Top 10 Best ATV Companies in The World

Are you a sporty person who is always looking out for adventure? If you love hitting the road or rather, dirt road then you sure are an owner of an ATV. If you do not as yet own an ATV but wish to get one as soon as possible, then reading the list below will definitely help you. An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is one which can be used on a dirt road or rough terrain.

With the long list of ATV companies in the market, you may be unsure of the best companies at present especially if you are planning on purchasing one for yourself. When you buy an ATV, you will want to get one from a reputed and reliable company or else you could very well be placing yourself in danger.

Following are the Top 10 Best ATV Companies in The World

10. Kazuma


Though not very famous, Kazuma has certainly built a solid customer base over the years. Kazuma offers All-Terrain Vehicles in various models. Their ATVs are built and designed to meet the requirements of different age groups. As such, Kazuma has All-Terrain Vehicles for kids, for the youth and for adults. So whatever your age maplan be, you will be able to choose an ATV model by Kazuma with ease.

9. KTM


KTM Sportmotorcycle AG is famous for its motorcycles all over the globe. The motorcycles by KTM are uniquely designed and are visually appealing. This company has recently begun manufacturing All-Terrain Vehicles and though new in this sector, the ATVs manufactured by KTM are some of the best available in the market. KTM concentrates on designing and building sporty ATVs that are used in racing. All with motorcycle fans, KTM also has been able to build a happy and loyal customer base for its ATVs.

8. Suzuki


One of the largest automaker in the world, Suzuki Motor Corporations specializes in building All-Terrain Vehicles among the many other products like automobiles, engines, motorcycles etcetera. It is one of the first companies to manufacture All-Terrain Vehicles. Till date, Suzuki is a Japanese company that is trusted all around the world and therefore has an impressive reputation as well. Needless to say, the All-Terrain Vehicles manufactured by Suzuki are superior in quality and safety requirements.



This Taiwanese company originally made parts for Honda. Today known as KYMCO (Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd), this company is into manufacturing motorcycles, scooters and All-Terrain Vehicles. Earlier KYMCO would price its ATVs on the lower side. Over the years, the quality offered by KYMCO has increased and thereby so has its ATV customer base. This company has recently been able to make it among the top ATV companies in the world owning to its quality and product durability.

6. Kawasaki

Kawasaki Top Most Popular ATV Companies in The World 2018

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine is a company that is famous, especially for their motorcycles world over. With a slogan “Let the good times roll”, Kawasaki ensures just that to its customers. The Kawasaki ATVs are all about sturdiness coupled with style. Kawasaki is a brand name that promises you not just an attractive but also a safe ride every time. Therefore the Kawasaki ATVs appeal not only to the young riders but to the older ones as well.

5. Yamaha


Yamaha Motor Company Limited manufacturers several products from boats and motorcycles to wheelchairs and helmets. Among the variety of products manufactured by Yamaha, All-Terrain Vehicles are also its specialty. Yamaha is a Japanese company that holds a good reputation around the world. Yamaha ATV owners across the globe are all praise when it comes to this company. Not just reliable and dependable but the Yamaha ATVs let you unleash the daredevil in you while keeping your safety a priority.

4. Polaris


Industries Founded over half a century ago in 1954, Polaris Industries came out with the first American made ATV. Today along with ATVs they deal in automobiles, commercial vehicles and snowmobiles. Polaris Industries is associated with reliability and quality, which is what they deliver in all their vehicles. The Polaris Industries All-Terrain Vehicles are powerful and well designed to meet your dirt road biking needs.

3. Honda


Honda is the most trusted Japanese company all over the world. They have been dealing in automobiles, motorcycles, jet engines etcetera for decades and have never once disappointed their customers. The All-Terrain Vehicles by Honda are strong, durable and of course completely dependable. You may face trouble with a standard ATV but if it is a Honda ATV, you can be sure to receive your money’s worth.

2. Can-Am


Can-Am is a famous Canadian company that deals with All-Terrain Vehicles. This company is well known world over for their ATV models, all of which are attractively designed to impress. Can-Am has ATV models for all kinds of riders. You do not need to worry if you are a youngster who has just gotten into the ATV craze because Can-Am will definitely have a model to suit your age and skill level.

1. Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat Top 10 Best ATV Companies in The World 2017

Arctic Cat was founded way back in 1960 and is a North American company. Arctic Cat has been manufacturing All-Terrain Vehicles from the start and is also into manufacturing snowmobiles as well as related parts. Therefore, this company is well known and has been able to build a good and strong reputation for itself. They have several ATV models that appeal to different customer segments; like youth models, sports models etcetera.

Of course, there are still several other ATV companies that are worth a second look but the above mentioned top ten companies are clearly way ahead of their competitors in terms of quality and safety offered with every vehicle. These are the companies that you can trust without thinking twice as they have proved worthy of our trust.

These ATV companies have always stood apart from the rest due to their reliability and trustworthiness. After all, you would not want to own an ATV that may fall apart at any given time! With the above brands, you are assured of quality and thereby your safety. These are undoubtedly the best ATV companies in the world today. If you pl

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