Top 10 Most Popular Best Learning Hacking Websites 2017

Hackers. It’s a term that practically everyone has heard of. The dark stories about computer whizzes who gather in dark rooms and tear into unsuspecting–and even a few suspecting–websites to gain access to information and ruin their way both in and out abound. But how do you become a hacker? But how do you become a hacker?

Most hackers start out with sharp minds that can hardly help themselves from taking advantage of the opportunity to go someplace where nobody or few others have been. Others learn from other hackers. Yet others read books about it. They attend seminars. They search hacking tutorials, where they learn tricks and skills of the craft.

Unfortunately, not all hacking is legal. This is where black hacking takes on new life. For others, however, who wish to stay out of trouble, there is white hacking, which you can learn from any of these top 10 most popular best learning hacking websites 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Learning Hacking websites

10. CEH: Certified Ethical Hacking Course


CEH is one of the premier places to learn white-hat, that is, legal hacking. this is what CEH is all about. this website is probably one of the most comprehensive hacking websites to be found anywhere. Just one look at the CEH website will show that there is probably little about hacking that this course doesn’t cover. At the core of the program is their philosophy: To be a hacker, you need to think like a hacker.

9. Hacking Tutorials


You could call this a catch-all title for what are numerous tutorials to teach hacking. The truth is that there are many of them, some practically beg to remain unknown to everyone except those who frequent them. In any case, they are there, all ready to teach you great ways to hack virtually any network, database, website, or any other private domain. Every day, the owners of these websites issue tutorials to learn from. You will also find articles on virtually any area of different types of hacking. These are great for beginners to learn all the latest tips and tricks of the trade.

8. Learn Hacking


Everyone who wants to learn hacking, novice to expert, and everything in between, can be learned at Learn Hacking. with this website, there are articles related to practically every type of hacking imaginable and broken down into categories that make them easy to find. Some of the areas you can learn include email hacking, Internet hacking, website hacking, and much more. With this site, you can learn a practically infinite number of tricks and traps of the profession.

7. Hack a Day


Do you have one of those little Joke a Day or Fact a Day calendars? Those are small potatoes now. Today, you can learn hacking every day with Hack a Day. Each day this website publishes tips, tricks, guides, how-to guides and much more to teach you to learn hacking. Further, it is in beautiful color and with nice design. the articles are all clearly categorized, which makes them easy to find and learn from. Besides hacking, you can learn how to fix bugs and website security. Hack a Day’s playful posts set a new standard in entertainment for engineers, engineering enthusiasts, and practically anyone else who enjoys a technical bent.

6. Break the Security


Call it hacking backwards, but Break the Security is just as its name implies: the whole point is for students to learn how to hack but in order to prevent security breaches. You learn penetration testing and many other issues in order to improve your security and privacy. Want to learn penetesting? this is the place to do it, with many tutorials on Xss and networking, from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

5. Code Academy


This is a very popular website to enhance your hacking skills. It might be primarily for learning coding, but for hacking it’s great too. You will learn from a number of tutorials related to security, networking, hacking, and much more. Teaching includes three easy methods: learn, practice and use. it is very easy to learn and understand, even without a technical background.

4. Evil Zone Hacking Forum


If there is any community forum for hackers, it’s Evil-Zone Hacking Forum. On this website, you will find more than 70,000 posts as well as more than 16,000 members. Evilzone Hacking Forum has very useful tutorials and you can learn easily with this site.

3. Hack This Site


Hack This Site is another great place to learn ethical hacking. This website is completely free and safe to use, and it provides training to many young hackers. This website also provides hackers a supportive forum where they can share various issues related to networking, security, hacking etc. Hack This Site is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their hacking skills. More than just another hacker wargames site. It is a living, breathing community with many active projects in development. There is also a vast collection of hacking articles and a huge forum where users can discuss hacking, network security, and just about everything else. Tune into the hacker underground, and get involved with the project.

2. Hacking Loops


Hacking Loops is a website to help you solve the most difficult and powerful issues related to hacking. From this website you can learn hacking in any form you are interested in. You can learn about viruses, malware, and how to protect your system from all these threats. Here you can find articles such as “How to stop virus or Trojan attacks,” “Facebook account password hacking tech,” and much more.

Hacking Loops is one of the best online ethical hacking website available. Hacking Loops also has an excellent collection of tutorials on ethical hacking.

1. Hack in the Box


The authors of this website, Hack in the Box, regularly conduct seminars, conferences in Malaysia, the Netherlands, and other countries to making hacking a profession. You will learn tutorials related to networking, database security, and other issues from this website. This website has advance knowledge about networking and database security.

Hackng is one of those things that as fast as computer technology is changing, there will never be a final word. As a result, the opportunities to learn hacking will never end. These websites are only a start to this fascinating adventure.

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