Top 10 Most Popular Best Social Networking Websites 2017

Social media networking is all about meeting new people online and in the web. It also leads to communicating with distant family and friends across the world. Some of the known social sites are Facebook , twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn. These social media platforms allow us to share news ,videos and photos to mention but a few.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Social Networking websites

10. VKontakte (


Vkontakte is a social site and it is most infamous in Russia and parts of Europe. It is similar to Facebook . Its registration is free. It is also a free site to log into. It has no age limit but mostly viewed by the mid aged people . It also allows the user to send message to other users and also one can create groups and share vital information and photos , videos.

9. Reddit (

Reddit Top Most Best Social Networking Websites 2019

This social site is comprised of many users this because its registration is free . The website has a basic rule of monthly or yearly subscription fee. Its goal is to take the views of its members and put the stories on the top as trending hence leading to more member registering in order to be part of the social site.

8. Instagram (

Instagram Top Most Famous Best Social Networking Websites 2018

This is a platform where most of people to be more specific the youth 18- 35 yrs. Most of the people opt to store and share their funny clips and photos via this social site. This is because, its registration is free and require on to only have an android phone and its installation. One can advertise job vacancy via this site.

7. Tumblr (


This is a micro-blogging site which as a fun design of self expression . This is to mean that it has been built on topics brought up by its members. The social site is of free registration. Its audience is generally on the youth and its statement , photos , videos and links target from age of 15 – 40 years of age. It is also a place where one can use to advertise products.

6. Google Plus+ (


Google plus is in an association with google. . It is also a free site to log into. It has no age limit but mostly viewed by the mid aged people. On can advertise job vacancy via this site. This site is quite different from the other sites this is because google plus shows you who shared what . This site makes use of the google profile.

5. Pinterest (


This site has no age limit just . most of the people who view this site because it advertises on fashion, houses , foods , drinks and heath issues.this is a site full of ideas rather than other social sites this site informs and educates people on current staff. It is also a free site to log into. It has no age limit but mostly viewed by the mid aged people.

4. LinkedIn(


This social site is specifically designed to blog and share about business and financial matters . Unlike Facebook and twitter this site requires a pre-existing relationship. Most of its members are educated or even have a basis on business . This is the best platform for advertising of vacancies or even job opportunities. Here also there is no registration fee just the availability of internet network.

3. Twitter(


Twitter unlike the rest of the sites has some terms which it uses for example when one is relying a message its known as tweeting. This site is unlike Facebook anyone can follow anyone there is no restriction . it is also an avenue where one can post photos and also burning issues to either trend and be heard. It is also free to register and sign in. On can advertise job vacancy via this site.

2. YouTube(


Youtube is a video sharing site . This is where most of the trailers of movies are viewed from. It also has channels where one subscribes for either a monthly fee or yearly . Registration to this site is also free as rest of the other the sites. It is a very good platform for companies to advertise themselves in terms of videos.

1. Facebook (


Facebook is the most popular social site this is because its friendly in being used and its the most densely populated . this platform has no age limit and it is free to register the only requirement is that you phone must be able to access internet connection . Facebook On can advertise job vacancy via this site. There is no limit , Facebook also makes the world small and like a village this is because one can connect with another family or friend across the world.

These sites have broken down communication barriers and made the world a global village .whether you are looking for a social niche or a business one communicating your idea is a click button away. The best thing about these best social networking sites of 2017 is that registration is free and one can register in more than one site if not all hence attracting tonnes of fans.

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