Top 10 Most Popular Best Health Websites 2017

When a person is looking for information relating to their health instead of calling the doctor right away they usually turn to the internet. When a person is looking for health information online they need a site that will be easy to use and will provide accurate information. These are some health information websites that people rely on when they are experiencing a health related issue. These are the top 10 most popular health websites 2017 that people check for information.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Health websites

10. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health Top 10 Most Popular Best Health Websites

This site is recommended the American Pharmacists Association. The site can be found at This site will give a person information on pharmaceutical information and drugs that will interact with each other. A person will be able to find information about the side effect of medication as well. They can also learn about supplements and what supplements are good for specific health issues.

9. WebMD


This is has so much information on it. There is information on just about every health care issue that a person can be experiencing. This is information on the specific health condition, the possible causes of this condition, the treatment options that are available, and anything else that a person can want to know about a specific illness or disease. There is a lot of information as well. A person can get information on how to lose weight, reduce stress in their life ,and live a healthy lifestyle. This site is recommended by experts at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. While this site will not replace the care of the doctor a person can become an informed patient and find information that will help them make choices about their health.

8. Your Disease Risk


This website provides a great deal of information on illnesses. A person can read up on the risk factors and the warning signs for developing a number of health conditions. These conditions include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, a stroke, and other conditions. A person can assess their risk of developing these conditions based on their current life style. They can find ways to reduce the risk for developing these health conditions. They can also read the warning signs and know when they should see a doctor. This site was developed by a Harvard Doctor.

7. Yahoo Health


This site has a lot of information on a number of various health topics. A person can find out information on their current health information and warning signs for developing certain conditions. This site has contributions from different doctors. A person can find out everything from mental health conditions to early sign of pregnancy. This is a trusted source for health and many people check out this site often for updates on their health conditions.

6. MayoClinic


This website can help a person in various ways. This site has information for people going through drug addiction and can provide information on what drugs can do the body and warning signs of addiction. This site can give a person information on the different rehabilitation options as well. A person can also learn about other health conditions and how they can protect themselves. They can learn the risk factors and the symptoms of different condition. This site also has access to the latest research in the health care field. They can see what new medications are being tested and can improve a person’s health.

5. Medical News Today


This site will tell a person all the latest developments in the genetic field. This site is updated often with all of the research that is being published and new discoveries in the medical field. There are many topics on this site and they are arranged by alphabetical order. A person can learn the new treatments that are available for them and information on various topics. This information is published by the top doctors and is not available until years of research has been completed.

4. Health Finder


The site is a great resource for all things that are related to a person’s health. This site is run and operated by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. It has information of medication including side effects and interactions. This site also has topics related to overall well being including diet and fitness to help keep a person in shape and reduce the chance they have of developing a disease.



The site is a great resource that is operated by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and will cover everything that is related to gynecology. There is also information on a number of other topics. There are tips on how a person can improve their diet as well. There is also a resource section where a person can find a doctor that is close to them and reviews on the local doctors.

2. Top Most Popular Best Health Websites 2017

This site will provide a person with all the information they need to know on cancer. They will learn about the different types of cancers and different treatment options. A person will also find the support they need if they have cancer or if they are caring for a loved one with cancer. There are also different treatment options.

1. Merck


The site has a number of different health conditions listed. They are easy to find and they are all in alphabetical order. This site has the information on the different health conditions including treatment and prevention. A person can even read if information from their last search has been updated so they can have the most up to date and the most current information. They can also find information about different medications including herbal medicines that can be used to help improve health and treat specific conditions.

These are some of the best health care sites of 2017 on the internet. While they should not replace the care of a doctor these sites can help a person get the information they need to make informed choices regarding their health and their treatment.

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