Top 10 Most Popular Best Jewelry Websites 2017

Diamonds, gold, and other precious stones are a girl’s best friend. Buying jewelry online offers a level of convenience that is unmatchable. Here, we have compiled a list of top 10 online store that offer diverse selections that cannot be found on local jewelry stores. You will be able to browse through incredible gemstones, necklaces, earrings, diamond rings from the comfort of your home.

Buying precious stones online can be a stressful ordeal. What if you don’t like the physical appearance? What if it doesn’t fit? These mentioned online stores offer a return policy ranging to as much as 60 days to return a piece that does not fit your taste or your finger. Let’s get to it.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Jewelry websites

10. Elite Jewels –


If you want to have access to incredibly shiny and well cut stones, then this is the store for you. Elite Jewels offers a fantastic selection of low cut jewelry in various designs. You will have access to a selection of diamonds and fine jewelry all accessible from the comfort of your couch. These items have good overall prices with some items even market at 50% discounts. If you are using FedEx, then your shipment will be free for any purchase of exceeding $350. Elite Jewel caters to both men and women and their selection ranges from wedding bands, earrings, pendants and men’s rings and wrist bands. To learn more about our pick, do click on provided link.

9. Kay Jewelers –


Kay supplies a vast assortment of fine pieces for both men and women. Kay is known for its simple yet sleek designs. If you are looking for unique and modern pieces that can be personalized, Kay Jewelers is just what you need. You can purchase rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, and even diamond studded watches. No longer do you have to go hunting in malls for a perfect shop – Kay has made it easy for you. Simply log on to their website and scroll through their highly informative pages to find just what you or your partner are looking for.

8. Hall Collection –


Hall Collection is simply a must visit for anyone who enjoys personalized pieces. Here, you are able to personalize your purchase with a message or drawing at a very reasonable price. They have a wide range of pieces ranging from wedding bands to bracelets. There is no better way to make your loved one feel cherished that by splurging on a unique and personalized stone. If fit is an issue, do not fret – simply contact them and return with correct measurements and they will do the rest for you.

7. Pictures on Gold –


Are you looking for photo engraved jewelry, religious pieces, sports and number items, fingerprint, police & fire statement jewels, engravable items? Then this is just where you need to go. Their items are highly affordable and can be customized to suit each and every buyer needs. Other features and items offered include charms, personalized watches, wind & fire bracelets, graduation jewels, monogram and name pieces, chains, signet rings, and even ID bracelets. This company is able to permanently laser your photos inside their Gold or Sterling Silver lockets and much more. Click on their websites to find out what other services they offer.

6. Blue Nile –


Blue Nile is an online jewel store that is well known as an educator and retailer of fine jewels and diamonds. Blue Nile has an impressive collection of loose diamonds and engagement rings. This store not only offers individuals rare and well cut stones but it also provides valuable instructions and guidance on how to purchase fine pieces. For those who have never purchased rare stones before, we would recommend that you head on over and learn all about different types, shapes, sizes, etc of these impressive rare stones.

5. Auverture –


Every single piece found at Auverture has a story to tell. Auverture has a great selection of diamonds and gemstones with thousands of satisfied customers. With Auverture, you are guaranteed secure shopping and Live chat in case you need any help. They have a good online-price on higher quality items. Auverture has beautiful assortment of authentic vintage jewels and they also offer unique pendants, charms, lockets, etc.

4. Netaya –


Looking for fine designer jewelry for less? Then Netaya is just the place to be. Netaya’s main focus is to offer users amazing rings and earrings and other brilliant items at affordable prices. For those working on a budget, then this is your one stop shop. Netaya has great prices and multiple sale items marked throughout their site. Shipping is free for USPS or UPS shipping – keep in mind that is a minimum order if you want to receive free shipping

3. Zales: The Diamond Store –


Zales has become one of the world’s largest and well known jewelry retailers in United States. Zales has countless physical stores spread all over US. They also have a very strong online presence and are considered best jewelry shop that delivers nothing but fine items. Zales has a massive online inventory and an unrivaled return policy. Their site also has tons of unique features and other useful services.

2. Links of London USA –


Links of London is not for everyone. This online store offers scant inventory and services that are incredibly distinctive and unique. Links of London is well known for providing individuals with sleek yet subtle pieces that speak louder than words. They have an eclectic mix of 18 carat gold jewelry and sterling silver items that are singular and very modern. Their items can be found all over the world; from London to New York, Tokyo and beyond.

1. Tiffany & Co. –


Is there anybody on the face of earth who does not know of the small blue jewelry box with a white ribbon? Tiffany & Co. is by far America’s most well known luxury jewelers. This store is known to provide a style and taste that is unmatched. They offer pieces that are unique and of high quality. Because this store is so illustrious, its range is a bit limited and more expensive than most stores worldwide. When you want to make a statement, this is just the store to visit. Browse through their fantastic range of pieces and discover just how beautiful and classy jewels can really be.


From Netaya to Tiffany & Co. our list has covered them all. These above-mentioned websites are easy to navigate and offers a variety of prime pieces that will definitely stand out. Ever purchased an item from any of these above-mentioned shops? We would to hear of your personal experience so do leave us a comment below.

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