Top 10 Most Popular Best html5 Websites

As technology keeps advancing, we benefit from the increase in the ease of operating the same. HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML standard. The HTML5 is better, faster and easier to work on. It is compatible with nearly all browsers and therefore offers convenience among its other advantages. HTML5 loads quicker and ensures the best results while working with a third party application. This new HTML version is designed for us to be able to work on it with ease and comfort, while at the same time allows the electronic devices (computers and mobile phone etcetera) to work smoothly with it. Given below is the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Best HTML5 Websites of 2016:

Here we enlist the top 10 best html5 websites

10. Slavery Footprint

Slavery Footprint Top Most Best html5 Websites 2019

This HTML5 website informs you about the number of workers (slaves) that were involved in the production of the goods that you make use of in your everyday life. It is shocking and surprising to find out the results as we may not be away of the amount of workers that are actually involved in making the products that we take for granted in our daily lives.

9. Granny’s Secret

Granny’s Secret Top Popular Best html5 Websites 2018

Granny’s Secret is a food service distributor in Singapore. The website is interactive, easy to use and fun to order from. Granny’s Secret may sure remain a secret, but it is no secret that this website is made possible due to HTML5.

8. Lost World’s Fair


This HTML5 website takes you to three places: El Dorado, Atlantis and the Moon. A user gets to uncover mysteries in any of the three locations by clicking on them. It is exciting and fun especially for those who enjoy mystery games.

7. Green Campus Guide – Project Green


The Green Campus Guide is an excellent initiative taken by the Macquarie University in raising awareness about the environment. By logging on to this adorable website, a user is made aware of the contribution that can be made in order to move towards a more sustainable and environment friendly world.

6. Angry Birds Space


This HTML5 website is not just popular but also fun. You have definitely played this game and with the HTML5, it only gets better. Set in space, this HTML5 website will get you addicted to it within minutes. An addictive game just met an addictive website design!

5. The Wilderness Downtown


The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive video that features the song “We Used To Wait” by Arcade Fire. A user is required to enter a home address in order for the user to watch a personalized music video with the help of Google Earth and of course, HTML5.

4. Art of Stars


The Art of Stars is a very interesting and amusing website as it lets you view the stars and other space objects located right above you. All it requires is your IP address and within moments you are able to watch the various space objects that are actually above you. HTML5 just got so much more awesome.

3. Two Minute Test


HTML5 does not just help entertain a user but it also can help in the education department. Norway has made use of HTML5 as a part of its campaign in recruiting teachers. HTML5 helped make this website interactive, interesting and fun while taking a test. Additionally it works without any plugins, so that is a great plus point.

2. The Expressive Web


The Expressive Web is considered one of the best ways for a user to understand the potential of and learn about the features offered by HTML5. The Expressive Web highlights some of the best and creative features of HTML5. Users as well as developers can use this as a HTML5 guide.

1. Three Dreams of Black


HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL have been used to allow a user to experience three dream worlds on their device screen. The cool part is the user can manipulate the mouse pointer to move in any direction as wanted. The effects and animation change accordingly and provide the user with a fun interactive experience. HTML5 is the best HTML standard yet and is being loved by all users around the world. With the advantages it offers, this is no surprise. Of course, all websites and apps do not use HTML5 but the ones that do definitely stand out. There are several HTML5 websites that are capable of catching your attention, but the above mentioned are the best and most popular ones among them.

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