.

Momondo is a free website that operates in over 30 international markets allowing you to find and compare prices on car hires, hotels, and flights. They will not sell you anything, they provide you an overview of prices and deals available and tell you where to go to complete the booking process.

8. Jetsetter


Jetsetter is a luxury travel website providing a travel experience with verified and approved properties and hotels. They test their hotel referrals before ever sending guests to stay in them and check that water pressure is good, beds are comfortable, internet signals are strong, and customer service is top-notch. They will not send any of their clients to a hotel unless they are assured themselves that their stay will be an ultimate experience. They are known for flash sales and know who to send the offers to.

Jetsetter is like a well-traveled friend and one with inside connections along with great taste. They are someone you call when you need advice on where to stay, where to go, and what to do when you get there. Jetsetter has expert knowledge, insider access, and exclusive deals to some of the greatest hotels to provide their clients with incredible travel experiences.

7. FlyerTalk Forums


FlyerTalk Forums does not have the resources to actually book your travel, but they are able to find the best and cheapest travel deals for you. On this forum, you will find the results of others who have spent countless hours searching for those great offers and have posted them to the forum. You will not have the ability to book your trip, but you will know where to go to do it. The deals are not just average deals; they are the most incredible deals you could hope to find on the internet.

On FlyerTalk Forums you will find unbelievable service spots to stay at with pricing that is irresistibly attractive. This forum is legendary in frequent flyer circles and was started in 1998. It now has over a million members and has created its own culture and even contains some airlines who post their deals before they go public.

6. Airfare Watch Dog


Airfare Watch Dog uses staff members to scour the Web and handpick the best prices and deals. They don’t use machines to do the work for them, they perform the searches with a human eye and with your best interests in mind. This site may not have as many good deals as others, but the ones they have are the best out there. They are able to offer deals that are unadvertised anywhere else from typically smaller airlines.

Some travelers think they are clairvoyant and can find their own deals. The truth is; airlines are unpredictable and no one knows when fares will go up or when they will go down. It is said airfare is as unpredictable as the stock market. This makes Airfare Watch Dog a successful site to stay connected to when you want to plan a travel experience.

5. Skyscanner


Skyscanner has one of the best interfaces for finding great deals on travel. They are one of the top in the world and offer a flexible search option to find travel locations at incredibly attractive prices. They are a self-proclaimed, free, and unbiased system for sourcing travel. They also offer customers an App in more than 30 languages in more than 70 countries. While others offer an App, Skyscanner is one of the more popular engines, especially in Europe.

Skyscanner is a global engine for information on the internet and helps people find comparisons for car rentals, hotels, and air fares. It is a free service that directs you to these deals and is multilingual using more than 30 languages. They will not sell flights to you directly but will tell you where to find them. Headquartered in Scotland, they also have offices in Glasgow, London, Singapore, Miami, Barcelona, Edinburgh, and Sofia.

4. eliteLYFE


eliteLYFE is said to be the connoisseur of travel sites. They offer high-end luxury rentals around the globe. Some the properties they have for rental are Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island; so they are not for everyone. This rental runs $78,000 for a night and you must stay there for five nights minimum. eliteLYFE has a wealth of insider information to concierge services that cater to jet-setters who want to extend their travel experiences to private jet charters, exotic car rentals, and super-yachts.

eliteLYFE caters to those seeking ultra-exclusive villas in some of the most sought after vacation spots. They find destinations on the planet for those who can afford the best and deliver to them the ultimate package in vacation get-aways.

3. Skiplagged


Skiplagged has a concept that is not too well known in the travel circles. They tap into what is called the “hidden cities”. These “hidden cities” are a play on the market offering advantages of pricing inefficiencies. These exist in the travel industry when a passenger gets off their plane at the connecting city in their flight plan instead of traveling through to their final destination.

This works when a flight booked to a popular destination such as Miami from Seattle which connects in Chicago is only $400 but to fly direct from Seattle to Chicago costs $600, it is then cheaper to book all the way to Miami but get off at Chicago when the plane stops during the layover. Skiplagged is a pro-consumer travel website that finds these deals for you to make exploring the world easier and cheaper.

2. Kayak


Kayak helps travelers find rental cars, hotels, and flights on the web. One of their best features is the pricing trends and predictive algorithms finding out where prices are going to go up or down. Kayak also provides travel alerts to let you know when prices change. You can also use their information to search around your travel dates to find the best prices. They are a global tech company whose focus it to find you the best online travel deals.

Kayak is available in over 40 international sites in more than 20 languages. Every year they process more than a billion searches for travel information. They also have a free mobile app that has been downloaded by more than 40 million users.

1. Airbnb


Airbnb has faced some tough financial issues and managed to come up with a creative idea to crawl out from under it. They are now a company with more than 1.5 million listings in over 34,000 cities, and across 190 countries. Airbnb offers a rental experience to connect renters with owners and managers of a property. They connect people looking for rental space with shared space, beach houses, mobile home, and even castles.

Airnb is based in San Francisco, California and helps customers find unique accommodations around the world. They are an internet website that allows customers to book these travel plans from their mobile phone or tablet. Arrangements can be made for an apartment for a night, to renting a castle for a week, and strive to find these experiences at any price.

Using a travel website allows you to check various airlines at one time and compare prices. You can also compare prices on a separate site to check car rental deals and yet another for hotel rates. This method of searching will take you a lot of time. It would be quicker, easier and more affordable to use one of the top 10 most popular best travel websites 2017 listed here.

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