Top 10 Most Popular Best Real Estate Websites

When a person is looking for a home they can turn to the internet for help. There are a number of different realtor sites online. These sites will allow a person to take a virtual tour of the home any time of the day or the night. A person can search homes by different criteria including price, location, number of bedrooms, and many other details. If they are interested in a home they can contact a realtor to take a tour. Some of the realtor websites are more helpful than others.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Real Estate websites

10. Zillow


This website has around 35 million visitors every month. People like this site because it is easy to use. A person can search for home in a specific area that they want to live in. If a person is not ready to purchase a home they can search a number of different rental properties. This site will also allow a person to list the home they want to sell. Zillow has links to a number of different mortgage providers and will even allow a person to find out the estimate value for a home.

9. Trulia


This site sees an average of 23 million visitors a month. This site provides a great deal of information so a person can make an informed decision before they purchase a home. They can see the crime rates, traffic, and entertainment in an area. This site will allow a person to shop for homes and check out the prices that other homes sold for in the same area. There is also plenty of advice on getting a mortgage and getting tips on the real estate market.

8. Yahoo Home


This site has around 20 million visitors every month. A person can real a number of real estate related articles and tips for getting a home at the best price. They can also search homes in their local area. Yahoo is a well trusted site and many people turn to them for real estate advice.

7. Realtor

Realtor Top Famous Best Real Estate Websites 2019

This site has been around for a number of years now. A person can search properties that they are looking to buy or rent based on location. They can then narrow down this search by topics such as price or square footage. There are plenty of pictures listed for these homes. There is even a place where a person can get an estimate on their monthly mortgage payment. Visitors to this site can see homes in the area they are looking in that were just sold. This can give them an idea if they are getting a good deal on their new home.

6. Redfin

Redfin Top Most Best Real Estate Websites 2019

This site will help a person save money when they are looking to purchase a home. The Redfin agents will help a person sell their home for one of the lowest fees around as well. A person can search the homes on this site by the city of specific address. They will also be able to estimate their monthly payments with the taxes included. This will give a person an idea of how much they can afford to spend on a home.

5. Homes


This site says it all in the name. A person can search for the home they want based on location. This site also has a list of homes that are foreclosed. This will allow a person to get a home at a greatly reduced price. There is even advise from real estate agents on this site as well as the average value of homes in a specific area.

4. ApartmentGuide


This website will help a person find an apartment. They can rent these apartments or they can even look for an apartment to purchase. They can search based on location, number of rooms, and price. This site has a number of apartments that are listed for rent in major cities as well as smaller. A person can even search apartments that will allow them to have pts. This is a great site for those that are looking to rent and are new to an area. It is also useful to people that are looking to rent their first apartment.

3. Curbed


This site will allow a person to check out cities from all around the world. A person can even check out the price and location of some tiny houses. They can also find out information on a specific city and things to do in the area. Some of these homes and apartments in the major cities are rather expensive but a person can see some of the great features that are offered in these places.

2. Remax


This realtor has been trusted for many years. This popular real estate company now has a website. Before contacting an agent a person can search the homes and if they see something that is of interest to them, they contact their local agent for a home tour. This site also has information about the different types of mortgages that a person can get and the pros and cons of each type. A person can also use a mortgage payment calculator to get an idea of how much their monthly mortgage payment would be.

1. HotPads


This site will allow a person to search homes that are both for rent and for sale. People that are looking to rent their home or an apartment can post pictures and information for potential tenants. People can also use this site if they are looking for a roommate. This site has millions of apartments and homes that are just a search away. A person can sign up for a free account and set their preferences so they can see homes or apartments that meet their search criteria.

These are some of the most popular real estate websites that a person can use to search homes and apartments. These sites have the resources that a person needs to see how much they can afford and find exactly what they are looking for in a home.

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