Top 10 Most Popular Best Media News Websites 2017

The fundamental of the best democracy lies on the strength of a well-educated electorate. Therefore it is our civic duty to ensure that we are always informed and we subsequently keep our political leaders on the toes by voting wisely.

The media plays a very important role of the watchdog when it comes to democracy. Where free speech is respected, then our liberty is not guaranteed, but only assured by freedom of press. The news media is the channel to an informed and educated electorate as it serves as the grease to a country’s political theatrics. We therefore look at some of the most popular best media news websites of 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Media News websites

10. Fox News (

Fox News Top Most Famous Best Media News Websites 2018

Fox News also called ‘’Fox News Channel’’, is an American television channel. Fox News channel is owned by Fox Entertainment Group which is a subsidiary of the 21st. Century Fox. This news website provides very detailed information across the world hence on of the best sites that you’ll be assured of getting the best news.

9. Reuters (

Reuters Top Most Best Media News Websites 2019

The Thomson Reuters gives professionals some of the best intelligence, technology and the human expertise that they require so as to find the correct answers. When they do so, they help the leading decision makers to make good decisions that benefit across the intellectual property and science, financial and risk, tax and accounting, legal, and media markets. You will be able to get this information from this most trusted news agency.

8. The Atlantic Magazine



This news agency has been in existence for over 150 years now and has been able to shape the national politics of America, foreign affairs, business, and the cultural trends. This News website is one of the best today as it carries a lot of information from around the world in a more detailed form.

7. Huffington Post



The Huffington Post is a great place where you will be able to news, blogs and the original content that talks and covers all of US politics, style, comedy, technology, world news among other news. This is one of the News websites that you’re likely to get the best news about politics of the world, business and entertainment.

6. MSNBC (


MSNBC is the best destination where you are able to get an in-depth analysis of all the news headlines from around the world, the site gives an insight view of the political commentary and also gives an informed perspective on some of the news on its site. It has a view of more than 95 million people nationwide and it offers live news coverage on a full schedule. It also offers political opinions and some of the best award winning documentary programs every day.

5. TheBlaze (


TheBlaze is a destination of many things; it is an information and news website, digital radio network, TV network and also serves as a small business market center-but above all this, it is a community of people who are bound together because they share the same set of values that includes Truth, Respect, Ingenuity and Family. The said values are used to guide the passion of their journalists, storytellers and content creators, and also serve as the foundation from which they interact with their audience.

4. The Boston Globe



This is one of the major newspapers in the New England if not the leading one in news, lifestyle features, entertainment news, sports news and art news. It also serves as a business place as news about the business world is greatly covered on this channel. Hence it is also one of the best news websites of the year 2016.

3. CNN (

cnn-top-most-popular-best-media-news-websites-2017 is one of the online news and information providers in the whole world. It operates on 24 hour basis, 7 days a week and has a very dedicated and committed staff that ensures news that all over the world is accessed by their audience. The headquarters of CNN are found in Atlanta, Georgia, and also in the bureaus worldwide. The relies very heavily on its CNN global team of about 4,000 professionals. brings the newest multimedia technology starting from live-video streaming to the audio packages, and also to searchable archives of the news background information and features as well. This site is continuously updated on 24/7 hour basis.

2. (


This is a good news website where you can be able to get great world news, sports news, and culture news right now. You can search for the news that you like on this great site.

1. The Hill (


This news website is the premier source of all the policy and political coverage. It reports on each and every aspect concerning the business of Washington and also covers the campaign trail, hence the best news website of 2017 as of now.

The above are some of the most popular best media News websites of 2017. They provide best news that is informational and educative as well. You’re only required to choose among them the one that best suits you.

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