Top 10 Most Popular Best Sports Websites 2017

Billions of internet users go online to search for information about their favorite sports and teams. Depending on various factors such as content and type of sport, different users access different site for such information. As such, some sites are more frequented than others. The sites with more visitors are definitely more popular compared to those that have fewer visitors.

The more popular the site, the more it is recommended to new user and that make such a site even more prominent. When sporting websites are mentioned, there are those names that first come into mind like; Yahoo, ESPN, Sky sports and more. Below is a list of the ten most popular sports websites in the world.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Sports websites

10. Rivals

Rivals Top Most Best Sports Websites 2019

This website is more of a social site where sports fanatics can post whatever they want to post about sports. Every post in this website is welcome be it ridicule, criticism, bragging, predicting or analyzing; nothing is flagged off. It also has captivating sports articles, news and scores. The site receives huge amounts of site visits and that is why it is among the most popular sports site.

9. Skysports


The skysports features timely reports all sort of sports from all over the globe. Such sports include; football, cricket, hockey, basketball, WWE, boxing, golf, tennis, rugby and so much more. It has spontaneous sports news and can be also a very insightful site to those who love betting. It is loved and visited by many sports fans and that is why it is extremely popular.

8. The Sports Network


This is a privately owned internationally sports company that is based in North America. The sports content in this site is deep, wide and well researched. You can think of it as a sports encyclopedia. It is also well updated with the latest sports news including live scores, fixtures and rankings. All kinds of sports can be found on this site including, MLB, NFL, rugby and cricket just to name a few. it


NBC SPORTS Top Famous Best Sports Websites 2019

Visited by more than 19million users each month the NBC as booked a sport as one of the most popular sports site that there is. It is also featured in the Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank and eBizMBA rank as a famous sports site. The number of visitors on this site is proof enough that the site is worthy visiting.

6. Bleacherreport


The offers a platform for local talented sports researchers to voice their content through writing informative articles in the site. Fans can also express their comments and even debate in this site. Apart from all that it also covers worthwhile sports news and briefings. It is visited by millions of users each month. The site was created in 2007 by sports fans.



This is a section of Fox Broadcasting Station that specializes in news. Its in-depth coverage and research on sports is off-the-hook and that is what makes it unique and popular to the people. It receives millions of users each month and the number keeps growing with each passing day. It was created in 1994 and mainly broadcasted National League matches. Over time it has however grown and currently televises all kinds of sports from all over the globe.

4. ESPN Cricinfo


Founded by pre-WWW in 1993 by doctor Simon KIng, Cricinfo has grown to become one of the most popular sports site in the world. The news in this site is however inclined towards cricket. It captures all ports aspects and is famous for its epic pictures and promptness in updating live scores. Cricinfo was acquired by the Wisden Group in 2002.

3. Sports Illustrated


Sports Illustrated receives over twenty million visits each month (20M is just an average figure). Owned by Time Warner, there are also site based magazines with over 3.5 million subscribers. The content of this site is well researched and very informative. Maybe that is why it is loved by so many people. Sports photos of this site are simply amazing and popular as well. The site is very reliable when it comes to live scores, breaking news and sports analysis.

2. Yahoo! Sports


Millions and millions of user visit this site every month in order to access reliable sports information from fixtures, live scores, gossip, and analysis, among many other sports information. When it comes to internet search engines, yahoo needs no introduction. If you need it as long as it exists you will get it. Its popularity amongst sports site are up and above.



It will suffice to state that ESPN’s popularity amongst sports sites is currently unmatched. When it comes to sports sites ESPN takes the crown. It is not only the best that there is but it is the most popular site. The number of visitors the the site is overwhelming. You can count on ESPN to cover the most exciting sports globally such as NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and the other one(s) that you may be thinking about.

There are a lot of exciting aspects of sports with the main on being the mystery that comes with it. There are so many sports fanatics who cannot get enough out there and the sites mentioned above struggle to keep them ‘fed’. So far the sites above reign in terms of preference and prominence.

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