World’s Top 10 Coolest Types of Vehicles Ever Made

Cars have come a long way over the years. At first there were just a means of transportation. Now a car can be customized to show a person’s style. Cars can be a symbol of status and they can show if a person is cool or not. There are some cars that were designed with both style and speed in mind. They are flashy and attention getting.

These are the some of top 10 strangest and coolest types of vehicles ever made.

10. Ford Probe

Ford Probe Top 10 Coolest Types of Vehicles Ever Made

While the name of the car does not sound too appealing the look and the design is really interesting. This car was made to be aerodynamic and look like it was going to hover above the ground. This car has four seats and a lower drag than other cars on the market. While this car did not take off like Ford thought it would, it still is pretty cool to look at. Maybe Ford should take this design and just give it a differnet name.

9. Alfa Romeo Caimano

Alfa Romeo Caimano Top 10 Coolest Types of Vehicles Ever Made 2017

This car is cool looking all the way. It has a glass top that lifts up. This car is very sporty. When a person is riding in this car it is like they are in a giant fishbowl and they are looking out. This car is great for those that want to take a nice ride at night and get a look at the sky from inside their car.

8. Ferrari 512 S Modulo

Ferrari 512 S Modulo Top Most Popular Coolest Types of Vehicles Ever Made 2018

This car looks like the Spaceship from the movie Star Trek. If a person was not told it was a car they may think that it is designed for traveling in space. The car is just about flat which makes it difficult to drive. This car is aerodynamic and the edges appear to be rounded. While the car may be a little difficult to get into as well it is very cool to look at.

7. Italdesign Aztec


This car is made from carbon fibre, aluminum, and has a very creative design. There are different cockpits for the passenger and the driver. They need to speak to each other by intercom. The cook has a five cylinder engine and lifts straight up. There were only 18 models of this car made and they are owned by a rich man in Japan.

6. Ford GT 90


This car runs on a supercharged V12 and would go up to 100 miles in just over six seconds. The car has a top speed of 235 miles per hour. The car is covered with ceramic tiles to keep the exhaust from melting the body of the car. This car has a cool hood and is aerodynamic. It was designed for speed.

5. BMW Gina


This car stands for geometry and functions n adaptations. This car is made from a fabric like skin that is durable and will be able to resist temperatures both hot and cold. The car has a moveable frame which is something that is unique to it. The car has an interior made from spandex and is designed to go fast. When a person turns on the light it looks like the car is opening its eyes.

4. Volkswagen Aqua


This was is designed to be able to drive in the water. This car has hover cushion on the back end of it. This car looks like it hovers over the water. The car can be driven in water and on the ice as well as snow. Even in this conditions this car can go up to 62 miles per hour. This car is environmentally friendly as it has two hydrogen powered motors. There is a mahoosive front window that will allow the water to stay out even when a person is in some harsh weather conditions.

3. Fiat Eye


This car has only one seat and it is a little tight to fit into. The car has a gyroscopic balance. The main body of the car is situated between two oversized wheels. This car is one of the smartest cars on the market and it is one of the smallest if not the smallest as well. This car will be able to stay in an upright position. This car is voice controlled. There is no need for a steering wheel. If a person tells the car to go left it will move to the left. It will be able to start and stop at the command of a voice.

2. Peugeot Honey B


This car is interesting looking and there is nothing else like it on the market. The car looks like a person is sitting in a garden with a glass top on it. They are like the honeybee that a person can look into and see. The car is black and yellow just like the bee. It is technically an SUV type vehicle and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This car is powerful and has four wheel drive. It has panoramic windows so a person can see outside of the car and others can look in as well.

1. Buick Centurion Concept


This car is a cross between a classic car and a spaceship. It has the design of the 1956 Buick. There is a big difference as well. The car has the same cockpit as an airplane and there is even a bubble top. It looks like the driver is sitting in a bubble. The car looks like will be able to float in the air. There is a two tone paint job on the car to add to that classic look. The car is powerful with a V8 engine. This car is not the fastest moving one on the market. It weights almost two tons so there is a lot of metal that has to be pulled along. While this car is not that fast it is very cool to look at.

These are the top 10 coolest vehicles every made. While many of these are cars some of them look like they can be driven on the water or in the air. In a couple more year that may be possible with similar designs.

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