Top 10 Most Popular Best Government Jobs Websites

A long time ago, getting a job with any level of government seemed to be a mystery. There were books on the market that helped with preparation for tests or how to complete certain forms. However, not many positions were advertised in the classified section. Back then, the best way to learn about civil service employment was to inquire in-person, or by mail. Only a rare few government agencies had a hotline that listed the current opening via pre-recorded phone message.

Now, this has changed for the better as the internet makes it very easy for anyone to apply. On the Top 10 most popular best government jobs websites 2017, interested persons can apply for jobs anywhere in the nation. This is great for people looking to relocate or assess the greatest need for certain positions.

According to an article the most in-demand positions are in accounting, healthcare, IT, law, and science. This includes entry-level support positions with minimal education requirements. Anyone looking to change careers should look at the list below to see the many positions listed and how to get started.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Government Jobs websites

1. USAJobs (


Named “The Federal Government’s Official Job Site”, this is the leading place to see, and apply for a number of jobs and other opportunities with the federal government since 1996. They list an average of 14,000 jobs daily with various agencies. Users can also set up a profile that allows them to receive feed alerts by email. This is also a site that has a number of opportunities for veterans and their spouses. There are also internships for undergraduates and recent graduates, as well as volunteer opportunities.

2. The U.S. Government website (


This page is more of an accompaniment to USAJobs, as it lists various opportunities in greater detail. This includes, but isn’t limited to, federal employment for non-U.S. Citizens, the civil service exam, and apprenticeships. There is also a page that answers questions about security clearances, which is required in order to be hired for certain job titles.

3. Government Jobs (


This site, which has been around since 1998, lists all levels of state government, as well as positions in the public education system. While anyone can navigate this site but user profiles are encouraged. Those with accounts not only can view jobs and receive alerts, the ‘secure’ page also allows applicants to schedule appointment for exam testing and interviews. Like USAJobs, users can search and apply nationwide.

4. Federal Government Jobs (


Besides viewing employment opportunities, this site offers third-party resume writing services, use of free resume templates and builders, and copies of employment forms (including the U.S. Postal Service). Users may set up profiles so they can receive email alerts on saved job searches.

5. (


Since 1997, this site allows users to upload their resume and set up job alerts. There is also a page that links to all official state government websites where users can go directly to the human resources department for detailed information. This site also has information on training opportunities and internships. There are also tips for sending resumes for various positions.

6. Indeed (


Possibly the largest single search engine site that is dedicated to employment opportunities worldwide. This includes government jobs compiled in an aggregated feed that comes from a number of job boards, associations and company career pages. Anyone seeking government jobs can simply enter a term such as “government” or “civil service” into the home page search engine. Resumes may be uploaded but it does not substitute the application process that most government agencies require.

7. Federal Government Jobs (


Users can view jobs from a number of categories – Schedule A (for disabled applicants), postal jobs, veterans, and overseas positions. This site also has a number of articles about the government job search process and relevant updates. There are also tutorials and excellent resources like how to spot a government hiring scam.

8. Federal Job Search (


Since 1998, this site has over 10,000 daily listings and the home page makes it very easy for anyone to locate jobs by keywords or location. Users can upload their resume and create a profile so they can receive alerts based on job preferences. Third-party resume writing services are also listed here.

9. Careers in Government (


This commercial site has many offerings for job seekers and employers. Besides job or candidate searches, users can post resumes and positions, as well as set up an email alert or subscribe to the Careers in Government newsletter. There are also numerous articles about changes in policies and other relevant information. Job seekers and employers also have access to resources and third-party professional services that can make the search easier.

10. Pro Gov Jobs – (


This site has been around since 1998 and offers a fairly simple layout to navigate jobs in various government agencies. Job seekers may simply browse by entering specific keywords or choosing jobs by location. To register, there are two options – one basic (free) and one paid, which sends resume to hundreds of job boards, eliminating the process of applying elsewhere. However, this doesn’t act as a substitute for completing most government job applications, or taking an exam.

The sites listed here have one thing in common – they are free to use or set up a profile. No one should pay to apply to work in any level of government. It may help to invest in exam study guides but there are also a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure success.

If there’s a position of interest, the applicant should note the deadline and if references are needed. Normally, human resource department respond to all applicants in regard to their application but occasionally, the deadline may be extended. Yet, if a reasonable amount of time has passed, it doesn’t hurt to check in if no response has been received. Finally, realize that some jobs (especially those with no or limited skills needed) receive a large number of applicants, so it’s best to remain persistent and stand apart from the competition.

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