Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks in The World

Pickup trucks have had a very different view over time. During previous days people’s view about trucks is that these vehicles are used for nothing very useful but transportation. Today, trucks are used for a wider range of uses. It is used for transportation of goods between cities. It is also used for other heavy duty works. Many such trucks are even very luxurious, which makes them very expensive. These have majestic build and look gorgeous with great looks. The comfort level along with high-end, highly sophisticated systems, amazing performance form major reasons for the high cost of these trucks.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks in The World

10. Silverado 1500 High country- $52,680


The manufacturer of this truck is Chevrolet, which has a very good name in the industry. This truck costs up to $52,680. This truck comes under the class of light truck. The transmission of this truck is automatic with 8 speed technology. The engine used here has a capacity of 5.3L and performs very efficiently. The truck is provided with leather seats, led daytime lights. This truck has a very nice power for driving uphill freeways, in cities and while merging in traffic, causing it a no problem for the driver in manoeuvring. The brakes provided for this truck is adequate for proper handling of the vehicles in highways and in cities.

9. GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Denali- $54,000

GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Denali Top Famous Expensive Trucks 2019

The external appearance of this light duty truck has been made classy to attract the customers. It is provided with all LED lamps including the main headlamps, tail lamps and fog lamps. The interior design of this truck is done so well that just one look inside it makes the customers want to buy the vehicle. It has leather seating, leather covered steering wheel. It has enough space in the centre compartment to hold laptops etc. It has a wireless charger, and many USB ports. To reduce the various noises created, the manufacturer has used aerodynamic exterior mirror, valve exhaust system, triple door seals etc. This is priced around $51,000.

8. RAM 3500HD Laramie


With an engine capacity of 6.7L, to produce a high torque, this truck is very ideal to tow heavy loads without any problems. This truck has an owing capacity of about 30,000 pounds, which is pretty much more than required for the workers and the farmers and other luxury users of this truck. This comes with a parking view camera for the rear parking. The system of the truck is equipped with navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot, voice command, 8.4 inch screen etc for the easy control of the driver. This comes with an automatic transmission system which can also be converted to manual in many cases for gear up and gear down.

7. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty- $56,800

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks 2017

This is a very useful heavy duty truck, having the capacity to tow heavy loads. This vehicle could also be termed as the pickup which can last the longest on the road. It has a steel body which is light and very durable for towing. The outer cargo box is also made up of steel, which is very strong making it one of the best trucks to store heavy loads with confidence. The comfort level provided by this truck is very high. This is made up of triple sealed doors, which makes it noise proof to some extent. Most of the required control knobs are provided at the reach of fingers. In the steering wheel, making it more comfortable for the driver.

6. RAM 2500 Power Wagon Laramie- $57,000


This truck can be termed as the best in class truck, having a very good towing capability, and a very luxurious interior. It is a truck manufactured in the USA. This truck has an engine capacity of 6700 cc, having a towing capacity of 18,000 pounds. It has a storage ram box, which is completely secure. It is perfect for holding tools, light things, beverages etc. This locking system has a remote controlled system, which makes it very easy to access with just a touch of a button. This truck is suited for a very long and continuous ride and also extreme conditions of the environment. The breaking system is supported by the variable nozzle, which reduces the wear and tear of the breaks.

5. GMC Sierra 2500 HD- $57,740


It is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks in The World 2017. A very well-known truck in the United States of America for its longevity and reliability, this truck is a very much wished truck by the construction workers, farmers, small business holders etc. This truck is also used by people as family cars in the weekends. This model of GMC, the Sierra 2500HD, is a truck which is used for heavy duty works as it has a huge power contribution. It is capable of towing very heavy loads and also very useful for farmers. This truck has a 6 speed gear transmission which is fully automatic, an engine which has a power of 360 horsepower. It has several designs, body styles and different levels of luxury.

4. Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD- $57,900


This truck comes with an inbuilt 4G LTE Wi-Fi system powered by OnStar. It has a diesel engine, having a high towing capacity, as the engine capacity is higher. Its transmission is automatic for the easiness of the driver. The manufacturer has provided the customers as option to pick up their own accessories and hence customise, which is a very big step ahead when compared to the other trucks. These truck comes in various models, starting from basic trucks for farmers and workers to luxurious family trucks, which makes it a really strong competitor. Though the pickup of this truck is not as good as its fellow competitors. It is a good choice for towing heavy loads.

3. GMC Sierra 3500 Denali Duramax 2WD- $70,000


This ruck also has an engine capacity of 6600cc. The power produced by this truck is 445 horse power, which is over 10% of the previous model of GC Sierra. This truck has a higher horse power for one reason which is it has a different type of air cooling, that is induction system is introduced which gives cooler air. The body strength of this truck is unexpectedly high, which makes it much safer for the travellers. This truck is also much quieter than any other models of truck, which makes the travel more peaceful. It also comes with the rear and front parking assists along with the steering assists.

2. Ford F-150 Platinum 4×4 SuperCrew- $70,000


It is a very well-built truck for the uphill and city rides. It is made up of an aluminium body which makes it a light truck and easy to handle. It has an engine which provides around 365bhp. For the ease of driving, it is provided with a 360` view camera, adaptive cruise, lane assist. Having an amazing comfort to ride, this truck also gives a much better view of the roads than most of the normal cars. It also has an automated gearbox, again making the driver more comforting. It has seating to accommodate 5 people. The electronic add-ons in a well-equipped model of this truck is mind blowing. It has LED lights all over it for working in the dark.

1. Ford F 450 Platinum- $78,000


This truck is the most expensive truck in the world. The back door or the tailgate is remote controlled or switch controlled, which is very much helpful to maintain the vehicles. Usually, the problems with steering of a vehicle with respect to the speed causes major problem of accidents. This is taken care of in this truck by monitoring the steering ratio with the vehicle velocity. The system of this truck can be connected to a smartphone. It has a high level of voice recognition. This truck comes with a power steering, which is a reason for the easy driving of this truck. For the purpose of safety, this truck is provided with seat bags for both the front seats.

This was the rundown for the Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks in the World 2017. These are not only expensive, but also produce great results with heavy duty performance. They are equipped with luxurious features like cars and can be great choice for off-road lovers.

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