Top 10 Most Popular Best Jokes Websites 2017

In 2005, the University of Maryland reported that laughter dilates the inner lining of blood vessels, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation.

Seriously. We’re not kidding.

Furthermore, laughter reduces stress hormones and can actually reduce pain. Not only that, laughter boosts antibody-producing cells and boosts the effectiveness of T-Cells, which strengthen your immune system.

How about that? When’s the last time your doctor told you to eat right, exercise….and laugh?

Well, we’re here to update your charts and prescribe a healthy dose of daily joke injections.

Really, there’s a lot of stress out there, and lots of folks take life way too seriously. When’s the last time you stopped, smelled the roses, as it were, and treated yourself to some funny business?

You know you should eat right, exercise, and take your vitamins. Now it’s time to add one more step to your daily regimen, and we’re here to help, with our Top Ten Most Popular Best Jokes Websites 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Jokes websites



The Funniest Place On The Web is the slogan for this knee-slapping website. Smilezilla offers a daily joke as well as a daily story, and allows readers to submit content. You can rate the jokes by voting on a scale of one to five, and peruse their archives. No shortage of funny stuff here!



Boy, they’re not kidding with the name of this website. Lots of jokes has….lots of jokes. Lots and lots of jokes. In addition to the jokes, videos and pictures, Lots Of Jokes has a “daily fortune cookie.” This site has won many awards and recognitions, such as Yahoo’s “Pick Of the Week,”’s “Pick Of The Day,” and a 2001 Golden Web Award. Jokes are categorized into areas such as “blonde jokes,” “redneck jokes,” and “bar jokes.” Massive site to tickle all your funny bones!


funny-top-popular-best-jokes-websites-2017 wants to know: “have you had your laugh today?” Featuring a huge selection of material, all submitted by their readers, guests can vote on content, submit material, send a message to other site members, create their own folder, and look at pictures, videos, news, or just peruse all the jokes. No one is safe from the funny here! is all about freedom of speech!



“The World’s Biggest Joke Repository” has a huge database filled with jokes, and is getting larger on a daily basis. Jokes Galore has all their material broken down into lots of categories as well as a search engine, so if you’re looking for something specific, it’s easy to find. Another great feature of this funny site is the “Joke Search” which you can customize and add to your very own website so that you can “tickle everyone’s funny bone!”



Are you an airline pilot, and need a joke for work? A dentist, perhaps, or a firefighter? is a unique funny website, all about profession jokes. From accountants to zookeepers, waiters to actuaries, has all your profession-bases covered. Uh, maybe you’re unemployed (which means you really need a laugh.) Simply hit the “Just Show Me Some Jokes” button for your daily funny. Workjokes also has cartoons and an interesting book page on the website.



On the world wide web since 2006, Joke Diary is simply dedicated to everybody who likes funny jokes. Joke Diary simply categorizes their material into three areas: Funniest Jokes, Free Jokes and Joke Of The Day. Readers can submit content, search for material by month and year on Joke Diary, where the slogan is a “Joke Of The Day For Everybody.”



Looking for a dumb blonde joke, or the ever popular “yo mamma” joke? Bar jokes, Car jokes, political, relationship and religion, you name it: it’s probably in their large category of jokes. But careful! has adult jokes, and jokes that may just cross over your line. Oh, and have you heard any good knock knock jokes lately? has ’em right here! Also check out their “rim shot” sound effect page.



This huge site with tons of material has random jokes, new jokes, short jokes, all-time best jokes, and a unique and hilarious “dictionary” page. (Example: ‘asthma’ – what to do if your dad says no.) At, you can send postcards with funny pictures or cartoons, play games such as classic arcade games, sports, shooting, casino games and puzzles, “warp” a celebrity’s face, peruse online magic tricks, take tests, look at posters you can send to friends, and check out the astrology page. has it all!



How would you like to get your funny on…..and get paid for it? A Joke A Day is a site for clean English jokes that actually pays cash prizes for the top 10 most popular jokes every single week. With the freshest material online, A Joke A Day has the latest and best jokes, and also accepts submissions from readers, giving you three chances to win cash prizes. Take a gander at their huge categories of jokes, and keep track of your progress on the leaderboard.

1. JOKES (


Yeah, you can get your daily jokes here. But that’s just where the fun begins. With an impressive Alexa ranking of 496 in the United States, (1497 global), the Comedy Central home on the web links you to the best comedians in the world and their routines, as well as original Comedy Central shows. The undisputed king of funny, is totally dedicated to rib-tickling.

So, there you go. With this impressive list of Top Ten Most Popular Best Jokes Websites 2017, we have found your cure for the blues. No matter what’s happening in your life, now you have plenty of websites to go and find your smile. Not only that, it will make you feel better, and even improve your health!

Seriously! We’re not joking!


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