Top 10 Most Popular Best Online Train Booking Websites 2017

In the world we live in, there is the need to move from one place to another over very long distances. This resulted in the invention of very many means for the long distance travelling. The various means include via road, railway and also using the air travel method. Since not everyone can afford the air means as well as owning their own private means, there is the need to have public transport systems. The main being via the railway as well as using buses. Since not all times do you have the time to go book, there are online websites that provide the service. These are the top main for booking sites for the trains that are situated in different places in Europe mainly.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Train Booking websites

10. JD Travel booking (

JD Travel booking Top Famous Best Online Train Booking Websites 2019

India is the best known place where the travel using the trains is the most used. As a result the fact that it features majorly in this list is of no surprise. The IRCTC has given the service to many different sites this being one of the major ones that are in the government. The site named above provides the user with the ability to select the train they prefer using either the train or via the different stations that the particular train passes by. You select the destination as well as the place of origin here then search for the trains then you will be able to book the train you prefer.

9. Etrain (

Etrain Top Most Popular Best Online Train Booking Websites 2017

This provides the necessary information about most of the trains that are in the city of Mumbai in India. The site is quite versatile as it will guide you on the best trains to pick, the routes that they ply as well as the best seats to pick. To top this up, they have a sidebar where you will be able to choose the trains and then have the power to book the train based on the information that you will have just acquired.

8. RailYatri (


This is also another site that will enable you to book your ticket from the comfort of your home or any other place that you may be held up early in advance. The site the place that you will fill in either the name of the place of travel or even the code. This is quite advantageous as some people might forget the name of the code of travelling but recall the name. You are able to select the duration of stay and then you can choose to purchase the return ticket all at once.

7. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (


Here this is one of the best sites that provides the service discussed above. The site enables the users to view most to create accounts with them. The account will enable you to pay also using online platforms as well as provide you with most of the basic knowledge of the trains and also the routes that they ply. You also have the ability to pay using your prepaid cards for those people that have the phobia to carry cash.

6. Make my Trip (


There are those people that may be attracted to a site just by the presentation of the site. For those that love this, this is the site that I would urge you to visit. The user interface has been made such that it is appealing to the naked eye. They have also made it quite easy to use even to those people that have no prior interaction with the computers and also websites in general. The site enables you to choose the destination as well as the place of origin. You can print your ticket here too and even if you choose a different time to travel, you can get a refund of the cash already used.

5. Yatra (


The graphical user interface to this site has also been made quite appealing to anyone that likes to perform most of their businesses online. The site has the ability to create a private account where you are able to conduct most of your transactions. You have the power to select your places that you would like to visit from your own comfort. The limitation is that you have to specify the day that you will be willing to travel.

4. Cleartrip (


This is one of those sites that is quite versatile as it not only gives you the ability to choose to travel by train, it also has other modes of transport that you can choose from the major ones being by aeroplane and local travelling. It also offers the tourist the ability to choose the places where they will be able to rest majorly being the hotels in the place. Here you have to specify the number of people that will be traveling and also distinguish whether they are mature or infants.

3. Trainline (


Unlike most of the other sites that have been discussed above, the site here is majorly for booking trains that are located in other countries in Europe. Most of the trains that are able to be booked from the site are all from the country called England. The site has among other things a beautiful interface that is quite easy to use and also is appealing to the eye. You are able to select if you want a to and fro ticket or just a one way ticket.

2. My train ticket (


This is also another site that is for the country United Kingdom. This site doesn’t have a clearly beautiful interface but it provides the services that are absolutely necessary. The earlier you buy the ticket, the better the deal that you get from this site. And as a result has made the site quite popular. Most of the routes that are in the site are just long distances though they also have short distances bookings.

1. Eurostar (


So far so good, the site that is best is none other but Eurostar. The services they provide are quite versatile and they also have a very good interface to match the good services that they provide. Here you are even able to track the ticket that you booked earlier. The seat that you choose is also a very crucial thing to choose and the site provides this service. After buying you get the ability to print the ticket that you bought.

Currently in Asia and in Europe is where the train industry is quite popular as a result most of the sites that you get are from most of the countries that are located in this regions. Most of the sites have really presentable interfaces while those that do not they have special attributes that make them appealing to many people. Take advantage of this particular service to avoid last minute rushes.

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