Top 10 Most Popular Best Food and Recipe Websites 2017

Just a few short years ago, many homemakers had a clever head filled with recipes. Many of these homemakers were excellent cooks who had learned from their mother while growing up and “helping” mom in the kitchen.

Often they might not know exactly why they used this particular product, or what the purpose of this part of the food preparation was for, or why they always added this ingredient before adding that ingredient — all they knew was that it was the way mom always did it and it always came out just right.

Others kept boxes or drawers stuffed with those little file cards. Each card had a recipe meticulously written on it with all the necessary information and thousands of young women relied on these to help them in their culinary endeavors.

For those who perhaps were recently married and coming from a family in which mom worked outside the home, none of the above helped a lot…at first. In one actual instance, a young woman roasted a Thanksgiving turkey, only to find out later that she was supposed to remove the frozen liver, gizzard, heart, etc. wrapped in parchment inside the bird With the turkey cooked, the interior products had still not really cooked. Another sweet young woman cooked her turkey until it was falling apart. She mistakenly saw the little red button that pops up when the turkey is done and thought she was supposed to wait until the button went down into its case. We may laugh at such incidents, but to the cook, they aren’t funny at all.

In any case, today, everyone has an enormous choice of websites to choose from when it comes to cooking and food preparation. The consumer has only to choose what sort of food will be featured on tonight’s table, and plenty of sites will offer up their version of the dish in question.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Food and Recipe websites

10. Cooking Light

Cooking Light Top Most Popular Best Food and Recipe Websites 2017

This is a great site for those who are on the eating-lite trail. These days, with obesity running rampant across the country, more and more overweight and tired consumers want to do something about their situation. Sites like Cooking Light make a welcome change from many traditional food sources in that they offer only recipes that have been, as they say in the butcher shop, trimmed close to the bone.

9. My Recipes


This is an attractive site with beautifully arranged photos of prepared dishes. This gives you an idea of how you can make a presentation which will truly impress the entire family. Remember, the presentation of a dish is every bit as important as the actual food on the plate. In gourmet super-expensive French restaurants, the cost of preparing the dishes for service often outweighs the cost of the food on the plate and while it is frequently the same food we eat every day, the presentation can make every dish into a museum-quality work of art.

8. Kraft

Kraft Top Most Best Food and Recipe Websites 2019

Kraft is a brand we all know and love. If we don’t we’re in trouble because so many of the food and food-related items we’re likely to pick up at the grocers will have come from Kraft. That’s not a bad thing. Kraft has a good reputation…well except for that so-called American Cheese Food Product, but hey, the kids love it and at the rate it flies off the store shelves, Kraft can be expected to continue providing it.

7. Simply Recipes


This easy-to-follow site features an impressive array of recipes with plenty of instructions to help even a new housewife get a grip on that kitchen and surprise hubby when he gets home after a hard day’s work.

6. Food Network


This neat site born of the TV programming that, over the years, has featured a great many fine cooks. While this network features a great number of super-qualified cooks, some of the outstanding have been Alton Brown, a guy who not only knows what’s what, but he explains why as he goes. Rachel Rae too always provided an interesting show with her 30-minute meals.

5. Betty Crocker


Of course, Betty Crocker has been around forever, filling grocery store shelves with just about everything in the way food preparation in the kitchen. When it comes to many of the products sold under Betty Crocker license, however, the consumer may sometimes be disappointed, especially in those products found in deep discount stores around the country. With a storied name like Betty Crocker to maintain, somebody should be keeping a closer watch on the store.

4. Food


A great stop for those who are looking for leaner recipes to help with weight-loss programs. Food also helps with family grocery planning and caters to those on the health kick. Not a bad thing.

3. Epicurious


The Epicurious website is all about food and cooking. Created by the Condé Nast publishers in 1995 as a digital platform, Epicurious has maintained a steady growth in popularity. This was, of course, a smart and foreword-thinking move by this old company. Evidently, the people running things saw the positive future of digital programming and got on the bandwagon early. This site provides recipes for just about any and everything a cook can want or need.

Starting up in 1997 when one co-founder, Tim Hunt was looking in vain for a cookie recipe on the Internet. He began thinking that a neat recipe site might just become very popular for people who don’t really like trying to keep up a file box loaded with little recipe cards. As one young lady recently commented as she stood stirring her spaghetti sauce, “File cards are so yesterday!”

2. The Kitchen


This welcome site not only offers an array of great recipes but hints on buying tools, such as knives, make-ahead dinners, and veggies not to mention vegan dishes as well. A lot to learn from this colorful site.

1. Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart has probably had more impact on the food and recipe scene than anyone since Julia Child. Of course, In Ms Child’s day, there wasn’t much in the way of an Internet or she’d probably have been there too.

Ms Stewart has personally tried everything she mentions, and, like Julia Child, she really knows her stuff. Plus, as a business person, she is into just about everything, not only kitchen recipes, tools, etc. but in decorating throughout the house.

All in all, with so many wonderful websites devoted to the art of cooking, food selection, and shopping hints, life for the average family can be made much more convenient, save a family money, and help us learn more about the foods we buy and prepare, all advice and counsel we should heed since it’s not just for the site administrators to make a buck, but to offer some real help to the public.

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