Top 10 Most Popular Best Reading Books Online Websites 2017

You don’t need a tablet or e-reader at all to read ebooks. Books are something that can be read online at any time of day or night or in between the two. There are lots of top reading book online sites that are outstanding and are there for the express purpose of book reading and book reading alone. These are the top ones that most people do like a whole lot. They are:

Here we enlist the top 10 best Reading Books Online websites

10. 24Symbols (


24Symbols is another book reading online website startup to watch and definitely keep an eye on. Why is that? The answer is this. 24Symbols does permit users to interact with his or her Facebook account. It offers a dashboard that is well organized and the user is able to search the catalog alphabetically. Search options for books are by author name, specific genre, and the language that the book is written in overall. What the right panel does is to show the details of the book and you can start reading by clicking on the red colored button that says read or by selecting a chapter from the table of contents.

9. Bookish (


Bookish is all about catering to the personal book reader who is in every one of us. Therefore, those who love the entire experience of book reading with that extra plus, should indeed try out Bookish on for size personally for all of their book reading pleasure in the online world. Bookish offers a wonderful user interface and makes book reading a real pleasure in all of the right ways from the get go. The service is something that designs itself to each person’s cloud bookshelf.

8. Wattpad (


Wattpad can be described in just two word and these two words are no other than that of e-reading personified. What does this mean? It means that there are about 10,000 readers every minute that are connected with a new story on this site. What this indicates is this. Wattpad is indeed a true Canadian popular e-reading community for all the right reasons and that is for the express purpose of book reading.

7. Scribd (


Scribd is a book reading online website that takes book reading to a whole new place. What does this mean? it means what it means. Scribd offers readers two kinds of books to read. What are they? They are o other than the free books and the ones that require a monthly subscription to read. Therefore, personally you have a choice here, and it is indeed book reading on steroids for true. Because, to be honest, the best kind of book reading is the kind that you love to do the best from the rest.

6. Blurb (


What is great about Blurb is clear. It is considered to be one of the most important of all self-publishing websites that is available online. There are a lot of high quality and very nicely well designed eBooks there. If you would like to find new books to read, you can go directly to Blurb bookstore, which is the place to get access to anything that is new and current from an eBooks aspect totally. What this site’s focus mainly is this and that is to showcase some of the most beautiful of all eBooks’ that are designed and made here.

5. Smashwords (


Smashwords is without a doubt, one of the most biggest, as well as the most advanced of all sites when it comes right down to eBooks. Why is that? The answer is clear. Smashwords contains a catalog of more than 300,000 books with more than 100,000 authors listed there. The eBooks that are on this reading book online site are independent authors and publishers alike.

4. Google Books (


Google Books is all about being a huge collection of books that Google did scan itself and turn into readable files. They are all now available and viewable on Google. These books are available via a search engine box that Google does have for this site. In order to use the search engine book at Google, you need to type in either a book title or author’s name, and then it will track down the appropriate book title for you.

3. Open Library (


Open Library is a separate website that is Archive’s separate project and it does focus on mainly the collection of library records. Open Library’s goal is essentially clear and that is to create one web page for every book that was ever published in the literary world. These pages for each book that was published will feature a page on that single book and every documented edition that was ever done it so to speak.

2. Internet Archive (


Internet Archive is another leading website for reading books online and it was founded back in 1996. It is also a non-profit organization that does offer access to digital or digitized content. It also has books, images, videos, and audio files as well as part of its collective catalog. The catalog itself does have more than 6,000,000 public domain ebooks and other text files that are fully accessible.

1. Project Gutenberg (


Project Gutenberg is considered as being the mother of all eBook sites for a number of reasons. What are some of these reasons? It did start up back in 1971 and was when the first eBook was first created to be exact. There are many sites online that do offer free eBooks and these usually do come from public domain. A lot of them are first uploaded to Project Gutenberg. They are currently about 45,000 titles of books that are in the public domain sector at present and Project Gutenberg does have them in their catalog.


What is great about reading books online is you can read while you do other things. Multi-tasking is something that goes great along with the reading of a book. Some people like music, others like books, and these leading reading books online sites make the reading of books something great while doing lots of other tasks. However, if you just want to read a book online, you are free to do that and not multi-task if you don’t want to overall.

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