Top 10 Most Popular Best Free Online Video Editing Websites 2017

When you are on the internet and you are searching Google for the perfect website to do some scene video editing on a project that you and your cousin have been working on for almost a year, what are some of the things that should be taken into consideration before you narrow it down and make your final choice? You remind yourself that you are both far from being “professional” movie makers. Just because you have been studying in school and are familiar with the basics doesn’t mean that you know all of the tricks of the trade and that reason alone, is the reason you want, an exceptional video editor, that is not complicated to use and most importantly does quality video editing.

The last thing you want is for your home-made movie to look like it was made in your home. So you decide to use instead of Google, so you can search all of the popular search engines at one time.

The search results showed that #1 spot belongs to and their choices for the top 10 video editing websites are:

#10 Magisto # 5 Weavly

# 9 Video Toolbox # 4 Wideo

# 8 Shotclip # 3 PowToon

# 7 MIXMOOV # 2 WeVideo

# 6 Kaltura # 1 YouTube Video Editor

After doing a little bit of more research, I was happy to see that only a few websites have predicted what is in store for the year 2017. Don’t get it twisted. I mean, if you wanted to know about the 2016 websites I could have relayed those results too but in all honesty the end result would have been a overly long and repetitive research report. Having said that lets move on to the next choice of top 10 websites that make video editors smile.

The next list isn’t ranked #2 on but it is still ranked on the first page so in my opinion it has equally important information for any video editing junkie.

The choices of the top 10 best video editing websites according to are:

#10 SnipSnip.It # 5 My Brainshark

# 9 Splicd # 4 Pixorial

# 8 Tube Chop # 3 Drag on Tape

# 7 Overstream # 2 Stroome

# 6 Viewbix # 1 JayCut

As you can see it really all depends on the type of video editing experience you have in mind. Although it is quite easy to use the underdog and go with the cheapest alternative when cutting clips from your videos, wouldn’t you agree that it may be even better to not even have to pay a single cent to edit you home movies? I know what is going through your mind right now…you are asking yourself if it is really even possible to edit videos in this day and age for FREE? Well you can go ahead and pay out the wazoo to have a quality video editing experience, or you can do what I did and that is just do a little bit of quality research on the subject of choice and the wonderful world of internet users will easily provide you with the options at your fingertips, and YES for FREE!!

I have decided to give you my personal opinion of my choices of for the Top 10 Best Websites for Video Editing in 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Free Online Video Editing websites

10. Pixorial

pixorial-top-most-famous-best-free-online video editing websites 2018

This site allows you to store you files online, send them in emails. You can choose what to crop, whether or not to add an intro, add music and you even have the option of ordering a DVD of your completed item. Really is as Easy as 1-2-3! There is even an Android app available.

9. JayCut


This is a popular website and it allows you to do all of the cropping, clipping, adding/removing audio/video, and much, much more. It really is like having a quality video editor do the hard parts and the rewards are all yours…only you are the quality editor. Pat yourself on the back!

8. Tubechop


This website allows you to easily edit, crop, add clips, remove clips, of your YouTube videos and then easily allows you to share your results with the YouTube community. Lookout YouTube lovers!

7. WeVideo


This website lets you save all incompleted work to your Google Drive so you don’t have to worry about wasting unnecessary space on your laptop or desktop. You can collaborate with other WeVideo users about the types of effects to add or the changes you are thinking of making. All of the basic editing options are available right at your fingertips. A beginner could navigate this site with efficiency and be confident doing so.

6. Wideo


Wideo allows you to create regular videos as well as even animated videos. The easy drag and drop features of Wideo make this website one of the most user-friendly video editing websites available today. You can upload your own music and videos or choose from their huge selection. It’s all up to you!

5. Kaltura


Kaltura is known all over the world as being one of the best editing sites and it is the very first Open Source Online Video Platform in the world. You have the option of selecting professional or commercial grade edits which allows for beautifully completed edits. This website is not so beginner friendly, but getting to know the tweaks of the site will definitely pay off for your videos.



This website is very beginner friendly and quite easy to use. It is fully equipped with a labelled toolbox and even come with a blank slate but wil end your editing adventure with a full slate. MIXMOOV is also an award-winning website, known for its variety of easy to use features with the touch of a button.

3. Shotclip


This editing experience is one you will start as an amateur and finish as a professional. At least that’s what people who watch your videos will think. The website and its mobile friendly version has a simple 3 step process for making anyone a video editing pro!

2. Video Toolbox


This site is known as the future of the online video editors because it doesnt only allow you to edit your videos and add special effects, but it analyzes your videos as well giving you a pretty detailed account of important aspects of your videos. Check it out for yourself. You will be glad you did!

1. YouTube Video Editor


This is the ever so popular YouTube Editor that allows you to edit and create YouTube videos, share them with the YouTube community and has a great easy to navigate design that will make anyone become a YouTube lover.

When choosing which website to use to edit your videos, it is also a good idea to listen to word-of-mouth. More often than not they express the truth about their experiences. Then you won’t be like a deer in headlights when someone asks you which video editor you would recommend for video editing in 2017.

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