Top 10 Most Popular Best Space And Astronomy Websites 2017

Since that memorable day when we traveled to the moon and back, space travel is no longer Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Captain Kirk. From science-fiction comic book drawings and on through television and the film industry, space travel is here right now.

True, we can’t just beam a person up — (Universal Studios has a patent on that) — and we’re not quite at the point where, on our lunch break, we can go into warp speed or pop out of a wormhole 175,000 light years away in some distant corner of our unfathomable universe? but at the rate we’re going, who knows what sort of breakthrough our top scientists will be coming up with in the near future as they work away in immaculate labs? And we also have with us plenty of young nerds with acne problems who can never get a date…they’re too shy to ask for a date and it’s probably just as well. So instead of dating hot sophomores in their local high school, they sit in the corner of the garage with their computers and sometimes they come out ahead of the educated and well-equipped scientists. Go figure.

Here are a few great sites to keep everyone well-informed about what we learn every day with regard to space, the universe, and possibilities of space travel for our descendants. A number of these sites have been set up primarily for kids who want to learn but even many adults enjoy reading this material, and it can bring them up to speed (okay, not warp speed, but these sites help point out the way. As they used to say on TV, The truth is out there. We just have to keep our eyes and our minds open.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Space and Astronomy websites

10. Kids Astronomy (


This neat site focuses on kids and teaches them all about the universe and discuss everything any curious person might want to know about what’s going on out there. Space exploration is not ignored, of course. That’s one of the kids’ first concerns and they have a lot of questions. But Adults can learn a lot too, especially if they’ve never really stopped to ask a lot of questions about the universe around us.

9. Global Resources (


This site not only keeps us on the cutting edge but comes loaded with interesting photos and plenty of information about any and everything connected with space and astronomy. A clear and informative site that provides plenty to give us pause for thought. Always worth looking into.

8. Hobby Space (


As the title suggests, Hobby Space not only presents a great deal of interesting information but includes a blog with the opinions and any new info from visitors. and of course, it discusses hobbies connected to anything having to do with space and space travel. For a hobbyist, this is a must-see site.

7. Astronomy Magazine (


An online magazine-type website that reads like your morning newspaper, except that the subject here is concentrated out the far off corners of a star-studded universe that fires our imagination with every glance at the night sky. Plenty of ads too, if you like that, or if it doesn’t bother you.

6. Astronomy Now (


This online magazine keeps us up to date as a regular news outlet that maintains a focus on everything related to our seemingly endless universe as well as with what’s going on in the world of space travel development down here on Earth and any other items that may be of interest to those who keep an eye on the sky. It comes complete with colorful photos too that enliven each story and Astronomy Magazine isn’t afraid to look at such esoteric and potentially mind-bending topics as dark matter and quantum properties.

5. Spaceflight Now (


This online magazine type site is clearly focused, as the name would suggest, on spaceflight. Anything connected with or about spaceflight is going to be here, so you can keep an eye on the goings-on, not only in the United States but all over the world too.

Many are unaware that rockets are being shot out into space almost daily in many parts of the world. Not only Russia but China and other countries constantly experiment with space vehicles. In French Guiana, the Ariane spaceship program works constantly at its space program.

4. Sky & Telescope (


As their subtitle says, this site is dedicated to astronomy and a person couldn’t believe the exciting and imagination-enticing facts to be picked up by frequent visits to Sky and Telescope. And of course for the amateur astronomer, Sky and Telescope can point you and your new telescope in the right direction.

3. SpaceX (


This is more than an informative website. SpaceX actually manufactures and launches advanced spacecraft. The company is heavily interested and invested in finding out ways for us to live on other planets. This company prides itself on creating historic milestones along the route to interplanetary travel.

2. Space Daily (http:///


This site refers to itself as your portal to space, and that pretty well says it all. Like a newspaper, Space Daily, however, is a newspaper concentrated on anything and everything connected with space, not just space ships or space travel, but it even monitors the weather among other phenomena to help us keep track of just where we are and where we may be going.

1. NASA (


NASA is, of course, the official site to visit to see what is going on with our very own space program. Sometimes it may seem as if months pass without any activity, but there is plenty of activity all right. You don’t put a nice suit from a Hollywood FX designer on a human being and shoot him or her out into a hostile and airless environment without a great deal of careful and detailed attention…and even that isn’t always enough. Space exploration isn’t for sissies, that’s for sure.

With so many different agencies, both official as well as amateurs and group clubs working on the study of both astronomy and the intriguing thought of our being able to zip out into deep space, we know it’s only a matter of time until we’ll be doing just that.

We all see now that it is possible for humans to survive where there is no oxygen to breathe, no water to sustain us, and if we can trust science fiction writers, there may be worse dangers to consider still: horrible and deadly invincible aliens.

Many believe that aliens have already visited Earth and have perhaps gone home to report or perhaps have somehow managed to remain here and “blend in”.

Clearly, a thinking visitor from another world would be wise not to come striding out of a space ship while proclaiming,”We come in peace.” He or she might easily be shot dead on the spot. Some of our police have obviously worn out their Dirty Harry DVDs.

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