Top 10 Most Popular Best Celebrity Gossip Websites 2017

People love to gossip especially about celebrities. There is something about learning all the secrets of the rich and the famous that gets the attention of people. They want to know who is hooking up with who, who is having a baby, and other rumors about their favorite celebrity. There are some websites that have up to date information and have all the latest celebrity gossip. These websites report all the latest happenings and will keep a person in the loop. There are the top 10 celebrity gossip sites that are popular with those that want to know about the rich and the famous.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Celebrity Gossip websites

10. ONTD

ONTD Top Most Best Celebrity Gossip Websites 2018

This site stands for Oh No They Didn’t . This site has the latest celebrity gossip and follows those in the movies, music, and those that are famous for just being famous. They will report all breaking news as well as scandals. This site is updated several times a day to make sure it has the most current information. There are a number of people who contribute to this site and will allow members to know the gossip as soon as something interesting happens.

9. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton Top Famous Best Celebrity Gossip Websites 2019

This website is hosted by Perez Hilton who calls himself the Queen of all Media. He first started this site out as a blog and it has gained fame and popularity. Now this site is updated several times a day in order to stay up to date on all of the gossip. Perez became a sort of celebrity from this blog. Now he is able to hang out with the people that he is gossiping about and get some inside information.

8. Gawker

Gawker Top Most Popular Best Celebrity Gossip Websites 2017

This site takes a look at political figures as well as those that are well known in the entertainment industry. This site uses a lot of sarcasm in reporting the news. This site will hold nothing back and it does not matter if they offend someone. This is a gossip site for those that are a little bit more mature but they still love to gossip.

7. Dlisted


This site reports the latest celebrity news with some humor and some adult humor as well. This site is funny but it does not report the gossip in a manner for those that are easily offended. This will allow a person to take a humorous look at celebrity gossip.

6. The Superficial


This site is updated on a daily basis with the latest in celebrity gossip. There are a number of exclusive pictures that are also posted on this site. There are also some comments from the reporter that are funny and take a shot at some of the silly things that the rich and famous do. This show specializes is being at all of the awards shows and there are plenty of pictures. If a celebrity is up to something this site will capture it on film and will post it online for the world to see.

5. TMZ


This is one of the best known sources for celebrity gossip . This site goes along with the information that is reported on the television show and will help a person stay up to date on the gossip any time of the day or the night. If something interesting happens it is going to be posted right away. This is one of the most popular sites online. The reporters will not stop until they get a story and will find out the latest news. This site will find out all the information and the gossip before any other source and will be the first to post it to the fans.

4. Pink is the New Blog


This site posts gossip but it does so with feelings. Some people think that is not possible but this site it trying to make celebrities look good even when they are behaving badly. This site will allow a person to feel like they are a part of the story and that they are involved n the latest developments. This site is updated often and people often check it several times a day.

3. People


This magazine and website is well respected and will check the facts before they report it. People is still one of the biggest sources for celebrity gossip. This site has the stories that are covered in the magazine and additional features as well. They will show a person behind the scene shots at the newest movie or music video. They will have interview with famous people as well that will set the record straight. This site will also post the latest in gossip. There is content that can only be found on People and do where else on the internet.

2. Popsugar


This site has the latest in gossip and covers all different celebrities. This site will make fun of Hollywood in a playful way. In addition to finding out the latest gossip a person can come to this site and have a good laugh. They will post the latest stories as they are happening and stay up to date on all the information affecting the rich and the famous. This site has some well developed content as well that other gossip sites do not have.

1. Go Fug Yourself


Just the name of this website alone tells a person that they are going to be reading some interesting stories and some content that is going to make them laugh. This site will take a close look at celebrates and what they are up to. It will also take a look at who is wearing what. This site is known for showing wardrobe malfunctions as well. If a celebrity is wearing something that is silly looking it can be found on this site along with all the latest gossip and happening in the celebrity world. this is the best celebrity gossip website of America 2017.

These are the top 10 sites that a person can find information about celebrity gossip. These sites are updated often and they will have breaking news. They will have all of the happenings in the celebrity world and will allow a person to get their fix of gossip.

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