Top 10 Most Popular Best Blogs Websites 2017

The best of all blogs online are the best blogs for their own individual reasons. However, because of the fact, that they are unique and different only makes them all the more appealing. We can learn a lot of things from these best blogs and they are all good things in a lot of instances.

Here we enlist the top 10 best Blogs websites

10. Perez Hilton


Perez Hilton’s blog is all about celebrity gossip and some of the latest of all the best celeb gossip that is going on in the world of stars. Perez Hilton is an American blogger, TV personality, and columnist. The Perez Hilton blog is all about posts of all kinds with regards to celeb gossip exclusively. There is also a ton of tabloid photos posted here as well.

9. Tech Crunch


Tech Crunch is a blog site that caters to all those who have a passion for anything that is labelled technology in nature. It also is a regular home to those who love to be informed on technology and what is going on in the industry at all times. One of the big things that Tech Crunch does make sure to do is to always profile startups and that is a good thing for all those startups that do need this profiling to make their businesses more widely known and successful as well. Tech Crunch also is home to any kind of breaking news in the tech industry.

8. The Daily Beast


The Daily Beast is another of the best blog websites for its very own reasons. What makes this website so great is evident and is because it is far more than just informative in description. It is also a website that makes sure to add a bit of the personal opinion in to it as well with commentaries. The Daily Beast is a best blog website that does indeed do it right and that is something that does indeed make a difference every time. The Daily Beast does cover politics, entertainment, technology, and world events. It also does offer various commentaries in addition, as well, which many visitors do like to read.

7. TheVerge



TheVerge was a blog website that was founded in 2011. What makes TheVerge so new and different is clear. It is a blog website that covers technology, culture, science, art, and lots more. If you want access to a blog website that is far more than just a blog website in description. You will be more than happy to pay a visit to TheVerge. It will have you always on the verge of knowing everything you need to know the most about the areas that it does specialize in and cover regularly.

6. LifeHacker


LifeHacker is a very special site that is far more than just your every day online blog. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is a blog and then some. What does this mean? It means what it means. It is a blog site that is very informative, news-worthy, and goes all out to make sure readers do have access to a wide range of topics that are valuable in every way the most. It doesn’t matter what information you need. LifeHacker will probably have it. They are a versatile and diverse blog in every way that counts the most.

5. Gizmodo


Gizmodo is another website that does contain a little bit of everything. What does this mean? The answer is this. It is a design, technology, and science fiction kind of website that gets it all right. It is popular because it focuses mainly on science fiction and futurism. Simple as that. You won’t find another website like it. It is very unique, original, and has its own unique voice in the world of blogs as a whole.

4. Mashable


Mashable is a blog that is all about this and that. It is a digital media company that goes all out to entertain, as well as, to inform and inspire readers. If you truly like and appreciate websites that offer variety, then Mashable is for you, because here there is a virtual mash of all sorts of topics that are fascinating to readers. Mash contains content that is tech, digital culture, and entertainment in description. It is truly a diverse site in that it does offer a wide range of topics and things for people that enjoy a lot of different subjects and the one go to source for lots of interesting things on the average.

3. Business Insider


Business Insider is a blog that is filled with all sorts of news about the business world. The topics on business do vary greatly and there is something of interest for every visitor who does decide to visit this website personally. What this blog does do is clear and that is to literally get on the inside where business is concerned. There are various news stories and lots of other kinds of written content. There is something to suit everyone here.

2. TMZ


TMZ is the one blog place to be if you like everything that is celebrity-related and gossip in description. What makes this blog site so great is clear and that is all of the star content it does have. It also has lots of other cool things as well. Some of these cool things do include videos, photos, and lots more.

1. Huffington Post


Huffington Post is without a doubt one of the best of all best blogs online. Why is that? The answer is clear. Huffington Post offers it all from a total blog solution for those who are versatile and want a little bit of everything from an internet blog. Huffington Post is popular because it is diversified as far as the content it does offer and that is why it is number one for sure.


What does define a best blog? It’s something that goes far beyond it just being popular with an audience. A best blog is a fine blog for a number of elements and all of these elements are something that do come together and make that blog work well.

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