Top 10 Most Popular Best eBooks Websites

We’ve come a long way from the printing press. There was a time when the only option for book reading was to either purchase the book, or check it out at the local library.

Technology, of course, has changed everything, and thanks to the internet, book lovers can download eBooks and read that latest novel or how-to book at their leisure on their Kindle or similar device.

But where to find these books to download? We’ve searched and found our favorite sites, and here they are: the Top Ten Most Popular Best eBooks Websites 2017.

Here we enlist the top 10 best eBooks websites

10. Smashwords (


If you’re into indie publishing, Smashwords is the site for you. The world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks, Smashwords is geared for authors and publishers looking to have their ebooks published and distributed to retailers. With a catalog of 350,000 ebooks, Smashwords exposes new authors to the marketplace. Most titles are economically priced, and over 55,000 are free. Many new authors looking to get established will offer their newest release for free for a few days, and that’s a win for readers looking to download new, and free titles.

9. eBooks (


With a vast array of titles in numerous categories, ebooks has the latest popular titles, as well as specializing in professional and technical titles, and academic and scholarly ebooks. Ebooks can be downloaded to your personal device, or readers can simply login to their ebooks account and start reading via the “Online Reader.” With over 3.7 members and 1.2 million ebooks, this site is an easy pick for our list.

8. ReadUps (


This unique website mixes book downloading with social media. ReadUps is a social reading experience. Instead of meeting someone for dinner, you can invite them to join you in reading a book, while sharing your comments in paragraphs. You can create an event through Twitter, and have your own book reading party. Perfect for students who may wish to study together, friends who share a love of books, or a unique way to meet that special someone for the first time in a casual, informal setting, all in the comfort of your own home.

7. Android Market Books (


Developed and operated by Google, Android Market Books, or the Google Play Store, has an endless library of titles from every possible genre. The Google eBookstore became a part of GooglePlay in 2012, joining the Android Market and Google Music together. The wildly popular digital distribution service has over 50 billion downloads ready for your personal device, home or mobile.

6. Barnes and Noble (


You’d expect Barnes and Noble to have a lot of titles accessible for downloading, and they do. But that’s just where it begins. With over one million titles available, Barnes and Noble also features Nook, an advanced eBook reader. The marketplace offers new and used titles, often at discounted prices, as well as rare books and collectibles, first edition and out of print titles. Other features of this site are author interviews, documentaries, and a weekly book show, Tagged!

5. Forgotten Books (


Perhaps you’re not looking for that latest romance novel, biography of your favorite Hollywood star, or how-to book. Perhaps you’re looking for that hard to find, or obscure book of poetry by Robert Browning, or Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. With over 450,000 titles in dozens of genres available, London-based Forgotten Books specializes in the restoration of timeless classics, whether fiction or non-fiction. Readers can read books online, download to their device, or purchase a print copy.

4. FreeBooksy (


Freebooksy saves you time by scouring the internet, searching for free ebooks. When they find them, they post them daily on this website, popular among book lovers. Titles are limited only to books which are currently free, but this site is a real money-saver for lovers of good books. You can’t beat free, and freebooksy posts titles in several genres, from Romance to Thriller, Young Adult to Literary Fiction, Self-Help and How-To.

3. Books In My Phone (


If you prefer reading ebooks on your cell phone, this is the site for you. You can browse by title, author, or all time classisc, search by tag, such as ancient adventure or Pulitzer Prize winners, or peruse the all-time top 10 best sellers, or “ten great reads.” All titles are formatted to fit mobile devices, and Books in my Phone offer other handy features, such as adjustable font size settings, which make letters larger or smaller according to your personal preference, night-vision mode, which makes it easy to read in a dark room, chapter navigation, pause & auto-resume function, which automatically pauses and resumes to accommodate incoming calls, and auto-bookmark, meaning you never have to remember where you’re up to in the book.

2. Project Gutenberg (


If you’re after free, and classic, we have the site for you. What began as a volunteer project to archive and digitize classic books has evolved into Project Gutenberg, whose task is to create and distribute ebooks. Founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart at the University of Illinois, Project Gutenberg is the world’s oldest digital library. With over 50,000 titles, most of them public domain books, books are available in plain text but, wherever possible, other formats are included, such as HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and Plucker.

1. Amazon Kindle Store (


With millions of titles available, Amazon reigns supreme, if only in inventory. If it’s been written and is still in print, chances are almost assured you’ll find it on Amazon, easily downloadable. You can even purchase a Kindle reading device on Amazon, then enjoy membership in Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading. In addition to Kindle Book Deals, you can also download magazines at the “Newstand,” or join in a Kindle-related discussion in the Kindle Forums. In short, if it’s been published, you’re likely to find it on Amazon.

Gone are the days when finding that perfect book to curl up with by a fire meant having to leave your home, and scour row after row of titles at the library, or bookstore. Now just a few clicks will find your favorite author’s latest release, which you can download in seconds to your device. Our favorite ebooks websites make it all the more easy for you. Let’s read!

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