Top 10 Best Car Companies in The World

The invention of wheel was one of the most blizzard discovery of humans. Soon or later he realized that he can modify it and use it for his betterment. Thus humans began to produce many vehicles in modern times. One among them is car. Cars are the most convenient mode of transportation and it is designed according to the need of the people.

The uses of the cars are increasing day by day and the number of car companies in the world too increase in a very rapid rate. For all those who want to know which car to buy here are top ten best car companies in the world 2019.

10. Suzuki:

Best Car Companies 2019

Suzuki is one of the old companies which is the leading producer of cars. The company is originally from Japan and now all around the world. The number of sales of this company cars are about 2.88 million. The company provides an employment too 14600 people all over the world.

The company, which operates under the name Maruti Suzuki, has recently announced that it aims to sell 2 million cars per year in India by 2020. The company had made quite a lot of profit all these years.

9. PSA Peugeot-Citroën:

Best Car Companies 2019

This company is one of the largest manufacturer of cars. This company is basically based on France. The number of car units sold are about 2.95 million. The company even provides employment opportunity to 184804 people all over the world. The company has about €114 million loss in the year 2014.

8. Honda Motor:

Best Car Companies

Company Honda is a Japanese company which is known for its manufacturing of high end cars. . They are expertised in manufacturing of products such as power equipment, engine, solar cells. Mountain bikes and ATV. The number of units sold are about 4.36 million. The Company provides employment for 200000 people.

7. Fiat-Chrysler:

Best Car Companies

The company is originally from island America. They are leading producer of the cars and other automobile. The company was issued the largest fine in the mankind by US national highways traffic safety administration. The penalty of about $105 million was issued. In spite of that the company has sold about 4.75 million units . The number of employees working for this company is about 2.2 lakhs. Thus this company is in the 7th position.

6. Ford Motor:

Best Car Companies 2019

This is an American based automobile company which sold about 6.32 million units. The company made some $4.3 billion pre Tex profit in the year 2015. They are known for their SUV and trucks. The company even had seen tremendous loss in Europe. The number of employees being employed by them are about 224,000.

5. Hyundai Motor Group:

Best Car Companies

This company is one of the oldest companies and still going on. The company was founded in the year 1947 and it is an international company which has its headquarters located at the captivity of South Korea, Seoul. They are 5 th largest car manufacturers and very popular. They have been successfully producing a huge variety of cars from four seater to 8 seater. The famous models are Eon, i10, grand, i20, Verna and many other. They are doing very well in the past ten year history. Their sale is upto 7.71 million. They provide employment for about 249,366 people.

4. Renault-Nissan Alliance:

Best Car Companies

This is an alliance formed between RENAULT which is from France and Nissan which is from Japan. They increased the global sales by the help of their partnership for over 2.5%. They have seen stunning profits all over the world and the global revenue has increased by 2.6% the number of units sold are about 8.47 million. The number of employees currently working for it is about 450,000.


Best Car Companies

This brand is an American multinational auto maker and it’s called the general motors. There are 13 brands in more than 120 countries. This company is world’s largest automobiles manufacturing company by sales. The car models produced by this company are Spark, Beat, Sail, Tavera,  Enjoy and many more. The number of units sold are about 9.92 million.  The total of employees in this company are about 216,000.

2. Volkswagen Group:

Best Car Companies

VOLKSWAGEN is a German international car manufacturing company which produces world class cars with ultra-modern designs and with latest technology. This stands in the 2nd position in the list. They produce superior cars like polo, cento, Jetta and other. The number of units sold by this company is about 11 million. The total number of employees in this company are about 592,586.

1. Toyota Motor:

Best Car Companies

This is an international company which is leading producer of the cars. It is a Japanese multinational corporation. This company was initiated in the year 1937. They are known for their high end products. The cars produced by them are Liva, Etios, Etios Cross, Corolla Altis, Qualis, Fortuner etc. The number of units sold by them are about 11 million and the number employees currently working for the company is about 330,000.

This was the list of top ten car companies in the world that are most trusted and have recorded highest sales all over the world. For all those car lovers there who are looking forward to buy a new car, this list contains the top ten car companies from which you can surely buy your dream car and enjoy the ride.

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