Top 10 Most Popular Best Quotes Websites

Sometimes the best words to use for any occasion are those that have already been written, or spoken, by another. Quotes can, at times, be a source of inspiration and a means of proving a point. They can be uplifting or cautionary, an attempt to remember a great moment, or to possibly teach a lesson. Whatever a quote is used for, they are often utilized in order to make one seem far more worldly than one might be. Those websites that devote themselves to compiling a vast number of quotes can offer great insight by providing thousands of quotes from noted personalities and celebrities that have been recorded throughout the years. With that in mind, here are the top ten most popular best quotes websites of 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Quotes websites

10. QuotesDaddy


This is the type of site where you can find literally a million quotes if not more that can offer everything from advice on your marriage to just getting through your day. QuotesDaddy is a more generalized site that offers a wider variety than many and allows people to copy, paste, and share their various inspirational quotes. Quotes that are used for a wide variety of uses are often hard to find and need to be pored through in an attempt to get the best fit. QuotesDaddy gives a better look into the inner thoughts of those who might not have a firm handle on what life is all about, but can at least give a good glimpse.

9. The Quote Garden


Like every other website that offers a wide variety of quotes, this site is well-versed in what it takes to give individuals the chance to learn and benefit from the words of others. Based largely on inspirational and even funny quotes, this site is one of those that is much better organized and breaks things down in a way that can be better understood. Just like any other site you’re encouraged to use these quotes in any way that is needed, so long as you remember that citing them is not just good practice, it’s a mark of respect.

8. Quotes’ Treasures


This site focuses primarily on those quotes given by famous personalities. While in the current age some celebrities might very well seem to have little if any real value to their words, those of the past are often much more valuable and capable of teaching future generations. Perhaps in time those celebrities’ quotes of the modern age will seem more insightful and even wise, but at this time this site thrives on the quotes from those who, in the past, were seen perhaps as kooks, loonies, or even, more politely, eccentric. There is little doubt that back in those days many didn’t believe that such words would ever be worth much. Perhaps that is how it will be in the future as well.

7. Best Quotes Ever


Many websites can lay claim to this kind of title, but then many websites that specialize in quotes have their own quirks and perks that draw people to them. This site however is one of those that offers a generalized view of the average quote and gives the viewer a wide selection from which to choose for wisdom and inspiration. In order to glean wisdom from the past it is often necessary to look upon the words that those who have come before have spoken and attempt to use those quotes in a way that is more amenable to the present.

6. Motivational and Inspirational Quotes


If you’ve ever been in a leadership role you’ll understand what this site is all about. It is valued by teachers and businessmen alike, and is used constantly in order to gain better insight into what kind of inspiration people might need. Such a tool is highly invaluable to those who must lead others and offer them the best advice on how to conduct themselves professionally and personally. A good quote can inspire millions, but only if it inspires one person first. Should you look at this site you will undoubtedly find the quote you’re looking for.

5. Marriage Quotes


Unless you’re single you already know that marriage takes work. From one year to the next you’ll find the need to compromise, to share more and more with your partner in ways that you might never have imagined were possible. The unity of marriage is never about one single thing, which is no doubt what many of the quotes this site deals with would state. Marriage will always take work, it will always require sacrifice, and more to the point, it will almost always be worth what is put into it. This site is able to offer an extremely useful amount of advice when it comes to dealing with the challenges that any marriage can bring.

4. Girl Quotes


It takes all kinds of quotes to be inspirational, and sometimes those quotes are highly specialized in order to meet the needs of the individual. While some of these quotes might not seem like they’re worth much, they can still be inspirational to the right person. When someone thinks girly quotes they might think of movies such as “Clueless” or even “The Craft” where the young women are the typical airheads that are amazed when they have a single thought that isn’t about fashion or which boy they have a crush on at that given moment. While some of the quotes might be like this, many others are actually fairly insightful and can be quite useful.

3. Quotographed


Quotes offer an amazing amount of insight into the inner workings of a person’s mind, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to understand what they’re really saying, or even see the imagery that might be intended to go with them. With this site each quote is paired up with a picture that is meant to convey even more meaning and power to the words, lending them an ethereal quality that allows the user to better understand the main point. Through imagery many people can gather a much deeper and more meaningful connection to these quotes, thereby finding ways to use them in much more useful ways.

2. Brainy Quotes


Some quotes are inspirational, some are meaningful, and some are just downright silly. Whatever a quote is it almost always has meaning of some sort, and on this site the quotes are meant to be challenging as well as stimulating. Quotes that are gathered from noted celebrities, famous personalities, and even those who are just particularly intelligent make this site what it is. If you’re looking for a smart and witty remark this site might not be for you, but if you’re looking for something inherently challenging and capable of making you think outside the box, this would be the perfect website for your needs.

1. Quotesome


This is the absolute best when it comes to quote sites, as it is filled with the most inspirational and overall useful quotes throughout the internet. It is also known for being the best organized and most widely used site among the many that are in existence.

Many people who use quotes are those that are seeking to use words of wisdom that can help accentuate a point or even justify one or more aspects of life that affect their current situation. Whatever kind of quote you might be looking for, the sites mentioned above are among the very best to seek out when attempting to find the right words.

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