Top 10 Most Popular Best eBusiness Websites

EbizMBA has once again realised a list of the most popular eBusiness websites .These sites are ranked according to Alexa traffic rank and Quantcast U.S traffic rank. Alexa ranks sites based primarily on tracking a sample set of Internet traffic. It uses a toolbar to collect information on browsing behaviour and transmits the data to the Alexa website where it is analysed and ranked.

Quantcast Rank ranks websites based on the number of visitors from the United States who have visited the site within the month. It includes sites with estimated traffic as well.

In making of this list we used the above ranking tools to come up with the top 10 most popular eBusiness websites in 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best eBusiness websites

10. ReadWrite –

ReadWrite Top Famous Best eBusiness websites 2019

ReadWrite is a Web technology blog based in New Zealand. ReadWrite covers Web technology in general. This website contains industry news, reviews, and analysis of many broad subjects. Many of their visitors are industry leaders wanting to know about the next big technology in the market.

As of December 2016, ReadWrite is approximated to have 900,000 unique visitors per month. It has an Alexa rank of 4,538.

9. Sitepoint –

Sitepoint Top Most Best eBusiness websites 2019

SitePoint is an Australia-based website that publishes books, courses and articles for web developers. The site has a segment 99designs which is a market place for graphics. They also have Flippa which is a market place for buying and selling of websites and domain names. This website is for the tech savvy persons who want to learn a thing or two to help develop a website or sell one.

In December 2016 had an Alexa ranking of 862, and with an estimated 1 million unique visitors per month.

8. Venturebeat–


The VentureBeat website has an array of news (Beats) ranging from business news, media, mobile, marketing, security, small biz, and the social media. Additionally, the site has a separate publication, GamesBeat, whose main focus is the videogame industry. Want to learn about a new video game in the market? This is the site to visit to learn more and read reviews.

The website has a Quantcast Rank of 620 and Alexa Rank of 2,105 with an estimated 6 million monthly visitors.

7. Gigaom –

Gigaom Top Most Famous Best eBusiness websites 2018

Gigaom was a blog-related media company which was acquired by Knowingly Corp in 2015, after which the new owners the changed the content of the website.

This site now offers news and analysis on start-up companies, emerging technologies and other technology related news. Anyone wanting to invest in a start up will benefit from visiting the site. It has a tonne of great information. An estimated 4.2 million people visit this site every month. The Alexa Rank for the site is 3,143 while Quantcast Rank is 718.

6. ZDNet –


ZDNet is a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive. This site focuses on IT related publications .It is owned by Cnet networks.

ZDNet operates 50 blogs which cover wide topics such as mobile technology, computer hardware and software, cyber security and IT research, virtual technology and social media. You can also get free software downloads from the site.

The site is estimated to have 7.5 million unique monthly visitors and is ranked 1,540 by the Alexa Rank. The Quantcast Rank places it at 1,272.

5. Ars Technica –


Ars Technicais a website covering news in technology, politics, and society. It publishes news, reviews, and guides on issues like computer hardware and software, technology and video games.

Ars Technica is owned by Condé Nast Digital, the online division of Condé Nast Publications. The operations of Ars Technica are funded by online advertising, gained through subscription collections.

Ars Technica receives about 7 million visitors every month. Alexa ranks this site at 1,506

4. Wired –


Wiredis an online technology news website owned Condé Nast Publishing. publishes several technology blogs on topics in business, science, security, transportation, new products, video games, creating websites, cameras among others.

According to the recent data from eBizMBA, Wired gets an average of 12 million visitors every month. The Alexa Rank places this website at 622 and the Quantcast Rank at 1,176.

3. Information week –


The InformationWeek website offers news, InformationWeek research, analysis on IT trends, and editorial content. They conduct market research and produce reports that are used to identify and interpret business technology trends and issues facing the business industry.

InformationWeek gets about 1.5 million visitors per month and is ranked at 6,394 by Alexa Global rank

2. TechCrunch –


TechCrunch is an online publisher of technology and industry news. It covers all kinds of news involving businesses from small to major established corporations. TechCrunch is also involved in organising the TechCrunch Disrupt conferences.

The site gets around 12.5 million monthly visitors. eBizMBA ranks the site at 683 while the Alexa Rank is 385.

1. Cnet –


Cnet has once again topped the list. Cnet is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, blogs and videos on consumer electronics. Additionally, Cnet is involved in radio and television content production and internet TV networks.

Cnet is the highest read technology news on the web. This makes this site the most visited eBusiness site with an estimated 70 million visitors per month as of December 2016. Alexa Rank for Cnet is 106 and Quantcast Rank is 94.

The only reason a website could get this much traffic is because it has quality current content. These websites have all that to keep their audience wanting more and coming back month after month.

The list above is made of websites we feel are the most popular. Feel like we have left out your favorite website? Please let us know which one it is in the comment section.

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