Top 10 Best Selling Cheapest Bikes in India

Bikes are very important as it is very convenient for transportation inside the cities. Bikes are available in either two seated or a single seated bikes. Bikes are used for transportation as well as it is used for style, inside the city as well as for long rides. Though the possibility of vehicle accidents are higher in bikes than cars, but on any day, youths always prefer bikes for its ease of maneuverer and for its speed. Bikes also offer very good fuel economy and best suited for cities. Amongst the youths, bikes have set a craze and long bike trips are today’s one of the most popular trends in the country.

This is a list of the Top 10 best selling cheapest bikes in India:

10. Honda CB Twister


This is a 110cc bike which was introduced in order to make a huge mark in the market of bike of this class. The manufacturer has tried his best to make this bike look as sporty as possible by giving it sporty headlamps and also a muscular body. This is a single cylinder engine which produces a mind blowing 9bhp maximum power. This is the highest in its class. Because of all these special features, the mileage has been reduced. But the bike is worth the money paid. This has a 4 speed gear transmission, and the fuel tank capacity of 8+2L. It is provided with tubeless tyres and alloy wheels. The basic price of this bike is about INR 45, 500.

9. Honda dream Yuga

Honda dream Yuga Top Popular Cheapest Bikes in India 2019

This is a very reliable bike which has a good grip even on tough roads. It has an engine displacement of 110cc which has the capability to produce a maximum power of 8.4bhp. It has Tubeless tyres along with alloy wheels. This bike also comes with a telescopic suspension for the comfort in riding the bike. It has analogue meters for indications and measurement. Considering the company’s claimed value, it has a mileage about 65kmpl. It has a drum type breaking system and also air cooling technology. The cost of this bike is 45,100 INR. This bike is made to look very attractive from the outside, and comes in three different colours.

8. Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Centuro Top Best Cheapest Bikes in India

It comes with a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 110cc. The maximum power produced by this bike is 8.6bhp. This bike has a 4 speed gear transmission and it can reach a maximum speed of 90 kmph. The mileage of this bike is about 50kmpl. It has a fuel tank capacity to hold almost 14L of petrol. It has complete digital metres including speedometer and tachometer. It has two models, with and without the electric start. It comes in a total of 3 different colours. It has been provided with a lot of special features like bike finder, engine immobilizer, LED parking lights etc. The cost of this bike is about 45,000INR and is one of the best bikes from the manufacturer.

7. Bajaj Discover 100 DTSi

Bajaj Discover 100 DTSi Top 10 Best Cheapest Bikes in India 2017

This the only bike available in the 100cc range which has 5 speed transmission system. This allows the vehicle to run in a much smoother way. It is provided with an auto choke option which is in built. It has alloy wheels and electric power start. This produces a maximum power of 8bhp, and gives a mileage of around 60kmpl. It is a very comfortable bike with a long seat. It has a telescopic suspension, which add to the comfort. The outer body style is made muscular to attract the customers. This bike comes in a total of five different colours. The fuel tank has a capacity of 12L. This bike from Bajaj is priced at INR44,500 and is one of the best-selling bike brands in Bajaj.

6. Hero MotoCorp Splendor

Hero MotoCorp Splendor Top Most Popular Cheapest Bikes in India 2018

though this is a very old bike, it has been providing an amazing service to all the people around the country. It comes with a 100cc engine displacement which produces a maximum power of 8.2bhp. With its 4 speed transmission system, this is highly fuel efficient. It has a mileage of about 70kmpl. It has an alloy wheel though it is a tubeless tyre. It has drum type of braking system. It has an analogue type speedometer, and reaches a maximum speed of 90kmph. The fuel tank can hold upto a maximum of 11+1L of fuel. This bike comes in about 6 various colours. The ex-showroom price of this bike is around INR43,000.

5. TVS Sport ES


This is a 4 speed transmission bike which has a fuel tank capacity to hold 12+2L of petrol. It’s one among the Top 10 Best Selling Cheapest Bikes in India 2017. The engine has a displacement of 100cc and produces a power of 7.5bhp maximum. It is a good value for money, giving about 50kmpl mileage. It reaches a maximum speed of 85kmph in a plain road. The body of this vehicles comes in a total of 6 different shades. It has a hydraulic suspension, giving the rider a very good experience. A major disadvantage of this vehicle is that it does not come with a tubeless tyre, but it has alloy wheels. It has a full Analogue meter board. It is given a small touch of sporty look. The cost of this bike is about INR 41,000.

4. TVS Star City plus


This bike from TVS is claimed to be the Best 110 Cc Bike ever. The power produced maximum is 8.3bhp. The company claims a 86kmpl mileage, though practically mileage could be around 55-60kmpl. This vehicle comes with a tubeless tyre for good handling. It is a 4 speed transmission and is built for use inside the city as it has a good mileage. It comes with an information display meter which is digital and an analogue speedometer. This has a very classy look which comes in four different colours. It has a total of 10+2L fuel capacity and can reach a maximum speed of 90kmph. This bike is priced at about INR40,000.

3. Suzuki Hayate


For a beginner this bike is a good start, as it is easy to handle and is of an optimum speed. This is a single cylinder 110cc engine as the company claims, but exactly it is a 112cc engine. Air cooled system is involved in this vehicle and produces a power of 8.3bhp maximum. It comes with both power start and kick start variants. The fuel tank has a capacity of around 11L. Appearance wise, there are five different colour combinations available. It has an analogue meter. It has a tubeless tyres so as to make it easier to ride. It has longer seat than its competitors. It has a powerful pickup and also a good mileage. This cheapest bike from Suzuki is priced at about 40,000INR.

2. Hero HF Deluxe


This fuel economic bike was released after a few years after the HF dawn. The stickers provided are 3D type. This bike has a 100cc engine displacement, which produced highest torque of 7.8bhp. Available in over 5 different colours, the outer look is made very stylish. It has a fuel tank capacity of 10.5L. This vehicle comes with wheels made of spoked alloy wheels. This vehicle comes with both kick and power start. It has two adjustable shock absorbers, which makes the ride very comfortable and easy to ride. The vehicle has a very good mileage, making it one of the top selling bikes in India for village rides. The cost of this bike is around 39,500-40,000INR.

1. Hero MotoCorp HF Dawn


This is a bike which was offered to the public by Hero MotoCorp. It has a power start button for easy starting if the vehicle. It has a good handling to it. The vehicle is made of a 4 speed transmission. The engine has a 97.2cc capacity which produces a power of 8.2BHp maximum. A single cylinder engine, this can reach a maximum speed of 85kmph. Very fuel efficient bike which has made this bike very famous among people. The manufacturer has provided an air cooling system with a drum type braking. All the meters provided are analog type. The tyres comes with tubes and the wheels are made of alloy. The ex-showroom price of the cheapest bike in the segment is around 38,000INR and performs decently for the price.

This was the rundown for the Top 10 best selling Cheapest Bikes in India 2017 by considering the basic ex-showroom prices. In a country like India, bikes have gained huge popularity in comparison to cars for the cheap maintenance cost, ease of handling and the less space consumption. However, everywhere in the country, there is a talk about air pollution, thus it is better to use public transport extensively rather than personal transport.

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