Top 10 Best Online Flower Ordering Websites in India

India as a country has been known for its high production factor of flowers all over the world. The following are examples of flowers that are mainly produced and sold in India; lotus, lady slippers orchid, kopou phul, orchid tree, African marigold, common mododendron, palash, golden shower tree, lilium candidum, jarul, siroi rilly, red vanda, rhododendron, ashoka, rohira, noble orchid, glory lily, ranawara, nag kesar, brahma kamal, night flowering jasmine, Andaman pyinma and cannonballs tree flower.

There are many websites in India that allow the purchasing of flowers in India through online Medias examples are:

Here are the Top 10 Best Online Flower Ordering Websites in India


book a flower, Top 10 Best Online Flower Ordering Websites in India 2017

This website is well known for their specification and customization when it comes to the endless options when making your celebration to became blossomlier with the frangancies of lilies, orchids tulips and roses. The site enables you to be able to make purchase through them without many complications. Book a flowers website main theme is ‘joy of gifting ‘and the deals the customers are offered without regard of every age groups and budget.

Book a flower website also ensures that the products reach the buyer safe and sound making it more flexible. It is designed to have less adverts and bugs which makes it easy to use due to its directiveness.


flaberry, Top 10 Best Online Flower Ordering Websites in India 2019

This website is one of the best known websites in India when it comes to the purchase of different flowers. It has created a unique content of feature which makes it distinctive to other websites that is the use of voice messaging. It has enabled buyers to be able to speak up things that you have not yet expressed and also to send different flowers combined or strung with emotions.

Flaberry has also distinctified itself with other different websites because it has allowed shipping fee after purchase to be totally free. The main flowers that are found in the website are red roses, pinku, dairy milks, a lovely wish, amazing beauty and simply red.


my flower tree, Top 10 Best Online Flower Ordering Websites in India 2017

My flower tree website is a multinational website that deals with purchases online with a midnight delivery. Booking your purchase is done within few minutes with very high speed and flowers online delivery services which are unrivalled. This is because the flowers sold in my flower tree website are usually unique and hard to find specifically. So having them makes it more efficient and more effective when booking the flowers. It also ensures the prices of the flowers are competitive and very fair .Some of the unique flowers are:

Carnations, gerberas, lilies, gold roses, mixed flowers, noble orchids, pink lily posy, yellow roses and peach roses.



Phoolwala Website Company is mainly known for its delivery of flowers in large quantities in many parts of India. The main advantage of this website is that orders can be made last minute and can be send inform of a gift as desired by the buyer. It prioritizes on customers preferences mainly. Phoolwala ensures that your products are delivered safe and sound making it to be a more convenient and flexible website to use. It is also a fast site to use with less adverts and bugs. Some of their products in flowers are; mix roses, pink roses, mix gerberas and mix carnations.



City flowers Website Company is widely known in India for its great receptions and great customer service through communication either by mobile phone services, emails or face to face conversations in the offices. City flower usually has a variety of very fresh flowers which include orchids, roses, carnations, tulips and lilies. They also ensure that flowers can be kept in delicious gift baskets in a gourmet state.



This website can be identified easily because it has the most versatile and established flower store in India. It features all types of local, imported and rare flower seed. So one can enjoy the experience of growing his or her own special plant. The main advantage for using this website on purchasing flowers is that one you purchase a product over Rs 500.00 you get free delivery shipment to any place in India. The more common type of flowers are sold through the website are; flowering bulbs, winter bulbs, cactus flower, freesia mix, ranunculus orange, anemone white and magic soil.



Flower aura website is responsible for providing gifting flowers online conveniently. Here you will find very beautiful flower bouquets at their best prices. Its affiliate network range that is ensures delivery of flowers around 150 cities around India.

All types of flowers that are grown in India and the outside world can be found in and can be accessed almost every city located in India. Flowers that are sold through website include the following; orchids, red roses and yellow roses.



This is one of the most well known and established website with the main purpose of delivering flowers around India. Ferns and petals can provide online gift and flower delivery services to almost all destinations all over India and internationally. They are known to be very punctual with their delivery as they ensure that the purchased product to be delivered will reach the buyer at the exact time and date mentioned by him or her. The website has also opened applications for android and apple phones for easy access making it to be more reachable and accessible. Main flower deliveries are white roses, mix roses and red roses.

2. Crazy Florist (


This site offers services for best flower shops around India and ensure delivery of the flowers do not take more than 24 hours. They do not specialize in the type of occasion in the delivery process.

They provide flat pure 10% f discount in every purchase made with the use of coupons. They allow all flowers to be sold through their website.



Goenkaflorist website is a well known with a good reputation among online florists. The delivery around India usually occur within 24 hours so long as the order you place is done before 2p.m

They deliver all types of flowers for almost all occasions.

This websites are the India’s top 10 most best online websites that most florists mainly use to purchase or order flowers regardless of the distance coverage.

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