Top 10 Most Popular Best Education Websites 2017

So sang Bob Dylan, way back in the 1960’s. Dylan was likely talking about politics, or culture, but his words certainly apply today when we are considering how we educate our children.

The homeschool movement is growing exponentially, with many parents taking a more direct approach to the education of their children. There are many benefits to homeschooling, such as parents having control of the curriculum, as well as being able to be hands on with their child’s instruction. They can establish the pace of learning, and pause when the child gets “stuck,” before helping them solve problems.

Home-schooled students fare very well in such an environment, and ultimately do well when they move on to college. They are well prepared for the challenges which face them, with a solid educational foundation under their belts.

But where to go for curriculum and resources? Fortunately, the internet is an information bonanza, and this is especially true for education. Online education is booming, and there are no shortages in options for parents looking for resources. From pre-K, all the way to grade 12, (and beyond), there are a vast array of options. And parents can find curriculum specifically targeted for certain subjects, such as math and science, on any grade level.

There are a host of benefits to be found in online education. Cost is possibly the most attractive feature. Training can be more customized, and the child can learn at his or her own pace, never being “lost in the shuffle” in a classroom of thirty (or more) children.

In the grand scheme of things, public education is a rather recent phenomenon. Many parents are now taking back the task of education, thanks to the possibilities afforded them online. So here, we present our favorites, the Top Ten Most Popular Best Education Websites 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Education websites



Karen Ogen has done her homework (get it?) This instructor with a Masters degree in Educational Administration specializes in technology administration, particularly for grades K-12. She is the creator of Interactive Sites for Education, which is a popular K-5 site of interactive, content based educational activities.



Geared toward kindergarten through grade five students, this site offers interactive, educational games and simulations. From math and language arts, to social studies, music, art and Spanish, the flash-based instruction is perfect for students, or an entire group.



Phonics is king at Starfall. The methodology encourages kids in a forum of imagination and play. The teacher-guided concept of the learning products helps kids having difficulty reading. Focusing on students in K-grade two, Starfall students enjoy animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities through exploration.



Fully accredited, Laurel Springs offers online education for grades K-12. With a full staff of instructors, the Pennsylvania-based online school has students in over 60 countries. With parents serving as “coaches,” Laurel Springs offers flexibility in their collaborative approach to education. The school offer instruction through a series of asynchronous courses, meaning students may access their lessons at any time.



Designed for kids in Pre-K through grade eight, Fun Brain presents math and reading with a series of interactive games to develop skills. Kids learn on Fun Brain’s “Playground” in a safe, online gaming environment. They can even enjoy popular comics, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amelia Writes Again, and Brewster Rocket.



A longtime player in the alternative education business, this Maryland-based organization has served thousands of students in all 50 states, and over 90 countries. Calvert offers comprehensive curriculum as well as individual courses for students, as well as specialized instruction for struggling learners.



If free appeals to you, Kids Know It was designed with you in mind. Their stated mission has always been to make learning free, and Kids Know It is a comprehensive resource for educational games, websites, worksheets, music and movies. The website’s mission is to create fun and interactive learning modules that can be used by teachers, parents, and students to better their learning abilities.



Epik Learning is a technology-based educational company with one vision: to become the go-to resource for parents, instructors and children. Offering innovative, learning tools for Pre-K through grade 12 students, Epik Learning is designed to help improve essential learning skills and provide each student with the opportunity to realize their full potential.

2. Khan Academy (


Khan Academy started from humble beginnings, with one man offering private tutoring to his cousin. Now, the Khan Acedemy has exploded in growth, with a staff of 80 on a mission to provide the best in online education. The Khan Academy is the largest online homeschool in the world, and best of all, it is all free. With millions of students all over the world, the curriculum is translated into over 36 languages. Khan Academy’s comprehensive instruction in every subjects using state of the art technology which allows students to learn at their own pace.



Endorsed by the former congressman and three time presidential candidate, the Ron Paul Curriculum offers The Story Of Liberty for grades K-12. Above grade three, students are essentially self-taught, with over 8000 video lessons, no textbooks, weekly writing assignments for verbal mastery and the unique features of home business courses and personal finance. The curriculum is academically rigorous, but frees up parents from the time-consuming job of creating daily lesson plans and hands-on teaching.

No longer must any child get up, hurry through breakfast, brush their teeth and rush out the door to catch a big yellow school bus. Now, thanks to the proliferation of online education, parents have the option of having their child learn at their own pace, in the comfort and security of their home.

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