Top 10 Most Popular Best Social Bookmarking Websites

Information and knowledge can easily be disseminated these days because of technology. Twitter and Facebook are at the forefront of all this, as they provide social platforms where businesses, people and also communities to share and acquire information and knowledge on a wide range of issues.

Not only Facebook and twitter are the only awesome bookmarking websites but also, they exist other exquisite websites that offer the same service and sometimes even better. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 most popular best social bookmarking websites. These websites are:

Here we enlist the top 10 best Social Bookmarking websites

10. Scoop it (


If you have always been wondering where you could find a social bookmarking website which is awesome for corporations, non-profits organizations, businesses and professionals then search no more. Sccop it has more than one million registered users.

Sccop it will revolutionize how you do online marketing. With scoop it you can participate in discussions, RT other users’ content and also pin other users’ content. It’s a perfect place for an online marketer.

9. Newsvine (


Newsvine is an exquisite social bookmarking website because it was ranked Google having a google page rank of 7. Professionals, corporations, businesses and many nonprofit organizations use it for social bookmarking. Not only was newsvine ranked by Google but also it was among the top 50 best websites in 2007 by Time magazine.

Newsvine can help organizations and professionals pin other users’ content, participate in discussions and also RT other users’ content.

8. Slashdot (


The awesome feature about Slashdot is that it allows it users submit stories and news on book reviews, management, security, storage, mobile, cloud, games, devices, computer hardware and linux. This provides excellent and large platform for bookmarking.

When you use Slashdot as a social bookmarking website, you will be able to share knowledge and information in a very easy way. Slashdot has revolutionized the online marketing strategies of many companies.

7. Reddit (


This is one of the most popular best social bookmarking website in business. Reddit has gotten many positive reviews from professionals and many nonprofit organizations. If you want a bookmarking website that will help you in accessing and submitting popular and new content on the internet, try out reddit.

The feature of downvoting and upvoting on makes it an exquisite bookmarking website as users can submit links to videos, images or stories.

6. Digg (


Currently, Digg has a Google page rank of 7, this just shows how magnificent Digg is as a social bookmarking website. If you want your corporations, businesses and many nonprofit organization to experience increased traffic due to many new readers, try out

Many bloggers are known to use Dig posts. Knowledge and information can be easily disseminated using Digg as it one of the most popular social bookmarking website.

5. Delicious (


Just by name of this social bookmarking website gives the impression that the social bookmarking website is awesome, it services are also superb. It’s currently owned by Science Inc. Delicious has been in the business of social bookmarking for more than a decade.

It has a Google rank of eight, this culminates from it having more than 2 million users who use it regularly. Using Delicious will make your website increase its ranking.

4. Stumbleupon (


Maybe you have stumbled on rather than searching for it, but I can assure you that you will not regret it as it one of the best social bookmarking website. It has helped many corporations, businesses and many nonprofit organizations increase traffic on their websites. It can also help you increase traffic to a video or an image or even a page within a site.

It has a Google rank of 8.

3. LinkedIn (


We all know about LinkedIn, it is a website that helps corporations and businesses to put up their profile, meet other people in the same field of business or study and also interact and socialize.

LinkedIn has more than 332 million members. 40 percent of these users share information and knowledge daily and more than 2 people sign up daily to LinkedIn. If you want to increase traffic on your website, use LinkedIn.

2. Pinterest (


Which corporations, businesses, professional and many nonprofit organizations that partake in online business doesn’t know about Pinterest? It is one of the best social bookmarking website with over 70 million users.

Most of the users of Pinterest are women who take up a percentage of 80 and the rest 20 percent are men. 42 percent of women who are adult in the USA have an account in Pinterest. Try Pinterest out.

1. Twitter (


Twitter isn’t a social networking website but also, it’s a social bookmarking website. It’s a website that has sweet and short posts of more than one hundred and forty characters. It has been in business since 2007. Twitter has more than 300 million users worldwide.

77 percent of the people who have an account on twitter are based outside the United State of America. Many businesses have revolutionized how they do business using twitter.

The above websites are the top best 10 social bookmarking websites. When you use these websites, you will able to take your business to the next level. Bookmark using these websites.

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