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There seems to be no privacy anymore. With the advent of the Internet, Big Brother is in fact watching us. Indeed, with the online directories that are out there, your personal information is common knowledge to anyone who wants to know. The nice thing with some of these sites is that you can edit your information–what you want people to know about you. The goal of this post is to spotlight some of the best of these sites.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Peoples Search Engine websites



According to, is a comprehensive public records search website for searching for information about people, properties, businesses and professionals. The reports generated are available for one-time reports and subscri[tions. They integrate the profiles for which you ask with existing public information and factual references in real time. That means that as the facts on these businesses, professionals, and people change, the information changes as well. What that means is that if the Jane Doe whom you are searching dies all of a sudden, the report will be updated to reflect that. The trial is one dollar.

Records will include such facts as phone numbers, address histories, paten filings, property records, and even professional histories. For example, if you’re considering a dentist, but you are doubtful about his past, you will see new facts about him as they emerge.

Use to conduct background checks or facts on people you see everyday and, for some reason or another, arouse your curiosity.

This website has about 3,800,000 visitors as of January 9, 2017. Its ALEXA rank sits at 7,808, and its Ebizmba rank is at 3,585.

9. Pipl


There is not a lot of information on this website. But based on what I did find out regarding it, it has aquite simple interface. All you have to do is type in a first name, a surname, city, state and country, and press “SUBMIT” to see what you can find on the person. It also pulls from other websites, such as social media, to compile information from them.

This website was founded in 2001.

As of January 1, 2017, its EBIZMBA rank was at 3, 381, according to the EBIZMBA website. Also, it had averaged around 4,100,000 unique visitors daily. Its ALEXA rank was at 6,050.

The site is celebrating 10 years of service in 2017, returning to its roots in San Jose, California.

8. PeekYou


This is an online people search website. Using this website can enable you to learn anything about somebody on the Internet, including websites, networking profiles, photos, or anything else. You can search for profiles by first or last name. You can also use their alias in a social media forum, and using school-related or work-related tags. You can also search people out by country.

According to EBIZMBA, the compete rank stands at 1,465. Its ALEXA rank sits at 7, 329, and its EBIZMBA rank checks in at 3,217.

7. MyLife


That friend you hadn’t seen since you graduated high school in 1968? You can catch up with him or her.

MyLife is the website that searches government records, social posts, financial records, and employment histories to paint a portrait of this person. You can also use this website to control what is part of your profile. You can create your own positive reviews, by asking those who care about most to post positive reviews about you, while having negative comments by haters erased.

It was established in 2002 by founder Jeffrey Tinsley, according to Wikipedia. The site claimed to have a public page that was a sort of Wikipedia website on almost every American.

It has not fared so well with the Better Business Bureau. According to Wikipedia, by 2015 the website had earned a D- rating by the respected bureau.

All that aside, the nice thing about this website is that it allows you to monitor and screen out bad information others post about you.

Furthermore, in spite of all the bad press this website has received, it has had 4,200,000 estimated monthly visitors, according to EbizMBA; it enjoys a 2,622 ranking by the aforementioned website; and a 4,936 Alexa ranking.

6. People Finders


This website is yet another data service provider. It serves consumers and businesses seeking detailed insights on people and places in the United States. It contains information on nearly every adult in the United States, according to EbizMba, and can be used as the go-to resource to find out more about a person you are contemplating dating, going into business with, or hiring.

It was founded in 1988 in Sacramento, California, before the birth of the Internet, and it helps customers search billions of records spanning four decades, and delivers more accurate results than the competition.

Its EBIZmba rank, as of New Year’s Day, 2017, sits at 2,516. An estimated 425, 0000 people visit PeopleFinders, and its ALEXA rank rests at 6,996.

5. People Smart

This is yet another website that allows you to look up names, numbers and addresses–whether email orphysical– of people who have aroused your curiosity. You can check the numbers of people who are calling you using reverse phone look up, or retrieve public records about people using People Smart Pro, using one of these prices. (Yes, this requires a purchase on your part.)

or a one time deal for $4.99.

So choose one of these packages, and you can retrieve the desired information.

As for the overall rankings, the Alexa Ranking for People Smart is listed at 6, 216. There are 5,500,000 monthly visitors. Thus this site is quite popular.

4. Intelius


Intelius is a confidential way to find out information about people you see every day. One of their chief selling points is that they won’t reveal any efforts on your part to obtain information on a friend, a person you’re interested in dating, or whatever. Yes, you can get information on that person’s ages, dates of birth, and maybe even dates of death, if applicable. Also, with Intelius–although you don’t get this information for free–if you’re willing to shell out almost $20 you can get a 24-hour pass that will get you details about a person such as:

-their address
-full name
-Phone number-Relatives
-address history

Also, according to Ebizmba, you can verify current information on addresses and phone numbers.

The website boasts 55,000,000 visitors. It has an Alexa rank of 4, 120. Many, many people, apparently, are choosing to “live in the know,” according to the website’s slogan.

3. InstantCheckMate


Instant CheckMate is the third most popular website in the world of people search websites. It holds a 1039 EbizMba rank, according to the website rating website of the same name. It boasts of 10,000,000 visitors monthly. But the website also includes some very important disclaimers. In fact, these disclaimers are so important that they feel it important that you click on “I Understand” before you access the web pages. First, they want to know that you understand the purpose of the website. Or rather, what it is NOT. They want you to know that it is not to be used as a hiring tool, a tool in making rental, insurance, or hiring decisions, or any other decisions that require FCRA compliance.

Also, they warn you that the information you find therein can be quite sensitive. It holds records of ANY police contact at all you may have had that has resulted in:

-a traffic ticket
– a felony conviction

In addition, if you want to know a person’s current address, or phone numbers, this also may be the website for you.

2. Spokeo


This is one of the older people’s websites. It was founded in Mountain View, California, by a group of people from Stanford University, according to Wikipedia: Mike Daly, Harrison Tang, Ray Chen, and Eric Laing. The four founding individuals started the website in the basement of the home of Taing’s parents. It opened for business in November of 2006. It purports to know, among a whole other list of things, details of your life such as:
-your religion

-spouse’s name
-credit status
-number of people in your household
-a satellite shot of your house and its estimated value.

As of 2015, the site had 18 million views.

1. White Pages


This website is the brain child of Alex Algard, a Stanford University student at Stanford University, in 1996. He was seeking out an old friend, and the operator gave him a non-working number. Frustrated, he channeled this disappointment into the development of an online database. He quit his job at Goldman Sachs by 1998 because his idea was growing fast on the Internet. By 2000 he incorporated it–and by 2005 it had taken on a life of its own, generating $15,000,000 in revenue.

By 2017, his idea was the site of visitation for 28,500, 000 people a month, giving it an ALEXA ranking of 876 and an EbizBma site ranking of 334.


Online directories have their advantages. Let’s say you have a music teacher–a piano teacher, for instance. You want to find out more about him before you will entrust your child to take lessons at his house. You go on one of these sites, and find out that he is a registered sex offender who shouldn’t have children over his house at all. In this case, one of these online services will prove very valuable.


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