Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars in India

In the modern world transport plays very important role as that of communication. As man started from the invention of wheel, he was on his track to travel the world. Thousands of years from the first vehicle on the earth, now we are all dependent on modern day vehicle like cars. Every person or a family will always have an instinct to own a car.

If you are about to buy a new car which runs on diesel, this is the top ten most fuel efficient diesel cars for Indian roads.

10. Honda Amaze Diesel – 25.8kpl:


Honda Amaze, from the Japanese manufacturer Honda, provides an excellent driving experience. This car’s new model has received a facelift, giving it a trendy look by the combination of style and perfection in design. This car is popular for being spacious and comfortable. It is one of those cars that give comfortable experience equipped with luxurious features, enhanced by stunning interiors.

9. Ford Figo Aspire diesel – 25.83kpl:


Ford Figo Aspire is a new entry to the Figo line of cars. It’s a sedan car that is slightly compact but comes with a great blend of design, comfort and looks. The fuel efficiency is quite good and it’s a worth vehicle for Indian roads. The car also comes with a great boot and its specifications show that it is a

8. Ford Figo diesel – 25.83kpl:


This is a new Figo by Ford. A great deal of design, color and also 1.5 litre diesel engine which is placed under the hood, which not only makes it very frugal but also the car has enough of safety kit built in. The car offers with great efficiency of 25.83 kpl.

7. Honda City diesel – 26kpl:


This car had been running for a long time as a very good fuel efficient sedan for such a long time. The customer satisfaction is also being quite good because of the good product. It’s known for its good looks, dashing design, drives well and the space is quite much and also is highly efficient in fuel saving.

6. Maruti Swift Dzire diesel – 26.59kpl:

maruti swift dzire diesel top best hottest popular fuel efficient diesel cars in india 2019

This one, Maruti Swift Dzire is one of the most desired cars in the recent times. Even though it’s been years since its release, it’s still one of the most efficient compact sedan. It got a bigger boot space and also got great drive. The efficiency is also great along with great ground clearance. For all those who is looking for an all-time classic, go for this.

5. Tata Tiago diesel – 27.28kpl:


Known for its flashy color and great design, this car from TATA fetches you are great mileage along with an awesome tirelessly smooth driving experience. The ARAI fuel efficiency rating of 27.28, it take the middle position in the list of top ten fuel efficient cars. Except mileage the car even offers great space, well-built cabin but a bit expensive for normal buyer.

4. Honda Jazz diesel – 27.3kpl:


With stunning looks and glossy design comes this great new car Honda jazz with the fuel efficiency of around 27.3 kpl. The presence of 1.5 liter diesel is very powerful and also efficient and because of which the car economical and ensure you great travel experience. This car also offers you a great spacious seating arrangements. For all those who are trendy and want it to be efficient too, go book this one

3. Maruti Baleno diesel – 27.39kpl:


A car which resembles some high end sports car is now the 3rd most fuel efficient diesel car in India. The car comes with luxurious space and also will promise great travel experience. Along with the fuel efficiency, the car comes with great list of too many stunning features. This is economical, luxurious and moreover efficient.

2. Maruti Celerio diesel – 27.6kpl:


This car used to be number one car in fuel efficiency last year but it still remains in the second position because of its outstanding fuel efficiency. The cars kerb weighs not more than 900 kg which is lesser than a ton because of its small 800cc engine. And also the cars weight is too less and fuel consumption is reduced. For all those Indian fans, this is one car with all efficiency and also comfort. You can surely buy it in style.

1. Maruti Ciaz SHVS diesel hybrid – 28.09 kpl:



Maruti coax SHVS hybrid is the most fuels efficient car for you in the year 2017, it is just a small hybrid of Maruti diesel coax. It also employs more stable technology to increase the efficiency of diesel Ciaz which has the tendency of getting up to 26.2kpl.

Thus this completes the top ten most fuel efficient diesel cars of India in the 2017. For all those buyers over there, the list above comprises mixture of features like efficiency, space, design, ground clearance etc. You can choose your combination of above in the right proportion and buy a best one for yourself.

Tippy tip: Efficiency of the cars aside, when you are driving please sure that you have put your seat belts on.

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