Top 10 Most Popular Best Tech & Gadgets Websites 2017

Days are gone when one had to wait for that latest gadget store to open in the neighborhood or rather make a trip to the store, to check out the new gadget in the market. It’s already a tech-world and with the touch of the right buttons, one can easily get to access the latest information, descriptions and even make an online purchase of that fancy gadgety gift. With the sprouting of online shopping websites, a prospective gadget buyer has the chance to make a search, even when they don’t know exactly what gadget they would wish to get. This websites can help keep you updated on the latest inventions and developments in the world of gadgets and technology. So if you at crossroads on what to gift yourself or a loved one, the following list of tech sites can prove to be a very important and informative avenue to start with.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Tech & Gadgets websites


ArsTechnica Top 10 Most Popular Best Tech & Gadgets Websites 2017

Created by Ken Fisher and Stokes in 1998, Ars Technica is a is website which publishes news covering issues related to computers (software and hardware), video games and technology policy.Ars Technica, a Latin name derived for the ‘art of technology’, is written mostly by post graduates who most of the times work at home, but it has offices in Chicago, Boston, London, New York city and san Francisco. The content published by Ars technical is categorized in four types. These include news, guides, reviews and features. A significant portion of most reviews and stories published by this website are original .This site also feature in depth and detailed reviews and descriptions on its subjects.

Of the almost 20 years now online, Ars technical had its highest traffic on 12th September 2012.This was during the launch of the iPhone 5 event where it recorded 15.3 million page views. According to Alexa rankings, Ars technical has a global ranking of 1,799 as at December 2016,with 19.90% of search traffic from search engines.



This is a technology news website which was launched in 1992, after breaking off from its parent wired magazine. The website was formally owned by Lycos but was bought off by Conde Nast publishing, which runs the company ad website till to date. The websites host several technology blogs which covers topics ranging from internet and network advances and new and exclusive information on various topics in technology. As at December 2016, the Alexa traffic ranking website gave a 973 global ranking with a 20.30% search traffic from search engines on web. According to this third party data analysis websites, is currently linked with 91670 other websites, making it one among the most popular technological websites.


techradar is a technology website that provides the latest technology news, with informative reviews on consumer electronics and gadgets on and sometimes even before their launch. This website is currently owned by Future plc and has been operation for 16 years now, is one of the most popular online publications in the United Kingdom.

Currently ranked at 955 globally according to the Alexa websites traffic ranking, the UK based technology online magazine was recently launched in India. In 2015,Techradar was reported to be among the most popular technology and gadgets websites with more than 20million readers per month by SimilarWeb,a third party web analytics provider.


DigitalTrends Top Most Famous Best Tech & Gadgets Websites 2018

As the company’s tag line puts it,’Tech for the way we live’, DigitalTrends seems to live to that statement. Founded in 2006, this website has been an informative arena for contributors to showcase the new inventions and technology gadgets including technology news. With over 20 million readers in a month, this tech sites one of the eye openers for the technological savvies and culture at large.

With 943 global Alexa ranking publishers how to articles, technological news, podcasts and videos about consumer electrons products and the technology. Created by Ian Bell and Dan Gaul, digitaltrends is based in Oregon State USA. The search traffic from a search engine was 31.90%as at 19th December 2016, a 22% increase.



The verge is a technology news company which was launched in November 1, 2011, by Joshua Topolsky and Mart Moe. Topolsky was a former editor and developer of the rival company Engadget, who branched off with other 10 editors and developers to start what is now the Verge. The verge offers the opportunity to its visitors a chance have a read and make a comparisons in different electronic gadgets and also news on new inventions, with personal computers and mobile phones as the most reviewed. The verge provides its content in several categories which include, Product database and articles, Podcasts and video content.

According to the Alexa rankings, has a recent global ranking of 567.The percentage visits from search engines are at 17.00%.This Manhattan based website has shown that is one of the best among its competitors having won 5 webby awards in the year 2012, in the editorial and best podcast.



This is popular technology website which offers a variety information on technological advancements and newly developed gadgets, including their concepts. This digital media house was founded 11 years ago by Pete Cashmore. Currently, the website is available in English and French.

With its headquarters in New York city, the website has proven to one of the most popular websites in the USA, with a local ranking of 296,but but with a 541 global rank, according to a third party web analytics website, Alexa. As at December 2016, the percentage number of the site visit from search engines increased by 45% to peak at 12.50%.



TechCrunch is home to breaking news, analysis, opinions and news in general on gadgets as well as new events in the technological world. It is one of the most popular site in the industry, boasting a global ranking of 493 according to the Alexa rankings, globally. Currently, this technology news and news and tech gadgets analysis is available in 4 languages; English, French and Japanese and Chinese. With its headquarters currently at the Bay area, United States, TechCrunch is currently owned by AOL.



Engadget is one of the best leading a technological blog networks in the world. In 2010, the Times magazine ranked it as one of the best technology blogsites of 2010.Pin recent times ,it has being ranked among the top 5 sites in ‘Technorati 100’.It is a multilingual website offering daily coverages in different technological gadgets and electronics. Registering an Alexa rank of 476 as at September 2016, Engadget has in past being nominated for several awards in past, winning the Best Tech Blog and Weblog awards in 2004 and 2005 respectively. In 2011, the Engadget show also won the People’s Voice Webby Award in 2011, Consumer electronics.

As at 19th December 2016, the Alexa Traffic Ranks registered a 103 drop in world traffic rankings to register a 576 global rank. With the large percentages of visitors being registered in the USA and Asia, the world wide search of Engadget from a search engine are at 15.10%.



If you are an aspiring tech guru (or already one) and you would wish to up your knowledge on the same, you should look no might just be the site you need. This is blog tech site which has being in operation since July 1st 2002.Created by Peter Rojas, the website is currently available in 9.

languages(English,French,Dutch,Itaklian,German,Spanish,Japanese,Polish and Portuguese) to suit the different world regional needs, worldwide.

As at September 2016, this technology website was ranked at 385 in the Alexa rank of popular websites, a drop from the previous rank. This might be a show of slight decrease in its popularity but Gizmodo remains to be one of the best sites gadgets reviews, software guides and video tutorials to new technological developments and consumer electronics.



Finally to the top of the list, is the American technology media website, CNET. Created by Hlasey Mirror and Shelby Bonnie and currently owned by CBS,CNET has been operational since its launch in 1994.The content provided by Cnet is categorized into four categories which include, Reviews, News, Video and How To.

According to web analytics (Alexa and Smilarweb) CNET is the leading source and most read technological news, reviews and new gadget development news on the web worldwide. Globally, CNET currently command a 158 rank in the Alexa website traffic statics rankings, as at December 2016.Because of its popularity and the after sort information, this technology website currently boasts a 29% share in websites visits from search engines.


With new technologies and new electronics being launched every other day, consumers need trustworthy and informative websites to make the right decisions and choices. Bloggers and website companies always work day and night to catch up on the latest inventions and gadget launches. The information they gather is usually useful to not only the consumer but other upcoming technology bloggers.

With this sites available, technology companies usually take up this chance to showcase their inventions, as well as providing updates to the current clients of their products. So there you have it.You can always add up to the list because as the world is continuously developing, so is the technology-information world.

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