Top 10 Most Popular Best Students Websites 2017

When a student is looking for resource they often turn to the internet. There are a number of online sites that can be helpful to students. These sites can provide the information that they need in order to complete papers, complete independent living tasks, and everything else that a student can need. These sites need to be reliable. There the top 10 most popular student websites for 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best students websites

10. Mental Floss


This site is fun for students but it does have educational value and interesting facts as well. This site has fact from countries all around the world and covers a number of different topics. These topics include facts about different cultures and how people in all parts of the world live. There is also plenty of scientific information on this site as well. While a student may go on this site to put off some of their work they are learning a lot at the same time.

9. UReddit


This site is an education version of Reddit. This site has a number of courses that a student can take and courses that can be used as practice for their regular classes. These courses are created by the public and will allow a person to learn a number of different things. Students can supplement their education and find resources on languages and they can even learn another language. Students can even review scientific principals and have them explained in different terms. There are even courses on this site that can be used to learn computer programming.



This site one of the leading platforms where a student can take some online courses and find information to supplement their education. The majority of these courses are free and are open to the public. A person can find information on science, humanities, math, and a number of other subjects. They can learn information to help in their classes and to enhance their personal development.



While this site may not found like much it will allow students to have access to a number of events and technology. A student can find information covering just about anything that they can be looking for. This site is great to find topics for essays and information on writing an essay. There are a number of links to additional sources and references as well.



This site understands that textbooks are very expensive. Not many websites will allow students to have access to textbook few of charge. This site will allow the students free access to the textbooks where the copyright has expired. The content in the book can be the same as ones that are being used in class and the page number of this content may be the only thing that is different. This site has more than 45,000 different textbooks that students can have access to. These books cover a number of different subjects and topics.



This site is good for students that are looking to attend college as well as find out information about their current college courses. A student can find university rankings as well as student forums where they can discuss everything from living on the campus to the classes that they are taking. There are also course guides where a student can get an idea of what is being taught in a class before they take it. This site also has links to scholarships and scholarship applications. It is updated on a regular basis and a student can join for free.



This site is good for those that need access to information and literature. They can access classic works of literature as well as plays and poems. There is non fiction content as well as information that can be used for references on this site. A person can find the information they need in one place. All of these works can be access free of charge. A student will not have to pay for their access and can get the content anywhere that they have an internet connection.



This site is useful to a student that has to do research of get their paper done by a specific period in time. This site will block social media sites and other websites that may be distracting to the student. They will not be able to click on the site and they will be able to only focus on their research or the report. When a student in done with their project they can turn this feature off and be allowed back on any website. This is good for students that get easily distracted and have the urge to visit social media when they should be doing their school work.



This is a site that can be useful for those that need to add citations to their work as well as make a reference page. This site was developed by scholars and provides annotated versions of classic literature and poetry. There are even some new works that can be found on this site. This site will make the classic works easier to understand and easier to use.



Making a reference page is a struggle for most students. If they do not properly format it they can have deductions from their assignments. This site will help a student make a properly formatted bib page and reference page. All a student has to do is type in the information from the website or the book they used as a reference. This can include the name of the website, title of the book, author, and other relevant information. This site will properly format it for the students based on the information they entered. This site is much easier to use than trying to format a reference page on their own. this is the best website for student in 2017

These are some of the most popular websites for students that can be used in 2017. These sites will allow a student to have access to a great deal of information and access to materials so they can study and excel in school.

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