Top 10 Most Popular Best Freelance Websites 2017

The days of visiting an employment office to find work is almost a thing of the past. While these still exist and place qualified persons on good jobs, the internet has an alternate way of finding work that’s becoming the norm. Many of the top 10 most popular best freelance websites 2017 advertise positions just like the traditional newspaper classified ad but with more variety. Although most of the ads display one-time projects, there’s a chance that a temporary job may convert into a full-time career.

It sounds simple but there are a few ways to be successful on these types of work sites. Having proven experience is the best way to get placed. Many of the companies listed here have a testing process or require verifiable references before adding to its database. The other necessary component is creating an engaging profile that highlights the skills that are in the most demand.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Freelance websites

1. Freelancer (


Has positions worldwide for clerical, IT, legal, and writing that are short- and long-term and offers many membership packages for anyone seeking work. Launched by Founder and CEO Matthew Barrie in 2009, this outsourcing company is the top employment website with over 20 million users. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, this company has offices in California, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, and London. They operate employment websites in many languages, including German and Portuguese. In November 2013, Freelancer Limited made its debut on the Australian Stock Exchange, where it remains as of 2016. This company has consistently won a number of industry awards, including a Webby for the Best Employment Website in 2015 and 2016.

2. Toptal (


Founded in 2010 by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott, this outsourcing website is geared towards financial experts, software engineers and designers. This Silicon Valley-based company has over 2000 clients , which include Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, J.P. Morgan, and Pfizer. In April 2016, Toptal acquired Skillbridge, an online platform for highly skilled freelancers. Their “Top 3%” stands for a very rigorous screening process, which entails making stellar scores in a number of pre-placements projects and tests, along with a strong ability to speak, write, and understand the English language. An excellent work ethic is expected of all freelancers in order to continue working for Toptal.

3. Guru (


The variety of jobs – from administrative support to web development – is generous and there’s a lot of flexibility. This Pittsburgh, PA company is one the oldest on the list but Guru didn’t begin to thrive until CEO Inder Guglani took over more than a decade ago. One of the things that sets it apart from the competition is its free and paid membership, which are billed annually. Guru also uses a bidding system that allows the client to screen freelancers carefully. There are also two types of payment systems that help protect the client and freelancer in case one, or both parties, are dissatisfied with the outcome. Also, different types of payment systems are used, including PayPal.

4. Flexjobs (


This company is ideal for the person who seeks remote work only, as there are positions in clerical, marketing, public relations, and volunteering. Launched in 2007, this company has won many awards and was named in Forbes Top 100 Best Career Websites in 2013. One factor that helps them to stand out is that each job is screened carefully. While Flexjobs doesn’t offer a free membership, there are flexible payment options for monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. Anyone who’s curious as to how the Flexjobs system works can take a virtual tour at the website with no obligation to join.

5. Upwork (


Formerly known as oDesk-Elance, this Mountain View, CA company was rebranded in 2015 under the leadership of current CEO Stephanie Kasriel. This worldwide outsourcing company has positions in business support, creative, information technology, and writing. Skills tests are offered at no charge and Upwork uses a bidding system that falls under a free or paid membership. All active contracts are charged a sliding fee, based on the amount of the invoice and time with client. It’s estimated that over 3 million jobs are posted annually and generates around $1B annually.

6. 99Designs (


This company uses a crowdsourcing model to bring freelancers together on various creative design projects by listing contests for idea submission. Though founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2008, its headquarters are in San Francisco, CA and other offices are located in Berlin, London, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. In 2010, 99Designs won the People’s Choice Webby Award for the Best Web Service and Application.

7. Crowded (


Despite being live for less than two years, Crowded has managed to set itself apart from the competition by offering a free service to clients. Also, clients and freelancers are able to use social media or live chat to discuss projects. Based out of New York, this company has received rave reviews for its ability to streamline quality candidates.

8. People Per Hour (


This London, UK company formed in 2005 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris. With an additional office in New York, there are more than 1 million members worldwide. Jobs posted range from creative to marketing to web development.

9. Indeed (


Launched in November 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan in Austin, TX. This business model uses both a search engine and aggregated feeds from multiple job sites. is available in 60 countries and 28 languages. This is free for job seekers and the freelancer profile setup is very basic compared to what most online outsourcing companies offer. In 2016, it acquired, which operated on a similar format.

10. Freelance Writing Gigs (


A very popular place for writers and editors to find work. There’s no charge to use the site and there are many tools for freelance writers to use for better productivity. Monthly ads can be placed for a modest amount.

Common freelance positions found on the top 10 most popular best freelance websites for 2017 include, but aren’t limited to – data entry, graphic designer, web developer and writer. Specialized clerical jobs, like legal assistant or medical secretary, are also in demand. People with experience in industries like entertainment, marketing or real estate can find relevant employment options.

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