Top 10 Most Popular Best Funny Websites 2017

Comedy has been with us for a long time. There are records of Greek and Roman comedic stage plays from the second century. Aristotle was a fan of comedy, teaching it was good for society, as it produces happiness. Shakespeare wrote comedies, although we probably wouldn’t equate them with humor today, and slapstick comedy began to develop in the late 19th century with such legends as Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel.

Slapstick gave way to Vaudeville, which featured The Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton and W.C. Fields.

Like everything else in the Space Age, comedy blasted off into new worlds, being featured in various forms of media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television, where the half hour “sitcom” was eventually developed.

With the dawning of the world wide web, comedy now finds its place among the most popular websites. Getting a bellyful of laughs is now just a click away. There’s a lot of funny, and profitable funny sites, and

Here are our favorites: The Top Ten Most Popular Best Funny Websites

10. 9GAG.COM

9gag-top-10-most-popular-best-funny-websites-2017 is demonstrating how lucrative funny can be. With sections on funny videos, gif, anime, animals and much more, is pulling in some major traffic. With an eBizMBA rank of 1600, and over 8.5 million unique monthly visitors, the site has an impressive Alexa ranking of 255, with a global ranking of 2042.



Tu Stultus Es. This Latin phrase appears on The Onion’s web site, which translated means “You Are An Idiot.” Fitting for this supreme satirical site, big on “fake news.” The Onion takes what’s in the news, puts their sardonic, witty twist on it, and produces one very funny, and profitable web site. The Onion’s eBizMBA rank is 1459, has nine million estimated unique monthly visitors, an Alexa rank of 2345, and a global rank of 195.



Two high school pals founded this popular website in 1999, which offers videos, pictures, articles and jokes, as well as sketches such as “Jake and Amir,” “Very Mary Kate” and “Troopers.” Targeted toward the age 18-49 year old demographic, the site also has a weekly email newsletter with over 300,000 subscribers. The C.H. eBixMBA rank is 1765, with 9.5 million estimated unique monthly visitors, an Alexa rank of 1765, and global rank of 240.



Memes have taken over the world. Well, if not the world, at least the internet, or social media platforms, if you prefer. is cashing in on this fad (if it’s just a fad) in a huge way with a popular web site that not only lets the visitor view all sorts of memes, but actually create their own. With a eBizMBA rank of 1109 and ten million estimated unique monthly visitors, QuickMeme has an Alexa rank of 2298, and a global rank of 370.



Base in Seattle, bills itself as one of the largest social humor sites on the internet. With other sites under its umbrella such as TheDailyWhat and LOLMart, has all the funny bases covered. The website’s eBizMBA rank is 1068, with 10.5 estimated unique monthly visitors. Its Alexa rank is 1013, with a global rank of 1856.


funnyordie brings exclusive video, best of the web and politics to its site, as well as covering current events. The site is a forum for aspiring comedians to post their material, while it sifts through the clutter. You’ll find funnymen such as Will Ferrell here, as well as Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Sarah Silverman. With an eBizMBA rank of 1058 and 11 million estimated unique monthly visitors, F.O.D. has an Alexa rank of 1823 and a global rank of 621.



Billing itself as the “most engaged community on Facebook,” Ebaumsworld is a monster in the world of internet funny. With a mass of funny videos and pictures, EBaumsworld has a huge audience with estimated monthly visitors at 14.5 million and an eBixMBA rank of 1010. The site’s Alexa rank is 1854 and its global rank is 977.



With headquarters in New York City, Defy Media has over 500 million monthly views, and its brand pulls in an estimated 15 million unique monthly visitors. The site, which features funny videos and pictures, pranks and fails, also features original series such as Honest Trailers and The Screen Junkies Show.’s eBizMBA rank is 876, with an Alexa rank of 1466 and a global rank of 1091.



Cracked magazine was essentially a ripoff of the old Mad magazine, with similar content and its own mascot of sorts, Sylvester P. Smythe, Cracked’s version of Mad’s Alfred E. Neuman. Full of off the wall content and funny features, the magazine eventually died, while transitioning to its very successful website.’s eBizMBA rank is 767, with 17.5 million estimated unique monthly visitors, an Alexa rank of 734 and global rank of 1288.



The MacDaddy of them all, specializes in “Humor, Hotness and Humanity,” and is king of the internet in the funny business. The site has an eBizMBA rank of 764, a whopping 18.5 estimated unique monthly visitors to go with its Alexa rank of 1026 and a global rank of 990. TheCHIVE is best funny website of 2017

Humor is big business on the world wide web. The top funny sites draw hundreds of million visitors each month, feature videos, photos and memes, and often produce original comedy material. We’ve come a long way from Greek and Roman times, and Shakespearean tragedies. The laugh’s on us, and just a click away.

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