Top 10 Most Popular Best Quiz Websites

There are several tools available online for teachers and surveyors to create quizzes and tests in simple steps. With the ever advancing technology, assessing and grading students is gradually changing. No more piling of papers and spending a lot of time marking the questions as this can be accomplished with just a click of a button. The following are top ten quiz websites.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Quiz websites

10. Quiz Star (


This site allows teachers to create and administer quizzes to students. It also grades the quizzes automatically and the teacher can generate questions in multimedia format as well as using multiple languages. Students can then access the quizzes from any computer connected to the internet, complete and also review them. With Quiz Star, you can even duplicate questions for editing purposes to save time when you have to set tests for more than one classes.

9. Braineos (


This is a fun site that enables one to create quizzes on different subjects based on flash cards. It is very fast since what you do is just memorizing the created cards using the site’s selection of games. It is suitable for remembering facts, learning language vocabulary and also preparing for exams.

8. ClassMarker (


This is a software hosted online as a tool for making quizzes. It is effective for teachers in creating online courses, distance learning, practice tests, study groups (for self) among others. It is also useful to businesspeople in making recruitment assessments and training tests plus many more.

7. GoToQuiz (


An easy site used for creating quizzes which are embedded in the World Wide Web (WWW) to be accessed by others using a different / unique URL generated. It is widely used in creating quizzes for ones online profile, blog, Twitter, forum or even a web site without having to study the technical aspects of the platform.

6. ProProfs (


This is a more robust site compared with others and is still excellent in creating quizzes. It offers advanced features like privacy settings, student tracking and many more, making it one of the leading online platforms in training and assessment. The content is hosted in more than 70 different languages.

5. Testmoz (


This is another great website that is user friendly and creates questions in 4 quiz types with unique URLs generated for each. It generates detailed reports characterized by simple interface and automatic grading. The goodness of this site is that it is free and no need of registering irrespective of whether you’re a teacher or a student. This is why a single minute is enough for you to build a functional test with Testmoz.

4. Quibblo (


An easy to use and a funny site used in social networking environment to create quizzes that can be shared, rated and embedded into another site. It is best described as a place where you can create and also interact with not only quizzes but also surveys, polls and any other content of interest.

3. My Studiyo (


This is an innovative site that allows you to create multimedia quizzes that can be distributed in an online platform. It is suitable for education as you can post your question online or even embed it into your site.

2. Zoho Challenge (


A site enhanced with nice tools for creating quizzes complemented with a fine-tuned look. It can host questionnaires and surveys on your personal domain and it is also possible to embed them on other web pages. It is polished with great tools for optimizing surveys to suit mobile respondents hence enabling them to submit their answers anywhere. Responses can be collected offline when there is no internet connection then uploaded when one is back on.

1. Google Docs (


This is an ideal site that can be used by teachers to prepare and create tests or quizzes which are embedded into students’ portals. It is easy to use and supports instant reporting. The documents are formatted with the help of styling and smart editing tools. This can be done offline when there is no internet connection then uploaded later. It is free and available in different versions; desktop and mobile version.

In conclusion, you can find thousands of websites for generating quizzes in the internet. While most of them are free, you have to pay for other sites so as to enjoy full or advanced features. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you access the links above then come across terms like free version, trial version and paid version.

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