Top 10 Largest Wheat Producing States in India

Introduction of agriculture in the life of man is not a new aspect. Right from the beginning of civilisations, agriculture had been a component of man life which is still and inseparable entity. In the initial days, man started agriculture just to produce food for himself, just for his food. But later he started storing food and also he started commercialising it. Wheat is one of the most important food crop in India. It is the staple food in major part of the country. It is taken for its goodness with rich fibres and instant carbohydrate release. Especially, the people in Northern parts of India are totally depending on it as the chief food crop. Thus, here is the list of the top ten highest wheat producing states in India 2018.



This is a major producer of agricultural products in the country and is located in the Ganges basin. The state produces upto 8.744 lakh metric tons of wheat. Bengal has more than 3 Lakh hectares of land under wheat cultivation and records the wheat productivity of 2,700 Kg/Hectare. Thus, this state is one of the greatest yielders of the wheat at ranks 10th in the list.



This state is located in the Northern part of the India. They are known for their production of wheat and also the consumption of it. They produce about 8.780 lakh metric tons of wheat. The area of wheat production in this state exceeds 3.7 Lakh hectares of land and thus ranks at the 9th position in the list.



This state is present in the southern region. This state produces upto 23.010 lakh metric tonne of wheat. They are known for their valleys which produces these wheat because of rivers like Godavari, Krishna, tapi. In Maharashtra, wheat is grown in area of more than 20 Lakh hectares, which account 4.5% of the total area of the country in which wheat is cultivated and thus ranks at 8th position in this list of top 10 largest wheat producing states in India.



This state is located in the West of the country. Gujarat is the 7th largest wheat producing state and account for more than 4% of total wheat produced in the country. In Gujarat, wheat is grown in a large area, which is more than 12 Lakh hectares of land. Gujarat records a good wheat productivity of more than 3 tons/Hectare owing to the improved and modern methods of cultivation and the assistance by the government to increase the production.



This state has seen significant growth in the agriculture sector. Total wheat production of 40.976 Lakh Metric tons in this state makes it one of the leading producers of wheat. Bihar has more than 50 Lakh Hectares of cultivated areas and out of which, wheat is grown in over 21 Lakh hectares. The productivity rate of wheat in this state has been improving and thus making it to the 6th position in the list.



Even though this state has a large desert area, it is considered to be one of the major agricultural producers in India. The state produces up to 72.145 lakh metric tons of wheat per annum. The amount of land in Rajasthan used for the cultivation 24 lakh Hectares. This state produces 8% of total wheat production of the country, thus making it into top 5 largest producers of wheat in the country.



Ranking at the 4th position, the state is one of the leading agricultural producers in the country. They are known to produce up to 76.271 lakh metric tons of wheat. Wheat is mainly produced in the regions of Shore, Hoshangabad, Vidisha and others. The soil in this region is most suitable for the growth of the wheat.The Durum breed of wheat is widely grown in this state. The growth in the rates wheat productivity and yield have been very significant and with other agricultural products too.



This state is located in the northern region of the country. It is known for its production and consumption of the wheat. They produce almost 116.30 lakh metric tons of wheat in the state. The main crop in this state is wheat and it’s grown in more than 25 lakh hectares all over the state. They produce upto 4 tons of wheat per hectare and thus being ranked the 3rd largest producers of wheat in the country.



This state produces upto 164.720 lakh metric tons. Punjab has more than 40 Lakh hectares of cultivated land and out of which, wheat is grown in more than 35 Lakh hectares of land. Land of Five Rivers, Punjab is another leading wheat producing state in the country and stand at 2nd position in the list of top 10 largest wheat producing states in India.



This state is blessed with the rich, fertile basins of Ganges. The state produces upto 300.010 lakh net tons of wheat. The wheat is grown in more than 96 lakh hectares of land in the state. This is mainly due to the highly fertile soil of that region. Tritium is the species of wheat, this is mainly grown in the Uttar Pradesh. The state produces up to 3100 kg of wheat per hectare. It has suitable climate and soil conditions for the growth of wheat and thus has been successful being the largest wheat producing state in India.

That was the list of top 10 wheat producing states in the country that have recorded highest production in whole of the country, thus contributing to the economy of the country. With the use of modern equipment and improved breeds, it is possible to obtain more yield. Farmers are to be given enough support in order to modernize agriculture. Thus, for a agriculture based country like India, it is very much essential that agriculture sector produces enough to meet the requirements of the country and achieve self-sufficiency, thus improve GDP.

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