Top 10 Best Selling Sedan Cars In India Under 10 Lakh Rupees

Everyone has their own dreams in their life.Maybe one of them is buying a car in a reasonable price.Everyone wants to have their own car.If you are going to buy a sedan car within rupees ten lakh. Sedan is a motorcar designed in a configuration with separate compartments for engine space, driver or passenger space and luggage space. These cars are really good for the family and gives a long life.

Here we are going to introduce the top ten sedan cars in India that one can get within rupees ten lakh.

10. Tata indigo Manza

tata indigo manza, Top 10 Best Selling Sedan Cars In India Under 10 Lakh Rupees 2017

Tata indigo is a entry of tata motors.The interesting thing of the car is that it runs on a Fiat engine.The Manza car gives a good experience in driving them.I t is also very comfortable inside the car as it is very spacious.The car also has an impressive design and gives premium look to the car.The Manza cars gives a milage of 13.7 kmpl in petrol and 21.02 in diesel.

09. Mahindra Verito


The next sedan car in the list is Verito which was known as Logan before.This car is popular among the people in India as it has a low maintenance and service availability across the nation. This Verito has a great design both in inner side and outside.This car gives a milage of 14.0 kmpl in petrol and 20.10 kmpl in diesel.This car also has a sufficient space inside the car.

08. Maruti swift dzire


Swift dzire is now has finished it’s work and ready to get among the people.Indians have ever liked the work of Maruti and have appreciated it’s work in automobiles.This latest version of this car is of more space to lengthen your legs and is comfortable.The car gives a mileage of 16.4kmpl in petrol and 19.2 in diesel.

07. Fiat Linea


This Linea has a mind blowing appearance and a strong built body and Fiat linea is also going to release it’s latest version in this 2016 Diwali and this is the one car where an Indian can go for.This car is available in both petrol and diesel .Fiat linea has a wonderful interior and which can easily accommodate five persons in it. It gives a mileage of around 11-14.5 kmpl in petrol and 14.5-18.5 in diesel variant.

06. Volkswagen Vento


Volkswagen is an German company which has a great market in automobiles in India.This vento gives an awesome experience of driving and also a good mileage.The interior design of this car has a great looks and gives a lot more comfortability by providing sufficient space.The new version of vento is now available in both petrol and diesel variants.The petrol engine car of vento gives a mileage of 11.2-15.8kmpl and a diesel engine car gives a mileage of 15.0- 21.2 kmpl.

05. Nisan sunny


Nisan sunny is in the fifth position.This car provides all the features that a average can give with its greater interior facilities like great design and gives a lot of space which in turn provides comfortability to the customers. It also has an greater outlook.
It also shows some great smart features like keyless entry which gives greater experience in driving. It gives a mileage of 11-14 kmpl in petrol engine car and 15-19 kmpl in diesel engine car.

04. Ford fiesta


Ford fiesta is now getting ready to come into the market with its newer version. It’s one amongst the best selling sedan cars in India under 10 lakh rupees in 2017. The old version had also made a lot of noise in the customers and have given a lot of driving experience.Ford introduced fiesta in the year 2011 targeting on the youngsters. They give a lot more comfort while traveling. It gives a mileage of 12.5 kmpl in petrol engine and 17.0 kmpl in diesel engine.

03. Skoda Rapid


Skoda rapid is a exclusive car for Indian roads.They introduced this model in the year of 2011. The interior design of this Skoda rapid has an luxurious look while also the same in the outlook. It also has a greater finishing touch that gives added feature to the car. The petrol engine car of this version gives a mileage of 12-14 kmpl and that of diesel engine car gives 13-16 kmpl of mileage.

02. Honda city


This is another company which has got into a greater heights by the trust of the people and now it is the top second leading sedan cars in the subcontinental country. This Honda city is now ready to introduce it’s third version in the car which is going to strike out among the youngsters of the country. It provides a good space for the legs and head to feel comfortable. The Honda city has still not introduced a diesel engine variant which has become the small wound to the sales of this car.The car gives a mileage of 12-15 kmpl.

01. Hyundai Verna


This is a Korean based company which is making crazy in the youngsters of the country with its smart features.This brand had introduced a car named Santoro which was a undefeated car and a successful one.The users of this brand is still rising. The Verna gives the best among the all ten sedan cars when we talk about the interior design. The petrol engined car gives about 11-14 kmpl of mileage on the road whereas 15-19 kmpl of mileage in diesel engined car.

These are the top ten sedan cars of India under 10 lakh in 2017 and are the best of all.These cars have shown their expertise in all the possible ways they could and have set a good impression among the people.

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